Friday, October 4, 2013


Part 1 Khushi: (Looked at him once before leaving): I think the right candidate has finally arrived.. Continue your talks with her Mr Raizada and Good Bye.. She said that and left his cabin in a hurry still leaving Arnav's mouth wide open.. Sonia: Arnav.. Who was she? Arnav smiled. He was in no mood to talk to this girl.. Sonia.. THough she was of his type.. he didnt like her.. Infact all the girls he had met till now were nothing in front of Khushi. Arnav: Well Khushi..look.. Sonia: Khushi?? Its Sonia Arnav.. Not Khushi.. Well just few minutes and all he was thinking was about her.. He never confused himself with any girls names.. He would always remembers the name of each and every girl he meets and never messes with the names.. But it was different now after meeting her.. Sonia: Arnav.. I am talking to you.. Are you even listening..? Arnav came back to his senses.. Arnav: Yes Sonia.. Well.. Can we please meet some other time? I am damm busy.. He said that and left his cabin.. straight to the reception.. Arnav: I want the details of Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta... The one who came here for the PA interview.. Receptionist: Yes Sir.. This is her resume.. He took the papers and left his office.. He was in his vehicle driving.. He was at the same time reading her qualifications.. Though they completely didnt fit for the post since she had no experience of a PA before, he still decided to finalize her only her as his PA.. The resume had a photo of hers attached at the front page. It was a passport size photograph which he removed from that resume and kept in his pockets.. No idea why.. He never even carried the photo of his sister anytime .. then why her? He didnt have the answer.. He didnt wanted to know either.. He drived home and knocked the door. Anjali opened it.. Anjali: Chotte? You back from Office? So soon? At afternoon? Arnav: Yeah Di.. I finished my work.. So I came back.. Anjali: And did you meet her? How is She? Arnav: (He was still lost in Khushi's thoughts.. ) She was beautiiifulll.. Anjali was surprised. Her Chotte actually said that.. She knew about his past affairs... Never ever he had praised even one of them... Anajli: Great Chotte.. So that means I will call Sonia's parents and fix up the wedding,.. Listening that he was back to his senses.. Arnav: No Di. I cannot marry Sonia.. Anjali: But just now you said that she is beautiful.. I can see that you are still in her thoughts. Then why? Arnav: Di.. I was not talking of Sonia.. Anjali: Ohh God Chottee.. Who is that other girl then? And when did you meet her? Where? Today? At Office? Or On way home? Arnav: Di.. DI.. Di.. Relax.. Actually.. I dont know.. Well.. its nothing like that what you think.. But this is for sure I wont marry Sonia.. He said that and left for his room. The entire day he was not concentrating at all in his work.. Everytime flashes of Khushi in that red saree came up before his eyes.. Sometimes on laptop, sometimes even in front of him on his own bed.. as if calling him to love her.. Once he even got up and slept on bed just feeling it was her beside him and then all of a sudden he came back to his senses.. This girl in her 15 minutes meet was driving him all crazy and wild.. Why did she say she is not interested in working with AR industries? Was she afraid of him?No.. Not him.. Then may be his intentions.. But those intentions were made for his would be wife.. Not his PA.. SO .. He decided.. He has to meet her.. Again.. And then get her as his PA.. make her do those lovely personal stuffs of his.. in the name of professionalism.. But will she agree to join his office? If not then he know how to make her to.. The next day a letter duly signed by Arnav Singh Raizada was couriered in Khushi's home. The packet was received by her father... Shashi Gupta.. He opened the envelpoe and was happy to know that his daughter had finally got the Job.. That too in such a reputed company. He informed all the other at home about it and everyone were happy. Khushi was out.. She had been out to meet a friend of hers.. She knew nothing about the letter yet. It was late evening.. Almost 7:00pm. Khushi was in a Cafe house with her friend Sarita and they were discussing on how Khushi was misinterpreted to be the would be of Mr Arnav Singh Raizada yesterday.. They both were gigiling and laughing when Arnav entered and saw her.. He never visited such Coffee house but today his sister Anjali wanted to have the special cheese burger which was famous here. So he had left early from Office, picked up his sister and droved here.. And definately he was lucky enough in seeing her here again.. She was wearing a light pink salwar whose Kurta fit her on every curve. She looked beautiful as yesterday . She had left her hair loose and her lips were holding the straw which was dipped in cold coffee.. Arnav took a seat with Anjali opposite to her... To admire her.. She was still unaware of his presence.. Anjali could see her Brother actually admiring someone.. but whom? Wa she the same girl whom he spoke about yesterday.. She turned behind and saw Khushi.. This girl was actually cute for her Chotte, she thought.. Anjali: (Cleared her throat): Chottee.. Whom are you seeing? Arnav: Nothing Di.. I was not.. I mean.. Anjali: She is the one you told me about yesterday.. Right? Arnav: Di.. Please stop.. Anjali: Should I go and propose her for you? Arnav: Propose? For what? Anjali: Marriage and what? Arnav: Have you gone Nuts Di? Well please stop all this and lets concentrate on the menu..Ok? Anjali: Ok.. Fine.. But you said it right.. Arnav: What? Anjali: She is beautiiifulll!!! Arnav smirked and then blushed... He actually had praised someone in his life... Arnav then excused his sister saying that he needs to call Aman and went out.. He called up Aman. Arnav: Aman.. Find out the mobile number of Khushi.. Aman: ASR.. WHo Khushi? Arnav: Dammit Aman.. Cant you understand.. I am talking about Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta..The one who has been selected as my PA.. Aman: Ok ASR.. Its 9890XXX Arnav: Perfect Aman.. Bye.. He saved her number in his mobile and then went back to his seat.. Khushi was still not aware.. She was still making jokes with her friend and gigling.. Arnav then started texting her... He finally texted something and sent her the message. A beep sounded on Khushi's mobile and she picked up to check the message.. It was from an unknown number. Khushi (Reading): "Do you always have to look so elegant? So Cute? So hot? So beautiful? So sexy? I need a reply.. If you wont reply then the second message is on its way .." Khushi read it and turned everywhere to see who texted her this.. She could not find anyone suspicious.. He was sitting in such a seat which was somewhere in a dark corner .. though she was clearly visible to him.. it was difficult for her to find him.. She did not reply to that message and ignored it.. He started texting her again. Another Beep and Khushi read the message. Khushi (Reading): So you wanted me to message you again haan?.. Thus you did not reply.. Well.. Dont look here and there suspiciously on everyone.. I am here.. Very neato you.. Yet very far.. Near enough to see your cleavage when you bend while gigling and far enough for my hands and lips to actually pleasure them... She read the message and reading all these stuffs her mouth was wide opened.. When a third beep sounded.. Khushi (reading): I wish you open your mouth in a similar way to hold my Manhood in it.. She immediately got up.. Sarita: Khushi.. What happened? Khushi was sweating.. She never had read or heard such naughty stuffs till now.. Khushi: Sarita. I think we should leave.. Please come.. Arnav and Anjali got up, Anjali went out and Arnav to the bill counter.. He paid the bill and went out.. Khushi and Sarita came meanwhile to pay their bill when the manager said that Table number 5 paid their bill too.. She looked at Table 5 and saw no one there.. She got it.. The same person who paid her bill messaged her all that.. She asked the manager if he could tell her who was on Table 5.. To that the Manager replied.. that they are their regular customers and hence he cannot disclose the information like that. Khushi pleaded to the Manager and finaly he told them.. that they were Arnav Singh Raizada and his sister Anjali Jha.. Immediately after listening their names Khushi got another message.. Khushi (reading): Now that you know who messaged you, go home and another surprise is awaiting you.. Hope you will be happy to receive it.. Do reply back to me once you open that surprise.. Incase you do not open the surprise , there will be many more surprises on way and if you open the surprise but fail to message me then there will be many more such messages on their way.. So DO AS I SAY..