Arnav Singh Raizada - No difference in his character here.. Same ruthless and arrogant personality.. Loves his sister a lot and can do anything for her.. Just one word from her is enough for him to understand and fulfil her wishes..

Khushi kumari Gupta - Bubbly girl.. Dreams a lot and believes in her dreams to come true.. She is a middle class girl..But yet has her own self esteem and does not bend easily.. Same family members as in the actual serial. (SHe wears chudidars much much better than what Khushi does in the serial..)

It was another day for Arnav Singh Raizada.. He got down from his Car and headed towards his Office.. He was wearing a deep blue shirt , grey waist coat and a blak trouser. He entered his cabin and removed his coat and sat on his chair checking out some files on his desk. Today they had some interview in AR Industries.. for the job of a Personal Secretary for him.. He had a list of resumes in front of him.. Almost every girl in Delhi would love to do this job. To be his Personal Secretary meant to be with him almost 12 to 16 hours a day.. and sometimes night too.. (Simply professional ..). But today other than selecting a PA for him, he also had one important job .. that was to meet a girl Ms Sonia Gupta whom his sister had chose for him..Anjali wanted him to marry her.. Sonia was quite close to Anjali from her childhood and was her good friend.. Arnav had never seen her.. And she was called today to meet him at his office (as he had no time to waste in some damm Coffee bar..) at 11:00am... He had no interest in geting married.. He never believed in marriage and neither in Love.. But for his DI he can even do that.. And so he agreed to meet her..

Khushi on the other hand had applied for the post of the PA in AR industries and she was on her way to the entrance.. She came inside and went to the reception desk to enquire.. Arnav had already informed the reception desk that Ms Sonia Gupta would be arriving and she need to be sent to his cabin directly..Khushi asked the receptionist.. ..

Khushi: Hi.. I am Ms Gupta.. I am for...
Receptionist: Ohh yes Maam.. We know.. We were been informed before.. Please follow me Maam, I would take you to Sir's cabin..

Khushi was surprised. Why was a simple person who has not even been selected yet as a PA been escorted like this and that too directly to the Boss cabin..? Well..she was happy that she didnt had to wait in the queue and then go home depressed that someone else before her got selected.. She followed the receptionist to HIS cabin.. The receptionist left her at the door.. She knocked..

Arnav was meanwhile informed by some other receptionist down that Ms Gupta was on her way to his cabin.. He immediately kept his files aside and waited for that girl to enter..

Arnav: Come in..
Khushi entered the cabin... She was wearing a simple plain red saree with her hair left open. A small red bindi on her forehead and a light lipstick.. The one word that came in his mind after seeing her was.."She is beautiful.."

He got up from his desk and neared her,... She was still at the door. And her eyes were on him.. He was Good looking, infact very handsome for a Boss.. Quite presentable but neverthless he looked a bit arrogant..and carried a lot of ego.. She smiled at him. He was nearing her slowly, fixing his eyes on her eyes, then lips , then everywhere down on her.. she cannot even imagine. She felt a bit scared.. But still didnt move a bit from her place.

He extended his hands to welcome her..

Arnav: Hi.. I am Arnav.. Arnav singh Raizada..
Khushi: Hi.. I am Ms ..
Arnav: I know.. Your are Ms Gupta.. Come.. Please have a seat..

He guided her to the sofa at the corner of that cabin and she sat there.. He too took a seat just beside her... but offcourse there was a big gap in between them.. (even if he didnt wanted)..

Arnav: So... would you like to have some tea or coffee?
Khushi was surprised again.. But she denied both..

Khushi: No.. Thanks ..
Arnav: So Ms Gupta.. Now that you are here.. Tell me what do you know about me?

Khushi was like what kind of question was that. She was very well prepared to give a speech on what AR industries is all about.. But she hardly knew anything about her boss..

Khushi: Well.. Sir..
Arnav: One minute.. I dont like people calling me Sir.. Call me either ASR or Arnav..
Khushi: Allright Arnav.. I would say.. I hardly know about you.. Let me be honest with you.. I just have heard that you are intelligent and hardworking man. AR industries current strategies in the market, its reputation is just because of you..
Arnav: You are talking completely in terms of business.. Ms Gupta.. Well I want to hear something what was your first impression when you saw me today. And be Honest..

Khushi was nervous. Was she asked to be Honest?? How can she...??? Well such tricky questions are always asked by Boss to find how loyal you are, she thought.. and then answered honestly..

Khushi: Umm.. A handsome man with slight ego and huge attitude...

Arnav could not believe.. She was soo right.. He was like that.. But he somehow didnt like her answer.. May be he didnt wanted her to be so honest to him.. He smiled.. He got up from the Sofa and made his way to his table.. He picked a file there and neared her..

Arnav: Well Ms Gupta.. So lets not waste any time and finalize the deal.. You would need to read this documents and sign them.. Its a small contract between us which clearly states that I would be marrying you and giving you the title to be my wife.. But.. incase ahead if I feel that I am not comfortable with you... or to be honest.. as you like.. if I am satisfied with you physically or emotionally, I would be having complete rights to end this marriage at any point.. You would be given a handsome allimony from my end and you would be out of my life.. As you know I just marrying only for my sisters sake.. but still I cannot risk my life with someone who cannot pleasure me.. I had some affairs in the past.. None present but let me warn you Ms Gupta.. I am very very harsh on bed.. And seeing you so skinny.. I am afraid how it would be difficult to you to manage my tortures at the initial phase.. Anyways we can sort that out later.. So are you fine with the terms? Or want to add some from your end?

Khushi had got the shock of her lifetime.. She now understood the fact that she was thought to be someone else by him and the others.. She got up from sofa..

Khushi: Marriage? What ? With you?
Arnav: Hey Sonia.. Why do you look so scared..??
Khushi: SOnia? WHose Sonia? I am Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta.. I am here as I applied for the post of your Personal Secretary..
Arnav: What The...!! And who asked you to come to this cabin then?
Khushi: It was the receptionist.. She said that Ms Gupta. you need to go straight to the Boss room..And hence I am here.. And well one thing is clear.. I am not at all interested in taking up even the PA job here..

There was another knock at the door.. And Arnav asked the person to come in..

Sonia: Hey Arnav.. Myself Sonia Gupta.. Anjali might have told you about me..

This girl was wearing a short skirt and a pink off shoulder top but Arnav had no interest even looking at her.. All his stares and glances were only on Khushi..
Khushi picked up her purse and her file and headed towards the door..

Khushi: (Looked at him once before leaving): I think the right candidate has finally arrived.. Continue your talks with her Mr Raizada and Good Bye..

She said that and left his cabin in a hurry still leaving Arnav's mouth wide open..
Part 1

Khushi: (Looked at him once before leaving): I think the right candidate has finally arrived.. Continue your talks with her Mr Raizada and Good Bye..

She said that and left his cabin in a hurry still leaving Arnav's mouth wide open..

Sonia: Arnav.. Who was she?
Arnav smiled. He was in no mood to talk to this girl.. Sonia.. THough she was of his type.. he didnt like her.. Infact all the girls he had met till now were nothing in front of Khushi.
Arnav: Well Khushi..look..
Sonia: Khushi?? Its Sonia Arnav.. Not Khushi..

Well just few minutes and all he was thinking was about her.. He never confused himself with any girls names.. He would always remembers the name of each and every girl he meets and never messes with the names.. But it was different now after meeting her..

Sonia: Arnav.. I am talking to you.. Are you even listening..?
Arnav came back to his senses..

Arnav: Yes Sonia.. Well.. Can we please meet some other time? I am damm busy..

He said that and left his cabin.. straight to the reception..

Arnav: I want the details of Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta... The one who came here for the PA interview..
Receptionist: Yes Sir.. This is her resume..

He took the papers and left his office.. He was in his vehicle driving.. He was at the same time reading her qualifications.. Though they completely didnt fit for the post since she had no experience of a PA before, he still decided to finalize her only her as his PA.. The resume had a photo of hers attached at the front page. It was a passport size photograph which he removed from that resume and kept in his pockets.. No idea why.. He never even carried the photo of his sister anytime .. then why her? He didnt have the answer.. He didnt wanted to know either..

He drived home and knocked the door. Anjali opened it..

Anjali: Chotte? You back from Office? So soon? At afternoon?
Arnav: Yeah Di.. I finished my work.. So I came back..
Anjali: And did you meet her? How is She?
Arnav: (He was still lost in Khushi's thoughts.. ) She was beautiiifulll..

Anjali was surprised. Her Chotte actually said that.. She knew about his past affairs... Never ever he had praised even one of them...
Anajli: Great Chotte.. So that means I will call Sonia's parents and fix up the wedding,..

Listening that he was back to his senses..

Arnav: No Di. I cannot marry Sonia..
Anjali: But just now you said that she is beautiful.. I can see that you are still in her thoughts. Then why?
Arnav: Di.. I was not talking of Sonia..
Anjali: Ohh God Chottee.. Who is that other girl then? And when did you meet her? Where? Today? At Office? Or On way home?
Arnav: Di.. DI.. Di.. Relax.. Actually.. I dont know.. Well.. its nothing like that what you think.. But this is for sure I wont marry Sonia..

He said that and left for his room. The entire day he was not concentrating at all in his work.. Everytime flashes of Khushi in that red saree came up before his eyes.. Sometimes on laptop, sometimes even in front of him on his own bed.. as if calling him to love her.. Once he even got up and slept on bed just feeling it was her beside him and then all of a sudden he came back to his senses.. This girl in her 15 minutes meet was driving him all crazy and wild.. Why did she say she is not interested in working with AR industries? Was she afraid of him?No.. Not him.. Then may be his intentions.. But those intentions were made for his would be wife.. Not his PA.. SO .. He decided.. He has to meet her.. Again.. And then get her as his PA.. make her do those lovely personal stuffs of his.. in the name of professionalism.. But will she agree to join his office? If not then he know how to make her to..

The next day a letter duly signed by Arnav Singh Raizada was couriered in Khushi's home. The packet was received by her father... Shashi Gupta.. He opened the envelpoe and was happy to know that his daughter had finally got the Job.. That too in such a reputed company. He informed all the other at home about it and everyone were happy.
Khushi was out.. She had been out to meet a friend of hers.. She knew nothing about the letter yet.

It was late evening.. Almost 7:00pm. Khushi was in a Cafe house with her friend Sarita and they were discussing on how Khushi was misinterpreted to be the would be of Mr Arnav Singh Raizada yesterday.. They both were gigiling and laughing when Arnav entered and saw her.. He never visited such Coffee house but today his sister Anjali wanted to have the special cheese burger which was famous here. So he had left early from Office, picked up his sister and droved here.. And definately he was lucky enough in seeing her here again.. She was wearing a light pink salwar whose
Kurta fit her on every curve. She looked beautiful as yesterday . She had left her hair loose and her lips were holding the straw which was dipped in cold coffee..

Arnav took a seat with Anjali opposite to her... To admire her.. She was still unaware of his presence.. Anjali could see her Brother actually admiring someone.. but whom? Wa she the same girl whom he spoke about yesterday.. She turned behind and saw Khushi.. This girl was actually cute for her Chotte, she thought..

Anjali: (Cleared her throat): Chottee.. Whom are you seeing?
Arnav: Nothing Di.. I was not.. I mean..
Anjali: She is the one you told me about yesterday.. Right?
Arnav: Di.. Please stop..
Anjali: Should I go and propose her for you?
Arnav: Propose? For what?
Anjali: Marriage and what?
Arnav: Have you gone Nuts Di? Well please stop all this and lets concentrate on the menu..Ok?
Anjali: Ok.. Fine.. But you said it right..
Arnav: What?
Anjali: She is beautiiifulll!!!
Arnav smirked and then blushed... He actually had praised someone in his life...

Arnav then excused his sister saying that he needs to call Aman and went out.. He called up Aman.

Arnav: Aman.. Find out the mobile number of Khushi..
Aman: ASR.. WHo Khushi?
Arnav: Dammit Aman.. Cant you understand.. I am talking about Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta..The one who has been selected as my PA..
Aman: Ok ASR.. Its 9890XXX
Arnav: Perfect Aman.. Bye..

He saved her number in his mobile and then went back to his seat.. Khushi was still not aware.. She was still making jokes with her friend and gigling.. Arnav then started texting her... He finally texted something and sent her the message. A beep sounded on Khushi's mobile and she picked up to check the message.. It was from an unknown number.

Khushi (Reading): "Do you always have to look so elegant? So Cute? So hot? So beautiful? So sexy? I need a reply.. If you wont reply then the second message is on its way .."

Khushi read it and turned everywhere to see who texted her this.. She could not find anyone suspicious.. He was sitting in such a seat which was somewhere in a dark corner .. though she was clearly visible to him.. it was difficult for her to find him..

She did not reply to that message and ignored it.. He started texting her again. Another Beep and Khushi read the message.
Khushi (Reading): So you wanted me to message you again haan?.. Thus you did not reply.. Well.. Dont look here and there suspiciously on everyone.. I am here.. Very neato you.. Yet very far.. Near enough to see your cleavage when you bend while gigling and far enough for my hands and lips to actually pleasure them...

She read the message and reading all these stuffs her mouth was wide opened.. When a third beep sounded..

Khushi (reading): I wish you open your mouth in a similar way to hold my Manhood in it..

She immediately got up..

Sarita: Khushi.. What happened?
Khushi was sweating.. She never had read or heard such naughty stuffs till now..
Khushi: Sarita. I think we should leave.. Please come..

Arnav and Anjali got up, Anjali went out and Arnav to the bill counter.. He paid the bill and went out.. Khushi and
Sarita came meanwhile to pay their bill when the manager said that Table number 5 paid their bill too.. She looked at Table 5 and saw no one there.. She got it.. The same person who paid her bill messaged her all that.. She asked the manager if he could tell her who was on Table 5.. To that the Manager replied.. that they are their regular customers and hence he cannot disclose the information like that. Khushi pleaded to the Manager and finaly he told them.. that they were Arnav Singh Raizada and his sister Anjali Jha..

Immediately after listening their names Khushi got another message..

Khushi (reading): Now that you know who messaged you, go home and another surprise is awaiting you.. Hope you will be happy to receive it.. Do reply back to me once you open that surprise.. Incase you do not open the surprise , there will be many more surprises on way and if you open the surprise but fail to message me then there will be many more such messages on their way.. So DO AS I SAY..

Part 2

Khushi (reading): Now that you know who messaged you, go home and another surprise is awaiting you.. Hope you will be happy to receive it.. Do reply back to me once you open that surprise.. Incase you do not open the surprise , there will be many more surprises on way and if you open the surprise but fail to message me then there will be many more such messages on their way.. So DO AS I SAY..

Khushi ran out to search him.. But she was late. He was nowhere to be found.. even at the parking lot.. Finally she rushed home with Sarita and entered home. She saw her family sitting on the sofa and chatting. They all looked really happy.. She sat beside her mum and asked her..

Khushi: Amma did any parcel come today for me when I was out?
Amma: Yes Khushi.. We have opened one and left the other for you to open..(She said smiling at her)
Khushi: What??? 2 Parcels?? Where are they?

Khushi's father got an envelope and a box wrapped with a red paper to her. She read the letter on the envelope and was surprised to see the Offer letter from AR industries.. The Salary package mentioned in it was also far more than she expected.. Then she looked at the Gift pack.. She didnt feel like opening here.. in front of the family.. What if it contained something which she cannot dare showing them.. Anything was possible with Arnav Singh Raizada..she thought..

She went inside her room and opened the packet.. It had a beautiful red saree inside.. A designer one yet simple which she would love to adore herself in.. She went to the mirror and held the saree on her to see how it looks on her when a small letter fell down from that saree..She picked it and started reading..

Khushi (Reading): You will look beautiful in it Khushi.. No need to check it in mirror.. (She immediately looked here and there near the window to see if he was near.. How did he know she was checking it in the mirror? She found no one so started reading again).. No need to confirm if I am near you.. watching you.. Every girl does that actually.. Whenever they get something new they have the habit of checking the same in mirror.. And I know lots about girls and their ways.. Wear it tomorrow.. on your first day as my PERSONAL.. VERY PERSONAL SECRETARY in office..
Incase you deny my Job offer letter to you , I would leave no stone unturned in getting you here and if you join the Office tomorrow without wearing this saree, I SWEAR KHUSHI.. I will myself would make you drape this saree.. I am sure you are that naive enough to not let me do that. So be kind enough not to decline my Offer letter and the gift and meet me tomorrow..

She was fuming.. with anger.. What the hell does he think of himself.. How can he even write and text me all those stuffs? What does he want? She needed to know all that.. He always left no choice to her than accepting the condition that he layed.. So she thought of going with it.. She was a strong and determined girl.. No ASR can ever ever try to bend her. She had some dreams in her life and to fulfil those she decided to take up the Job that he offered..

It was 12:00 at night and she was still not getting sleep.. She was turning on the bed restlessly and was thinking of everything that happened with her today.. She was little scared of tomorrow.. No doubt how strong she is..Yet she is a girl.. and that too very innocent one.. A message beeped on her mobile and she immediately sat on the bed.. She hurridly opened the message..It was from him again..

Khushi (Reading): Sleeping?

She thought she would not answer this.. Let him think she is sleeping atleast he wont text her again..Instantly a second message beeped..

Khushi (Reading): Dont you dare lie.. I need a reply Khushi.. If you dont reply I would ask your sister Payal.. I have her number too.. I am sure she wont lie to me.. And well dont try to hide her phone thinking she is sleeping.. I can also call on your landline number and ask your Buaji or Amma or Babuji.. I am sure you would not like me disturbing them at this hour.. So reply..NOW..

Khushi switched off Payal's mobile and then rushed to the Living room to remove the landline connection.. She heard a message beep again on her phone. She rushed inside her room and read it..

Khushi (Reading): What do you think Khushi.. Switching Off Payal's mobile and removing the landline connection, I will stop bothering you? Doing this you proved that you are awake.. Thats the answer I needed.. I know you were thinking about me.. all the while.. Dont think so much DARLING... I dont want to see "Dark Circles" below your eyes.. Get some sleep.. who knows you would get that from tomorrow or not.. Good Night...

Khushi was blank. He was really intelligent.. He knew everything how and what a girls reaction would be towards him.. She has to handle him daily like this? How will she? Well she too is Khushi Kumari Gupta.. She has her own unique ways to tame him.. And she would leave none untried..

The next morning she wore that Red Saree, took blessings of her Devi Maiyaa and her family and reached AR industries.. She went straight to the reception and from there she was asked to go directly to his Cabin. She made her way there and knocked the door..

Arnav: Come in Khushi...

She came inside and she stared at him. He looked more adorable than the other day.. He was not wearing his coat. Just a white shirt and grey waist with black trousers.. He was sitting on his table which was almost clear..as if he was following a clear desk policy.. His laptop was on the table near the sofa.. Arnav saw her top to bottom in that saree and was again going all gaga over her..He could see her confusion in her eyes...

Arnav: Well you thinking why the table here is so clear right? Well let me tell you why it is soo... Actually its your first day in Office so I thought of RAGGING you.. like kids do in College.. Hope you know what it means? I am sure you do..

Khushi: What? Ragging? Really? And what have you planned for that Arnav?

Arnav felt nice when she called him Arnav.. Everyone in the office called him ASR.. Only she called him by his name..

Arnav: Nothing that difficult for you.. Its actually very simple.. You just need to kiss me Khushi.. On my lips..And you are done..

Khushi was shocked to hear this.. He was mad.. Truely mad.. She still was calm.. She showed some courage...

Khushi: Kiss? And how is that Kiss related to your clear desk?
Arnav: You Question a lot baby.. Well incase while kissing, I ... "LISTEN IT CAREFULLY KHUSHI"...If I feel aroused.. you would be laid on this table with me on you.. Thats why..

She was all shocked to listen this from him.. In just 1 meeting and 1 stalking he was so bold enough.. She didnt say anything but just neared him.. at the table where he sat.. She came close to him and then placed both her hands on the table so as to trap him in between her hands and then looked in his eyes..

Khushi: I have heard a lot from you Arnav.. Not let me speak.. You must have texted naughty stuffs to many, you must have gifted red sarees to many, you must have ragged your lady staff in your office, But But But.. I .. I am Khushi Kumari Gupta.. Being from a middle class family does not mean I can do any rubbish that you ask me to do. I am here not because you scared me but because I wanted to be here and work right in front of your red nose and make you aware that the girls you met in the past and myself are not same.. I am different..Though you wont understand this now.. You will see my true colours very soon.. So stop this nonsense and assign me my duties.. You always love offering choices right? So let me offer you a choice now... Be Professional to me Arnav.. Incase if you try crossing your limits .. I SWEAR on YOU , you will regret your life and Incase after knowing this you plan to dismiss me from this Office then dont forget you will miss a golden chance of working with the best PA in Delhi.. Choice is yours.. I am waiting down at the reception.. Think deeply and let me know what you want..

She said that leaving a Blank Arnav still sitting on the table..All lost..
Part 3

Be Professional to me Arnav.. Incase if you try crossing your limits .. I SWEAR on YOU , you will regret your life and Incase after knowing this you plan to dismiss me from this Office then dont forget you will miss a golden chance of working with the best PA in Delhi.. Choice is yours.. I am waiting down at the reception.. Think deeply and let me know what you want..

She said that leaving a Blank Arnav still sitting on the table..All lost.. Almost after 30 minutes wait at the reception she saw him coming down from his cabin. He came next to her and then held her hand. He informed the receptionist to ask someone make the Contract papers ready wherin Khushi would be signing the contract of being his PA. The papers should include what her exact responsibilities would be as his secreatary. He then looked at her and dragged her to his car..She tried to break her hand lose from him but in vain..

He got her to his car and pinned her at the car door.. He looked at her in her eyes. He looked furious.. But she didnt show she was scared.. She remained still..

Arnav: So.. you are In Khushi.. As my PA.. I have not offered you this job because I think you are the best for this role.. Its just that I want to challenge your own words which you said minutes back that you are different from others.. No Khushi.. Every girl is the same.. Always hungry.. for men and money.. You got that? And you too are not different.. I will prove that to you.. Let me warn you Khushi.. I am a very Bad Boss.. I need perfection in all my works.. You would need to work with me almost 12 to 15 hours a day.. Dont be surprised.. I will pay you for the extra time you would spend on me and my work. I may need you anytime of the day.. It may be even night.. But that will be purely professional.. And I am damm sure.. you dont look scared of me too.. So you should not have a problem with that.. Dont you?

He then opened the car door and made her sit ahead.. He then walked to his side and drove..

Khushi: Where are we going?
Arnav: Home..
Khushi: Home? Your Home? Why? I am supposed to work at office.. Not at your home..
Arnav: Shut up Khushi.. You are my Personal Secretary.. So your job states that you need to take care of all my personal stuffs which starts from home..

Khushi was little worried.. She was silent in the car... It was her first day.. She was in his gifted red saree, in his car and moving to his home with him.. Tooo much for her to understand and handle.. well.. She asked for her Devi Maiyaa to bless her and then they reached Raizada Mansion.. The house was huge.. They got down from the car and he again held her hand to walk with him inside.. She pulled her hand at once.

Khushi: I can walk.. No need to hold my hand.. Thats not professional..
Arnav: Really? Ohh I see.. THis is just your first job and you know a lot haan.. Well. I wont hold your hand.. Come..

They entered the door and Anjali saw them.. Chotte wirh a girl in saree that too the same girl whom she saw her chotte admiring at the coffee shop.. Well good going chotte.. she thought..She came to them..

Anjali: Chotte.. She is the same..
Arnav: Di.. She is Khushi.. My newly appointed Personal Secretary..And Khushi she is my lovely elder sister Anjali..
Khushi greeted a Hello to Anjali.
Anjali: Khushi.. I must say... You are beautttiifull.. Hai naa Chotte? (She gigled)
Khushi smiled and then looked at him who was staring her all lovingly as if he was introducing his girlfriend to his sister.. not his PA..
Anjali: But what are you both doing here? I mean you should have been in Office naa?
Arnav: Yeah Di.. Some office files are at home.. I wanted them.. So we are here.. Khushi shall we move upstairs? In my room?
Khushi: In your room? Why? I will be here .. with Anjali Maam.. You get the files..
Arnav: Are you ordering me Khushi... Remember.. I am the Boss. Not you..
Anjali: God.. Why are you talking like this to Khushi Chotte? If she is not fine coming to your room. Let her not.. Go and get the files till then I will chat with Khushi..
Arnav: No di.. You dont come in between us.. I can handle this.. I pay her.. She needs to obey my orders.. And not order me..

He held her hand again and pulled her towards his room.. Khushi again removed her hand from his and stopped..
Arnav looked at her all in frustration..

Arnav: I am not going to eat you up in my room Khushi.. Dont act so much..
Khushi: I told you do not hold my hands.. I can follow you..

Anjali was witnessing this all and she could see the possesiveness her chotte was developing for his new PA.. Khushi and Arnav reached his room.. His room was beautiful. Khushi was more happy seeing the poolside beside his room..
He started removing his tie and then his waist coat and threw them on the bed..

Arnav: Remove a white shirt for me Khushi.. from the closet and till then I will freshen up ..(He said that and moved towards his bathroom)
Khushi: I am your PA Arnav not your wife to do all this..
Arnav turned back..
Arnav: I know.. You cant even be my wife.. Remember that.. And well just by removing a damm shirt from your boss closet wont make you his wife either... So stop fussing and do as I say.
He said that and went to freshen up. Meanwhile Anjali came upstairs in his room and saw Khushi removing his shirt from the closet and arranging it on the bed..

Anjali: Khushi.. He made you do his personal things too?? God this guy..
Khushi: Thats allright Maam Its fine with me..Afterall I am his so called Personal Secretary.. (She said in a soft and sad tone)
Anjali: Dont call me Maam.. Just Anjali like the way you call Chotte, Arnav..

Arnav came out of the bathroom and saw the two ladies sharing smiles.. He was in his trousers and towel.. Anjali could see how shameless her brother is for coming out bare chest in front of his PA. She knew Khushi was something more for him.. Definately he didnt consider her only as his PA..

Arnav: Di.. Can you ask HP to get some coffee here?
Anjali: yeah Sure.. (She left them)

Khushi was unable to see him like this in that trouser and towel on his shoulders.. He was wiping the water from his face.. She looked somewhere else.. when a message beeped on Arnav's phone..

Arnav: Khushi.. Just pick my Phone and read the message..
Khushi : DO i have to this also now..
Arnav: Yes Khushi.. Fast..

She immediately opened the message and read with her eyes wide open..

Khushi : Its from someone called Julie..
Arnav: Hmm..
Khushi (Reading): Honey.. Can we meet tonight?
Arnav: No baby.. No time..
Khushi: What?
Arnav: Reply back to that message..
Khushi: Ohh Ok..
Arnav: Tonight I am not free baby.. I am out with Suzy on an important meet.. May be next week,..
Khushi texted what he said.. and then sent the message..
Arnav: Done?
Khushi: Yes.. Ummm.. Girlfriend?
Arnav: Why the hell you need to know that? (He asked turning back to her)
Khushi: Just asked.. I need to know everything..Afterall I am your PA..

Arnav neared her... He looked marvellous.. Fully shaved, wet hair and bare chest.. But he was the Boss.. he should be professional... she thought.. She went back with each step of his and finally was about to hit the door when he held her hand and pulled her saving her from the door..She almost hugged him. His hands were not at all on her.. But she in fear had held her hands closed on his back..He could feel her breathing hard and her body almost crushed on him.. Both her curves had landed on Arnav's bare chest. He closed his fist in self control..They heard someone knocking the door and she pulled back..

HP: Bahiyaa.. Coffee..
Arnav and Khushi came back to their senses..
Arnav: Khushi get that tray from him and keep it on the table..

Khushi did that and without his further orders started making coffee.. He was about to tell her "No Sugar" when she replied.." I know that.. Afterall I am your PA..Arnav.."

He gave a wild smirk and picked some files from the drawer and placed it on the table, sat on the recliner and opened his laptop... She served him his coffee...

Arnav: Thanks.. Where is yours?
Khushi: I dont want..
Arnav: Sure?
Khushi: Yes.. Shall we start some work now Arnav.. or else I would feel I am still jobless..

She said that and pulled a chair near the recliner and picked one file in her hand..
Part 4

Khushi: Yes.. Shall we start some work now Arnav.. or else I would feel I am still jobless..

She said that and pulled a chair near the recliner and picked one file in her hand..

Khushi: So what do I need to do..
Arnav: One more coffee for me..
Khushi: What? Coffee? Again?
Arnav: Yeah.. Why?
Khushi: Not good Arnav.. I am sure you had your coffee once in the morning, once now and will have one even in the evening too.. It will be already 3 coffees a day.. And you asking for one more.. I wont..
Arnav: Hey... Stop being my wife ok? And do as I say..

Khushi got up from the chair and started going out with the tray..
Arnav: What The...!! Khushi I said I need coffee again and you going out disobeying me??? That too on your first day of Job?
Khushi: My first duty as your personal secretary is to care of your health.. And thats what I am doing alright..No more Coffee for today..And this is final..

She said that and left the room.. He was totally shocked.. No one bossed him not in the house not in office.. What was happeneing today? He too followed her down..

Arnav: Khushi Stop..

She searched for the kitchen and went inside..

Arnav: I said stop dammit..Dont you understand? (He too entered the kitchen still not wearing his shirt..)

Anjali had informed Nani about Arnav's new PA and Nani was happy to know about such a decent girl that too in her Chotte's life. She was in the Living room when she heard Arnav stopping Khushi and entering Kitchen.. She too went inside..

Arnav: What the hell Khushi.. How can you do this haan? Just make me Coffee.. NOW.. Allright?

Khushi was not listening to him... She just emptied the tray and placed his mug inside the sink and looked at him.. When Nani entered..

Nani: Ohh So you are Khushi..??
Arnav and khushi both turned back.. And arnav tried to hide his bare chest with his towel ..

Nani: And Arnav.. You didnt feel shy to show your bare chest to Khushi whom you know just from past 2 days.. but you are shy in front of me who has seen you even naked when you were a kid..?

Khushi gigled at that thought of him being naked... And Arnav was all red..

Arnav: Nani.. Enough.. Ask Khushi to make me a Coffee..
Nani: Why will I ask her?? She is your PA.. You ask..
Khushi: Naniji.. I cant make him another coffee.. He already had 2 since morning..
Nani: Khushi is right Chotte.. She is thinking of your health only.. not hers.. Being just your PA she knows how to take care of you..

Arnav: Exactly Nani.. Thats what I am saying.. She is just my PA not my NANNY to take care of me.. Khushi.. Come upstairs.. Enough of wasting time..

She smiled at Nani and then followed him upstairs.. Nani joined Anjali and they laughed at the thought of how a PA like Khushi could control the mighty ASR.. But they didnt think it the other way.. It was the Mighty ASR allowing his very own PA Khushi to dominate him.. Sometimes.. Just Sometimes..

THey entered the room and then she moved to the bed and picked his shirt..and held it in her hand gesturing him to put it on..

Arnav: Whats that now?
Khushi: I dont want another member of your family coming and seeing you like this.. What will they think about me?
Arnav: I am bare chest.. Not you.. Why will they think wrong about you?
Khushi: I dont know that.. Are you wearing it or not?
Arnav: Why? What will you do if I dont wear?
Khushi: Nothing.. I cannot force you right.. Finally you are the boss.. So I wil keep it back in the closet.. You can be as you want to be.. Why do I care?

Arnav picked the shirt from her hand and wore it..He then sat on the recliner back and started typing..

Khushi: Arnav.. What do I need to do?
Arnav: Anything except eating my head..

Khushi was angry.. How can he think she was irritating him? And what about that which he did in past 2 days.. She too was irritated by the messages.. did she complain to him? No.. ..

Khushi: Arnav.. THis is the first time I am seeing an employee begging for work and her boss has nothing to give.. Why did you employ me then? Just to waste your money on my salary?
Arnav had heard enough.. This girl was crossing some limits... questioning him.. He got up from the chair and leaned on the chair on which she was sitting.. She bent backwards..

Arnav: You want to know why I employed you haan?
Khushi: (In a bit scary tone): Ha..aan..
Arnav: Because you are my Brothers would be Saali.. Means my Aadhi Gharwaali. Got it?
Khushi was all shocked..
Khushi: What?
Arnav stood straight.. And Khushi got up from the chair..
Arnav: Yes you heard it right.. Your sister Payal and my brother Akash are in so called LOVE from past 2 years.. It was your sister who asked you to try your luck in AR industries and you did apply for a PA job here.Right? I have met Payal some months back.. She is a good girl.. and my Brother loves her a lot.. no matter what class and status difference we have.. I dont give a damm to it.. So.. I read your resume and then realised that you are Payal's sister so I gave you this job.. Soon me and my Family would be coming to your house for the marriage proposal.. Hope you wont deny..

Khushi was all confused.. Her jiji never told her about all this.. But if she truely loves someone then how would Khushi come in between her happiness..

Khushi: Why will I deny ? I am fine.. But one minute.. I am your Brothers saali .. so his Aadhi gharwali.. not yours.. Got it?
Arnav: Whatever..!!
Khushi: Arnav.. Can i ask you something..
Arnav: Hmm
Khushi: What you texted me in the coffee day.. did you actually mean it? Or were you just irritating me?

Arnav looked at her.. and then smirked...

Arnav: Everything damm I texted you... I meant it then.. I mean it now.. You have a problem with that?

Part 5

Arnav: Everything damm I texted you... I meant it then.. I mean it now.. You have a problem with that?

Khushi was all scared and nervous again..She tried to hide her nervousness and then be normal... Arnav finally gave her some simple work of emailing his clients from his laptop and she was happy to do it. She started typing and Arnavtelling her what to type.. All the while her eyes were on his laptop and his eyes were on her face.. The expressions she gave while typing the words were as if she was herself saying those.. SOmetimes her nose flared up and sometimes her eyebrows raised.. Sometimes a weak smile played on her lips and sometimes her eyes widened.. How can a girl ever give So many mixed expressions all at a time..Arnav knew she was beautiful.. Now he also agreed she looked cute..Very cute. Seeing her and admiring her the way he wanted to.. Arnav was almost short of words for the email that she was typing for him.. To see him stop telling her what to type, she looked at him.. And he became a bit conscious..

Khushi: Arnav.. What next? Should I end the email here and send it accross?
Arnav: Yes Khushi.. Just send it..

He said that and got up to have some water for his dry throat.. She sent the email when another new email pop up appeared in his mailbox..

Khushi: Arnav.. You have got a new email..
Arnav: Read it..
Khushi: Its from Thomson Tours and Travels.. (She said with a surprised tone)
Arnav: Hmm.. Yeah Finally .. No need to read it completely Khushi.. Just tell me in brief..
Khushi: (Cleared her throat and read): Its about some booking confirmation for 3 nights and 4 days in Maldives for a couple.. They have given some Hotel details stating that the room would be facing sea side.. Description of the room which states that the room would be an Executive Suite with Complimentary breakfast and meals. They have asked to confirm the exact dates of the journey and time when the couple would be reaching Maldives so that they can send the Hotel Cab for Airport Pick up.. And then last but not the least... the total cost of this iteinary..

Arnav: Great.. So you have your passport ready right?
Khushi: What? What do you mean?
Arnav: I mean we need to submit our passport copies to them for further booking.. So I need you to get your passport tomorrow to Office and then I will ask Aman to book out tickets..

Khushi could not believe her ears.. He has planned for a trip to Maldives with her.. Why? She again got up from the chair and kept the laptop on the table from her lap..

Khushi: What? How dare you Arnav?? How can you just plan such a trip without informing me?
Arnav: Shut Up Khushi.. I have planned this trip not yesterday or today.. Had planned it since the time I have finalized a business deal in Maldives.. I need to be present for a seminar there with my PA to assist me. And this is part of your job to accompany me there..

Khushi: I am not coming.. And if you want you can dismiss me for that.. You understand?

Arnav was furious.. Standing in his own house she was ordering him as though she was the Boss.. He could still take this from her for other stuffs but when it comes to business he do not need to be dominated by anyone..not even her.. She was about to leave when he held her hands and pinned her to the french door leading to the Poolside..

Khushi: Arnav.. Leave me.. At Once..

Arnav closed her mouth with his hand..

Arnav: Dont you ever dare talk to me like that Khushi.. Are you scared of Going to Maldives with your Boss alone or do you think that your very own Boss may flirt with you there and so you are denying? Remember one thing Khushi.. If I have to be naughty with you, flirt with you, I dont need to take you all the way to Maldives spending so much of money..I can do that even here.. So dont have any other impression for this trip from my side.. It would be purely Professional from my end.. Yeah.. But incase you change your mind of being all naive and getting a bit comfortable with me turning me On... then no one can stop me .. not even you.. Understood????

Khushi tried her best to remove his hands from her mouth and finally she succeded..

Khushi: Whatever reasons you give me Arnav.. I am not coming.. Do anything you wish.. I dont bother..

Arnav had never seen a girl that dominant on him... She was not afraid of him.. Not at all.. She didnt even care to fall for his charm and sexiness.. She was definately different.. It would take time for him to get her under his controls.. he thought.. There was a knock at the door which forced him to free her from his clutches.. She adjusted her saree properly and even her hair after which Arnav opened the door. It was Akash..

Akash: Bhai.. I needed the Saxena's file .. Its in your drawer.. ( He saw Khushi there and smiled at her.. He knew her.. He had seen her picture which Payal had shown him somtime back.. And he also knew that she is his Brothers new PA.. She was still unaware who he is.. She stilled managed to pass a smile back to him and then picked her purse to go home.. when HE.. YES again HE held her hand)..

She didnt try to leave her hands from his this time because she didnt want to create a scene in front of this new person.. Akash saw his brother holding his would be Saali's hands and was a bit surprised..He knew how Arnav was with girls .. But after knowing that Khushi is Akash's would be Saali, he didnt expect his Bhai (Arnav) to behave like this with her.. He should shower at least some respect if not more.. But well he never ever had that guts to speak against his bro.. So he was silent...

Arnav: Akash take these keys.. They are in my Office drawer..
Arnav: Thanks Bhai.. Umm.. Arent you joining me Bhai for Office?? I mean you and Khushi,.

Now Khushi came to know that Akash is no other than the same person who her sister loves.. He was sweet and shy unlike his elder brother.. she thought..

Arnav: Akash I have some other important stuff at home.. SO you carry On.. And yes I forgot.. I have some concerns regarding your marriage to Payal.. I was discussing the same with Khushi about it.. I dont know what to say Akash.. Everything just depends on Khushi now... I am trying to convince her for that.. Incase if she agrees today then we would take your proposal forward tomorrow morning to Gupta House.. Allright?

Akash was scared.. What does that mean? Was Khushi not agreeing? He was taking this completely in a different way.. But he knew his brother.. he would make it ok finally.. He made a sad face and left from there..

Khushi was now understanding what confirmation Arnav said he was waiting from her.. She knew what he was capable of .. He could even not let Akash and Payal get married if she denied... But that does not mean she would let him behave with her in his way.. She too had her own set of rules..

Arnav: So Khushi.. I am sure.. You understood what I meant ? There is no hurry.. Think tonight and let me know before you sleep.. Your reply is very important for me to decide of Akash and Payal should get married or not... If its a YES from your end.. then do not forget to bring your passport along with you tomorrow.. We would be flying in 3 days... So lets meet tommorrow at office first.. hand our passports to Aman and then lets start for home again wherein you can assist me in my packing.. And Yes thats all for today.. I am sure you need some time to think.. So you can leave now.. Reach Office sharp at 09:00.. Bye..

He said that and left her hand and then moved out.. All khushi could do was follow him down and walk straight out of this so called Raizada Mansion.. The House of this Beast..
Part 6

Arnav: So Khushi.. I am sure.. You understood what I meant ? There is no hurry.. Think tonight and let me know before you sleep.. Your reply is very important for me to decide of Akash and Payal should get married or not... If its a YES from your end.. then do not forget to bring your passport along with you tomorrow.. We would be flying in 3 days... So lets meet tommorrow at office first.. hand our passports to Aman and then lets start for home again wherein you can assist me in my packing.. And Yes thats all for today.. I am sure you need some time to think.. So you can leave now.. Reach Office sharp at 09:00.. Bye..

He said that and left her hand and then moved out.. All khushi could do was follow him down and walk straight out of this so called Raizada Mansion.. The House of this Beast..

All the way to her home she could just think of Payal.. Her sister had given her the utmost happiness in her life.. She was very caring and a simple girl.. She never had the courage and strength that Khushi had.. If Khushi denied Arnav for the trip and if Arnav didnt let Akash and Payal married, then Payal would never ever have the strength to fight back.. She was in the Auto now and was reaching home.. She took her decision.. She would say YES.. But she knew she would make sure that Arnav would never ever get a chance to use her as he wants.. She wiped her tears and then got down from the auto.. She spoke to her sister about Akash and she showed how happy she was that her sister is getting married to someone she loves.. She wished she too would have the same luck as her sister.. She then made her Dad and Mom informed about this proposal. They should not be completely shocked if the Raizada's come to their door with the marriage proposal.. Her parents were little worried.. but Khushi calmed them .. Everything was fine here. She just had to inform Arnav..

It was night.. Almost 10:00 when a message beeped on her phone.. She expected that.. She opened the message.. It was his..

Khushi (Reading): So.. Decided? Or still need time?
She replied back: Decided.. Its a YES..

She started folding her clothes and ironing her dress for the office for next day.. when again a mesage beeped..

Khushi (Reading): Good.. Have informed the same to Akash and other members too at home.. We are coming at your place tomorrow morning at 10:00 with the proposal.. After everything is decided there, we two will start for Office together..

She didnt reply back.. She was not in a mood.. But she was happy that her sisters marriage stuffs are moving smooth and pretty soon. So she again informed of the Raizada's arrival to everyone in her house and finally slept by 12:00 after making some preperations for the next big day..

Next Day:

Its 10:00 and Gupta family are ready for welcoming the Raizada's. Khushi is again dressed in a red saree ..(She still does not know its his favourite colour.. Otherwise she would have never worn it...Its the same Diwali Saree that she wore in Episodes). Payal is also wearing a nice green saree... (I think the only colour she has recently).. Well.. everyone is looking happy and Payal is all being teased by Khushi.. Finally the Raizada's arrive in 2 vehicles.. One drived by Arnav and the Other by Akash.. Arnav is wearing a blue shirt, grey waist coat and black pant (The one he wore in the Temple while he tied her the bandage on her finger ring and looking dammm Cute and sexy.. Nice Haircut and shaven)

They are greeted at the door by Buaji , Khushi's mom and dad and they all enter in... After a short conversation between all, Anjali asks for Khushi and Payal..

Khushi gets Payal outside in the Living room where all are seated.. And all Arnav could do was simply admire Khushi.. She was looking like a real bride today.. Her hair left open, A small red bindi on forehed, red bangles in her hands and the Saree and its Half sleeved Blouse added more to her gorgeousness.. He had his eyes constant on her.. And Anjali noticed that too.. She indicated the same to Nani.. And Nani was also not surprised looking at Arnav like that.. Payal was busy sitting between Mami and Nani and talking to them an Khushi had her responsibilty to serve the sweets to everyone.. She started taking the Sweet plate towards everyone and when it came to Arnav.. She kept the plate aside before reaching him and then picked another sweet plate and handed it to him.. Everyone were slightly confused and so was Arnav.. She looked at everyone and then said...

Khushi: This is sugarfree..

Arnav could not believe.. How did she know? May be Payal told.. he smiled..

Garima: I cannot believe that our elder daughter is so lucky enough to get such a good family.. We are very happy for her.. After Payal now we will start searching a groom for Khushi too..

Arnav was drinking water that time.. And after hearing this all he could was start hiccuping.. Finding a groom for Khushi? Really? Khushi could see him hiccuping and she was not surprised.. He had to get that shock.. Atleast after hearing this he would give breaks to his intentions for her.. She hoped..

Garima: Actually Khushi and Payal always wished when they were young that they would get married to brothers .. That would make them easier to be with each other .. But who knew that destiny had planned to seperate them like this..

Anjali: Aunty.. Who knows what the destiny has instore.. may be they would still be together.. ( She said and smiled at Nani)

Garima: I didnt get you dear..
Anjali: Well Aunty.. I meant.. Akash's elder brother Arnav..(She pointed towards him) is still not married.. We are searching a suitable girl for him too and we liked Khushi from the time we have seen her.. So incase if Khushi and Arnav are fine.. We are ready to ask Khushi for my Chotte..

Now listening Anjali's words, even Khushi started hiccuping.. Arnav and Khushi stared at each other and and immidiate response which came from her was..

Khushi: No.. I .. I am not ready...
Arnav: Me too..

Anjali: I just put forward my thoughts .. If you both are not fine then thats Ok.. Or may be you can take some time to think..???

Khushi was now all red unable to face all of them.. specially him.. How can anyone even think of Her with Him? No way.. All the thoughts of the contract of marriage and his words on how harsh he is on bed haunted her mind (The one which he told her thinking Sonia on their first meet) . She rushed inside her room.. And Everyone thought that she was shying.. It was only Arnav who knew why she left.. It was her straight denial.. No damm girl in this world still had denied the marriage proposal of Arnav Singh Raizada .. Then how can she?

They fixed Payal and Akash's marriage to be next month.. And Khushi again came out to bid Bye to everyone when they were leaving..

Arnav: Akash you take everyone home.. I and Khushi are leaving for Office..

Anjali smiled and wished if in this journey of theirs to office, they could talk about their wedding proposal.. She was sure Arnav may still say a YES but only if Khushi agrees.. He himself will not take this decision unless he knows whats hers..
Part 7

Anjali smiled and wished if in this journey of theirs to office, they could talk about their wedding proposal.. She was sure Arnav may still say a YES but only if Khushi agrees.. He himself will not take this decision unless he knows whats hers..

Arnav and Khushi drove to Office and there was again a complete silence in the car.. They both still had not got out of the trauma that Anjali tried to put them in.. Marriage? And that too with each other? No way.. Yes Khushi wanted to be with her Sister forever in the same house.. But marrying Arnav was merely impossible.. She had some dreams of her own life partner.. He would be handsome, cute adorable .. just like Arnav... but.. he should also have some basic qualities in him like respecting people, obeying elders, understanding and much more which this guy was unaware of...

On the Other hand, Arnav was much pleased with the idea of getting married to Khushi since she was not a girl like Sonia Gupta who would be just a show model after marriage knowing nothing of her husbands choices and demands, Khushi would be someone who knew everything how to maintain a house, love the family and keep the family intact together. But she had only one problem he thought.. Dominance on her husband.. Yeah that she will always do.. even if she has ASR as her husband.. He smiled..

Arnav: Well Khushi.. so did you tell your family about our Maldives trip?
Khushi: No. Not yet..
Arnav: What ? What are you waiting for? My confirmation? Why cant you just do things I ask you to do?
Khushi: Because I am not your wife to obey you always.. Understood?
Arnav: Ohh I see.. So you mean if you be my wife.. you will always obey me? Really Khushi?

Again Silence.. She didnt want to answer that.. Infact he was just playing with her words and she didnt allow him to continue.. They reached Office and finally to Aman's desk.. Aman got up from his desk and wished them a Good Morning.. He then collected the Passports from them.

Aman: Thanks ASR.. I will book your flight tickets right away for day after tommorrow... and what about the Hotel ASR? Did you like the itenairy that Thomson tours and travels sent us? Should I book the same Executive Sea facing room for both?

Arnav: Umm.. Khushi.. can you just take this file and give it to Suzy?

Khushi understood that he wanted to talk something privately to Aman and thats the reason he was making excuses sending her.. But just now Aman asked him about the room and not rooms.. Does that mean he is planning for a single room for both?????

Arnav: Khushi.. I am talking to you.. Did you hear me?
Khushi: Yeah.. I will pass this to Suzy..

She took the file and went to Suzy's desk. She saw Arnav giving some instructions to Aman and then Aman and Arnav both looking at Khushi.. So that means they were talking about her.. Arnav gave a smirk and then came to Khushi..

Arnav: Allright.. SO lets go home then..
Khushi: Home? Again?
Arnav: Yeah remember you need to help me packing my bags...

He said that and started for the parking lot.. Khushi just followed him,.. They reached RM and saw that all the family was sitting on the Sofa in Living room and talking something but as soon as they saw these two everyone was quite..
Arnav and Khushi neared everyone.

Anjali: Great you both are home.. Khushi I am so happy that the marriage has been fixed.. And that too next month.. It being your sisters wedding you will have loads of work at your home but then you are also Chotte's PA so I am sure you have some responsibilites here too..
Khushi: Yes Anjali Di.. I will surely help you all too.. (She smiled)
Arnav sat on the sofa next to Akash..

Arnav: Khushi do you know cooking?
Khushi was surprised why he wanted to know that.. Well she replied..
Khushi: Yes I know..
Arnav: Great.. Paneer Paratha and Pudina Chutney..
Khushi: Yes I know to make that too..
Arnav: Khushi I am asking you to make that for me now.. WHo else wants to have? (He asked everyone)
Anjali: Chotte?? You can ask someone else to make it for you.. Why Khushi?? She must be tired Chotte.. She had prepared everything today morning for us in her house too...
Arnav: Di.. she is my PA.. Its her duty to obey my orders.. I want to taste her Di..
Anjali: What? (She asked sarcastily)
Arnav: I mean I want to taste her made food.. Thats it..
Khushi: Its OK Anjali Di.. I will make it for everyone...

Anjali and others smiled and again noticed them looking at each other,, Arnav will all his cute and sexy smirk and Khushi in her angry mode..

She went to the Kitchen and then started making Parathas for him..

Khushi (To herself): I dont understand why he does all this.. There is no difference in being his wife or PA.. Its the same.. Just Obey him.. He will never be satisfied with 1 wife for sure.. He will need atleast 3 to 4, One wife will cook for him, 2nd will wash his clothes and stuff, 3rd will take care of his official things ...
Arnav: And 4th???
He was at the Kitchen door behind her and listening to her talks since long..She turned behind..to see him.

Khushi: You?? Here?
Arnav: You didnt answer me Khushi... I asked you something.. (He said coming near her)
Khushi: What answer? What did you ask? (She was getting nervous again)
Arnav: What will the 4th Wife do?
Khushi:Umm.. Woh..!! She will..Ummm!!! (Khushi was blank.. No words at all...)

Arnav was very near to her.. First of all her red saree and that bridal look of hers was tempting him to touch her, feel her, and do everything that an actual wife wishes for from her newly wed husband.. He didnt touch her though.. He just pinned her between his hands which were on the kitchen slab..

His close proximity itself got goosebumps on her skin.. Arnav saw her nervousness, she was almost cold, and he also noticed the goosebumps,.. If this was her condition when he just neared her.. what would it be when he touches her.. May be he should give a try... On her waist?? He thought and then smiled...

Arnav: Answer me Khushi.. 4th Wife.. Responsibilites??
Khushi: I.. I .. just .. Dont know..
Arnav:No???Ok.. In that case I will tell you what it is..

He bent forward to her ears and without removing his hands from the kitchen slab he whispered..

Arnav: Pleasuring her husband by loving him on bed.. Thats the most important responsibility.. But know what.. I dont need 4 wifes for that.. I just need one single girl who can fulfill all these 4 responsibilites.. And I think I have found one..

Khushi's eyes widened in shock.. She pushed him with her hands which were full of the wheat flour. He moved back..

She turned back to the bowl of Flour and started Kneeding.. She was breathing hard.. Again all the thoughts that he explained her on their first meet how harsh he is on bed haunted her.. She was scared..

Arnav folded his hands and asked her..

Arnav: Khushi.. Dont you want to know who that lucky girl is?
Part 8

Arnav folded his hands and asked her..

Arnav: Khushi.. Dont you want to know who that lucky girl is?
Anjali and Nani were on their way and they heard Arnav talking about some lucky girl .. They came inside..

Anjali: Dont know about Khushi Chottee.. But we want to know who that Lucky girl is...? (They laughed) Arnav and Khushi again became conscious. Khushi was worried if they both had seen Arnav pinning her. She thought of changing the Topic..

Khushi: Anjali Di.. Where is the coconut..? I need to scrape it for the chutney..
Anjali: Khushi you dont try to change the topic now.. We want to know what Chotte was talking about..

Arnav was just staring at Khushi all this while and could see how flustered she is.. He then turned to his Di and Nani..

Arnav: Di... Nani.. I have chose a girl for marriage..
Khushi was very very nervous... She didnt want to be there now.. She just wanted to run away.. She knew if he took her name, the entire family will make the Gupta family convince and no one will bother her wishes, her dreams.. She would be forced to marry this devil.. which she didnt wanted..

Nani and Anjali were very happy.. Anjali went ahead and kissed her Chotte's forehead.. Nani also hugged him and then asked..

Nani: Chotte who is that girl? Just tell us her name too.. (She knew it was Khushi..But then still they wanted to hear it from him)

Arnav: Not now Nani.. Me and Khushi are going to Maldives day after tomorrow for 4 days on an official purpose... I will come back and then inform everyone who that girl is.. Allright.. But till then I dont want anybody to tease me by this wedding stuff..

Anjali and Nani agreed.. They were really very happy.. Their CHotte had finally confirmed that he would be marrying...

Anjali: Chotte.. Does that mean after you tell us her name we can tease you?
Arnav was blushing..
Arnav: Di.. Please... (He then looked at Khushi who was all concentrating on the Parathas...) Khushi.. get the paratha's in my room.. Will have it there.. Also we need to pack my bags.. So come soon..

Anjali: Chotte?? What happened to your shirt?This Wheat flour??
Arnav: Nothing Di.. I was just .. Umm I was just..
Khushi: Anjali Di... Actually there was some insect on his shirt.. he didnt knew .. So i removed it.. And thus the wheat flour is all on his shirt..
Anjali: I see.. I guess the insect must have walked on all of Chotte's shirt.. See your flour hands are almost everywhere on the shirt.. even on Chotte's chest..

Arnav: Enough Di.. Why do you always needs specifications?

He said that and left the kitchen.. Anjali thought of teasing Khushi a bit.. SHe neared her..

Anjali: Khushi.. Do you know who that girl is?? I mean you work closely with Chotte. .. you must be knowing,..
Khushi: No Anjali Di.. I .. I dont know.. (She said turning the other side)

She continued her work and Nani and Anjali smiled and left too.. Khushi was very nervous.. Though he didnt take her name yet but she was scared if he was actually planning this wedding with her.. She cursed the day when she had been to his office for the job.. It all started from there she thought..

The plate was ready with two Paneer Paratha's and a small bowl of Pudina Chutney.. She then placed the plate on the tray with a glass of Orange Juice and started for his room.. Arnav was changing his shirt which was full of the flour.. He had removed his shirt and threw it on the bed.. He then removed his trouser belt and then the first button on his trouser.. His hands were on the ZIP when she entered not knocking the door as she was holding the tray.. She saw him like that.. His bare chest, upon that his trouser button open and his fingers on the zip now.. She turned her back to him..

Khushi: I.. I am sorry.. I should have knocked.. Actually.. I couldnt... Wohh!!
Arnav was not at all feeling bad for that.. He enjoyed her being at this state..

Arnav: Thats ok Khushi.. Dont be so formal.. I am not shy to change it in front of you.. You can turn behind if you want.. (He again smirked)..
Khushi: What ?? No way Arnav.. I will keep the tray here and leave.. You get changed and let me know.. I will wait out ..
She placed the tray on the side table without turning behind and was about to leave the door when he pinned her to the door closing it.. Her back faced his chest and she was facing the door.. Again as usual she was all nervous..

Arnav: I said.. Do not leave.. Khushi...

She started breathing hard again and so did Arnav.. He didnt knew why he stopped her.. Why he wanted to be with her.. Infact even in such a position where he was almost changing that too his pants.. There was something in her which was driving him crazy.. Not just her looks and beauty.. it was something more than that.. He never felt so close and far to anyone at the same time.. He just wanted her in everyway..

Khushi: Arnav.. Just take off your hands from the door.. I need to go out..
Arnav: Not unless I allow you to... Khushi.. I am not asking you to see me changing.. You can still turn your back to me .. And I will change.. Whats so big deal in it? Are you scared of me Khushi?
Khushi: Scared?? And of you? No way Arnav.. Your words or actions do not affect me.. in anyways..
Arnav: Really? If thats so then dont go out.. Let me change.. behind you..

Khushi was feeling her resistance power going weak..

Arnav: Why are you breathing so heavily Khushi.. ?? Know what.. ??You agree or dont ..I have always had my effect on you.. Right from day one we met..If just the thought of me changing behind you can make you heave your body so heavily.. then how would you handle yourself when we..

Khushi: Arnav.. Dont twist your words the other way round.. Just leave me..

They heard a knock on the door and Khushi was scared.. What if someone sees them like this? What will they think of her? Arnav removed his hands from the door.. But she could not even move out.. He pulled her hands and made her stand behind the door so that when he opens it she would not be visible.. She stood there...

Arnav then opened the door to find Anjali.. She was always a wrong timing he thought..

Arnav: Di.. What happened?
Anjali: Ohh I am sorry Chotte. You were changing? Well I didnt know.. I wanted to ask if Khushi is here?
Arnav: Di why will she be here?? That too when I am changing?
Anjali: Yeah there is a point.. But she had come to your room with the tray.. So I thought...
Arnav: Yeah she kept the tray and she left for the kitchen again.. If I see her I will tell her you were asking.. Anything important??
Anjali: Yes.. Actually her parents had called us.. They have confirmed that the Engagement of Akash and Payal will be next week.. So me, Payal and Akash are going to get the rings today.. Ask her if she would like to join.. And please do not give her more work Chotte.. She too needs to enjoy this wedding of her sister.. Ok?
Arnav: Yeah I will tell her..

Anjali left.. And Arnav turned to Khushi.. His boxers were now visible to her since the button of his pant was open..She looked the other side..

Arnav: Soo you heard everything.. I am sure you would love joining them for selecting the rings?? Right? I do not have any problems.. Just be here till I change and then you can leave..Not otherwise.. Understood???

She knew he was naughty and was doing all this purposely to irritate her.. She turned her back to him, faced the door again.

Arnav: Good..

He then started to remove his pants..

Arnav: I have removed my pant now Khushi.. I am moving towards my closet now..
Khushi: You do not need to broadcast me what you are doing.. Just let me know when you done so that I can leave this place..
Arnav: Ok.. Why are you sounding so confused.. and low?? Do you want to turn towards me Khushi?
Khushi (Angrily): Are you even in your senses Arnav... I have no intentions in fainting here...
Arnav: Fainting?? Seeing what? I am not naked.. I am still wearing my boxers.. Its only that I am not getting my trouser in the closet. Will you help me finding that?
Khushi: What? Are you crazy Arnav??? (She was still facing towards the door)
Arnav: Well Why am I asking you? I need to order you.. I am the Boss.. So Khushi.. Just turn behind and come to the closet and search me a black trouser.. NOW..

Khushi: Enough is enough Arnav.. I am not turning.. Nor I am coming there to help you finding your clothes.. I am moving out.. Do whatever you want..

She said that and then moved out of the door.. Arnav couldnt help but smile.. He knew she was too naive for all this..

Khushi came down and sat with Anjali who informed her that Akash has gone to pick Payal. He would be getting her here and then they all will start for the jewellery shop.. Khushi agreed.. All the while she was sitting on the Sofa with Anjali, the thoughts of Arnavs recent pranks and naughtiness haunted her mind.. She was not able to stop these thoughts from coming.. She then saw Arnav in Blue Jeans and Black shirt coming down from the stairs.. This was the first time she saw him in casuals.. She looked at Anjali and continued chatting.. Arnav came and sat opposite to her.. He was on call with Aman and was asking to postpone some meeting to tomorrow.. All the time while talking to Aman, his eyes were just on her.. It was becoming more clear and clearer to Anjali that Khushi only would be her Bhabhi.. But she could sense that Khushi was not giving her Chotte a proper response .. She was trying to stay away from him always.. May be she is shy and once their marriage is fixed.. everything will be allright she thought.. Meanwhile Akash and Payal returned to RM and Anjali and Khushi got up to leave with them..

Anajli: Chotte... We are leaving..
Arnav: What do you mean we are leaving.. I am also coming along.. I too need to make a choice..
Anjali: Choice? For whom?? Akash will make his choice for Payal.. Why you?
Arnav: I dont want to make a choice for Payal.. Offcourse Akash will do that.. I meant I am also getting married right.. Though I havent told you all her name.. I need to buy a ring for her too.. So why waste time? Will get that ring also along with Payal's.. Ok?'

Anajli was very happy..She smiled at him and then they all started for the vehicle..
Part 9

Anajli was very happy..She smiled at him and then they all started for the vehicle.. Khushi was walking with Payal and she was all nervous.. He was buying a ring.. But what size? Why was he even joining them.. Arnav was gonna drive and Akash sat next to him. Khushi was exactly behind Arnav and next to her was Anjali and then Payal ..

Arnav adjusted the Front mirror so that he could see her face.. She was all red..knowing that he was admiring her openly now.. She was looking more pretty when she was red he thought.. He smiled and then started the car.. All the while driving, Anjali's eyes were on Arnav and Arnav's eyes on the mirror to see Khushi.. Khushi was sometimes talking to Payal and sometimes to her would be Jijiaji..

Anjali: Chotte... Where is your concentration? Why are you driving so slow today?? (She gigled)
Arnav: Nothing Di..
Anjali: Are you missing your would be Chotte?
Arnav: No Di.. Why will I miss her.. She is near me,...
Anjali laughed at his hints..

Akash: Bhai.. She is near? Where? Does she stay in Delhi?
Arnav: Yes Akash she does..
Akash: Great Bhai.. Whats her name?
Arnav: Her name is...

Khushi was sweating now even though the AC was On.. Arnav saw her and then replied..

Arnav: Umm.. Her name has 6 letters..and no letters in her name is common to mine..
Anjali again calculated her brothers move and gigled..

Anjali: Chotte.. If you can tell this much.. Cant you tell us her name please...
Arnav: Khushi..
Anjali / Akash / Payal: WHAT???????????? KHUSHI?

And Khushi was all tensed.. Why did he tell her name to everyone???????

Arnav: I mean Khushi also does not know her name being my PA why will I tell you all.. Wait and watch..

Anjali was now unable to control her brothers naughtiness. He almost told them her name and then seeing her nervous he changed the sentence,.. WOW.. She loved her brother for that...

Khushi again relaxed... And Arnav could sense that.. He didnt want to put her to such an amusement now... Finally they reached the Jewellery Shop and Arnav parked his vehicle.. Everyone entered in.. Akash and Payal were with Anjali choosing the Ring for her and Khushi was also behind them when Arnav grabbed her hand and pulled her towards some other counter..

Khushi: Arnav.. What the hell are you doing? Behave yourself.. Ok?
Arnav took her to the other Ring Counter.. and left her hand.. He then showed her a ring.. It was a golden ring beautifully carved with a small diamond in its centre..
Arnav: Hows this?
Khushi: What?
Arnav: How is this Ring Khushi???
Khushi: WHy are you asking me?? Ask your Di..
Arnav: What The..!!! Why will I ask her? I am not marrying my DI..

Khushi looked him straight in his eyes and then moved a bit back..

Khushi: What do you mean Arnav?
Arnav: Khushi.. I am asking you for the choice because you are my personal secretary... Cant you just advise?
Khushi: Well I guess our choices are too different.. They will never match.. So you better ask someone else... I am not interested in making this choice for you..

Arnav was angry.. Why cant she just do what he asks without asking any questions? He called the sales guy and asked him to pack it..

Anjali saw behind.. She saw Arnav asking the salesman to pack some ring that too khushi was by side of him which meant that he must have asked her choice.. She never saw her chotte so serious in any relationships. She came to them..

Anjali: Chotte so you purchased a ring and didnt even show us?
Arnav: Di.. Will show you later..

Khushi went to payal to check her ring and then they all came back to the parking lot. They dropped payal and khushi both to their home. Khushi was called again at RM next morning and not at office.. She still had to pack his bags for Maldives..

Next day:

Khushi came to RM and Anjali and khushi both came to Arnavs room. Anjali sat on the bed with Arnav asking him about his stay in Maldives and meanwhile Khushi started removing his clothes to pack in the bag.. His eyes were on her and ears on his sister..

Arnav: Khushi pack one white shirt, one blue and one green shirt..2 black Trousers, one jeans. My night suits are at the left side.. And my innerwares are in the drawer..

Hearing the words innerware Khushi looked back to him and even Anjali..

Khushi: What? You want me to pack even those..?
Arnav: Offcourse I need to wear them.. So you will have to pack..
Khushi: I meant you can pack them on your own.. I wont..

Anjali smiled and could see the ackwardness in khushi packing these stuffs of her chotte..

Anjali: Chotte , Khushi is right. She is not your wife to do all this..
Arnav: Whats harm in doing that di.. She will be a wife one day or the other.. So let her start doing these stuffs from today.. She will get used to it later..
Khushi: I will do all these stuffs when I will marry.. I will do it for my husband.. I dont need to do it for you..
Arnav: Dont argue Khushi.. I am the Boss remember.. And you are Aadhi gharwali ..dont forget that.
Anjali: Chotte, Khushi.. Please now you both dont fight.. And what is this aadhi gharwali haan?
Arnav: Nothing di.. Ignore..

Anjali left the room confused.. Arnav too got a call from Aman and he left downstairs.. Khushi reluctantly packed his innerwares too.. She selected some random colors and finally finished with his packing and then came down.. She told Anjali that she needs to go home early since she has to buy some stuff from the nearest store. She left without informing Arnav.
Arnav: Di where is Khushi..?
Anjali: Khushi Khushi Khushi.. Now a days its always the only name we hear from you.. Are you ok Chotte? I guess you are very impressed by your new PA..
Arnav: Di.. I am asking where Khushi is and you are talking something else.. Where has she gone? I searched her everywhere she isnt there..
Anjali: Actually she left for home. She needed to buy some stuff from the nearby store..Afterall she too needs to finish her packing..
Arnav: Which store?
Anjali: I dont know.. She didnt tell me that.. Why?
Arnav: Nothing Di.. Just asked.. I have some work will be back in an hour.

Khushi was in a lingerie store to purchase some good innerwares. She was selecting some when he entered the store..
Arnav: Hi Khushi..
Khushi was all shocked to see him there.. She immediately tried to hide the innerwares that she was selecting and then looked at him angrily..

Khushi: Arnav.. What are you doing here?
Arnav: Nothing.. I was just going somewhere when i saw you here.. So thought of joining you..
Khushi: Arnav this a lingerie store.. You cannot be here.. Just go out.. Dont create a scene here.. Please..
Arnav: Khushi I wont.. I have my own freedom to be here.. Well I can help you make some choices..
Khushi: I dont need your choice.. You make your choice for your wife.
Arnav: Ok.. As you say.

He then went to the sales girl and then whispered something in her ears.. The sales girl smiled and replied to him. Khushi didnt know what he asked her. He then smirked at khushi and went to the next counter for making his selection. Khushi asked the sales girl..

Khushi: What did he ask you?
Salesgirl: Maam he asked your size..
Khushi: And you told him????
Salesgirl: Yes maam he is your husband right?.. Thats what he told...

Khushi could not believe.. What did he want.. Why was he always behind her? Arnav selected a lingerie and then came to her.. She too had finished her selections..
Arnav: Done?
Khushi: Yeah I will just pay the bill..
Arnav: Not needed.. Have paid..
Khushi: What? why? Its my stuff I can pay for them..
Arnav: No issues Khushi if you are feeling so bad then I will cut it from your salary..
Khushi: You are unbelievable Arnav.

She said that and left the store.. Arnav too followed her and insisted her that he will drop her home.. Arnav dropped Khushi and he also told her that he himself would pick her the next morning for airport. She agreed. The entire evening she spent in packing her bags. This was the first time she was going for some international trip that too alone with a naughty boss. She was about to sleep now when she got a message. It was his..

Khushi(Reading): Did you pack my black boxers? I am not finding it in my closet..
Khushi replied..
Arnav (Reading): One packed and the other one is in the left drawer..
He replied..
Khushi(Reading): Thanks..Did you pack the lingerie which you bought today from store?
She replied..
Arnav( Reading): None of your business.. And stop questioning me more.. I am very sleepy.. So good night Arnav and see you tomorrow.. Dont be late I am sure you dont wanna miss the flight.. I can see how eager you are to start for this trip... So please sleep and let others sleep too..

He smiled at her reply. Yes he had been to many such official trips with his PA's before and infact had good time with them too.. But for the first time in life he was a bit nervous and happy at the same time to travel with her.. She was different.. Though he said to her that this would be a complete official trip, it was not so from his end.. He had some different plans.. But whatever the plans were, he had to execute them carefully since khushi was just not his PA now.. She was also part of his family.. With all these thoughts in his mind he slept off.


Khushi had finally dressed up in a light pink Chudidar. She was taking her parents blessings when she heard Arnav's car horn.. Payal went out and informed him that she is coming in 2 minutes. Payal asked Arnav to come in.. But he denied saying that they might get late.. So he waited in the car. He then saw Khushi coming out with a black bag. She had again left her hair. Arnav just stared at her from top to bottom. She looked very beautiful. He got down from the vehicle to get the bags from her. He was wearing again a casual black jeans and a maroon shirt. He looked no less than Salman Khan.. khushi's favourite actor.. They then bid bye to everyone and started for the airport. Again there was some silence in the car. Arnav got a call from Aman..

Arnav: Yes Aman.. Ok.. So its all arranged right.?? Fine.. And what about the dress I told you.. Allright. Good.. Just as expected from you..

Khushi didnt show that she was hearing his talks.. What dress and what arrangements were they talking about? Well she didnt wanted to ask him this.. May be this was nothing related to her.. She kept quiet.. And Arnav too didnt get time to speak to her in the vehicle as all the while he was discussing on some arrangements to be done in Maldives..

They reached Airport and started with collecting their Boarding Passes, Security Checks and finally were sitting at the gates waiting for the flight to arrive.. Khushi was very excited. She was eagerly waiting to sit in the flight and start her sky trip..
Part 10

They reached Airport and started with collecting their Boarding Passes, Security Checks and finally were sitting at the gates waiting for the flight to arrive.. Khushi was very excited. She was eagerly waiting to sit in the flight and start her sky trip..

The Flight arrived and they boarded the flight. It was a Business class seat and he made her sit at the window.. She looked happy. And he was too happy seeing her.. Arnav helped Khushi in putting the seat belt..The plane started and she was getting nervous.. She held her seat tightly and closed her eyes in fear..

Arnav: Khushi.. You can hold my hands.. if you nervous.. Thats ok.. Nothing will happen ok?

Khushi without any second thought held his hands tightly and shut her eyes.. All he could feel was the warmth of her hands.. Her nails were actually pricking his wrists but it didnt matter.. She felt better after some 15 minutes.. And all this while she was holding his hands.. When she realised that, she left his hands and turned towards the window to look outside.. He smiled.. He started reading some Magazine and Khushi fell asleep after an hour. She was shiverring due to the low temperature inside the flight. He pulled the blanket on her and she placed her head on his shoulders.. It was a perfect magic moment for Arnav.. Never ever anyone had dare done that.. Not even his sister while flying with him.. He felt nice.. He gave her more access to his shoulders and pulled the same blanket on him too. Anyone looking at them would think them to be a newly wed honeymoon couple and the thought of honeymoon couple filled his heart with joy.. He too slept after that keeping his head on hers and his fingers interlocked with her fingers inside the blanket..

They both woke up at the announcement that the flight will be reaching Maldives Airport in 15 minutes.. Khushi saw that she was sleeping on Arnav's shoulders.. She got up fast and then tried to move her hands to adjust herself. To her surprise Arnav was holding her hands still.

Khushi: Arnav.. My hand..!!
Arnav left her hand. Khushi felt a bit embarassed.. She understood that the entire journey she was holding his hands and slept on her BOSS 's Shoulder..Thats rediculous she thought.. Finally the flight landed and they came out of the Airport. The weather was Hot in Maldives yet bareable..

The Hotel Car was waiting for them outside the Airport.. They put their luggages in and then started for the Hotel. Khushi was very sleepy. It was evening here.. And She wanted to just reach the Hotel and sleep.. She didnt knew what Business plans Arnav had the next day.. They were still on their way to the Hotel when she asked..

Khushi: Arnav.. Whats the plan for tomorrow then?
Arnav: Nothing much Khushi.. Some shopping, site seeing and then may be some lovely rest in the hotel room..
Khushi: What? We Arent here for this Arnav..!!! We are on a Business Trip.. Hope you remember that..
Arnav: Ohh Yeah.. I do remember .. But the meeting is day after tomorrow.. So we have tomorrows day for ourselves..
Khushi: What? If the meeting was day after tomorrow.. you could have booked tomorrows tickets.. Why did we book the ticket one day prior?
Arnav: Khushi.. Too many questions for me to answer.. Just relax.. We are reaching the Hotel in 5 minutes..Will talk once we reach.. Ok?

They reached the Hotel and were at the Reception Lobby.. Arnav signed the register and she waited for him.. They then gave Arnav the Room keys..
Arnav: Khushi.. Take the keys.. The room in on the last floor.. that is on 20th Floor... I will join you soon.. Ok?
Khushi took the keys and left for the elevator.. Meanwhile Arnav discussed something with the Receptionist and then started for the elevator.

Khushi reached the 20th floor and opened the room. Their luggage was already inside.. It was not just a room , but almost like an apartment..It had 3 rooms inside.. The living room with Sofa, TV, a bedroom with a Kig size bed.. and a small open kitchen which had a small coffee machine, microwave, refrigerator and many other stuffs. The bathroom was worth seeing. It had mirror on all 4 sides, a large bathtub, a closed shower room and different brands lotions and body washes.. She was all lost seeing this room. There was also a small pool attached to the bedroom which was meant only for two people to relax in it.. And that was really romantic she thought... Did he always book such rooms even for his PA?

The Door bell rang and she rushed to open it.. It was him..

Arnav: Khushi.. The weather is so damm hot here.. Well thanks to the AC.. (He said coming inside without even her permission and started removing his shirt. He threw it on the Sofa in the Living room. She was still at the door.. )
Arnav turned back to see where she was..
Arnav: Khushi.. What are you doing there? Come in..
Khushi: Arnav... What are you doing here?
Arnav: Nothing yet Khushi.. You want me to do something?? (He asked smirking at her)
Khushi: Shut up Arnav.. I meant.. You need to be in your room Ok? Not here...
Arnav: Well Khushi.. I know I need to be in my room.. And this is my room..
Khushi: What? Then which is mine?
Arnav: The same room Khushi.. We are sharing a room.

Khushi could not believe what she heard..
Khushi: What? You mean we would share this room? Are you nuts Arnav?
Arnav: Khushi.. Now dont take me wrong allright?? I had asked Aman to book two rooms this time.. But he could not get two rooms in the same hotel.. All the rooms are booked.. So managed to get only one.. But you see this room itself is so big that we both can accomodate.. You can sleep inside on bed and me on you.. ( He said that purposely to see her reaction. )
Khushi: What? You on me? ( She asked becoming red)
Arnav: Well I meant.. You on Bed and me on Sofa here in the Living Room.. FIne?

Khushi: I dont Know Arnav with which type to girls you have stayed before in one Hotel room but do remember I am a typical Indian girl and in no conditions I can sleep in the same room with you without any relationship between us..

Arnav: I see... SO you are fine to sleep with me if we...
Khushi: Just stop it Arnav.. I dont understand why I even agreed coming here..(She picked her bags and went inside the bedroom)

He smiled.. She was actually a typical cultured girl who would give her life but not her values.. She was different than others thats for sure.. He too joined her in the bedroom with his luggage..

Khushi: Now what??
Arnav: Nothing.. We would be sharing the entire room the whole day only at night you are allowed to use this room for yourself .. So I am also going to arrange my stuff here .. I cant keep it out..
Khushi: Ok..
Arnav: Good.. So let me know once you finish arranging your stuff..
Khushi: Why?
Arnav: So that you can start with mine
Khushi: What? You want me to arrange your stuff too?
Arnav: Yes Khushi.. I am Boss remember..
Khushi: Hmm.. Ok.. I will..
Arnav: Good.. Now would you mind if I use the bathroom before you do?
Khushi: Offcourse not.. Carry on.. I will go later..
Arnav rushed in the bathroom to have a shower.. Khushi was now arranging his stuff..

Arnav (From inside the bathroom): Khushi Khushi..
Khushi: Yes Arnav.. I am listening.. Stop shouting my name..
Arnav: There is no Towel here.. Can I get one from the cupboard?
Khushi: What? No Towels in Bathroom?? Hows that possible Arnav.. Dont lie..
Arnav: Fine if you feel I am lieing come in and check.

He opened the door and peeped out to see her.. His hair was all wet and he looked very cute..

Khushi: Ok fine.. I will give the ones from the cupboard. Wait..

She then took one Towel from the cupboard and went to the bathroom door..
Khushi: Take it..
Arnav only extended his hands outside and started searching.. for her hand ..
Arnav: Where?
Khushi got the towel near his hands and he pulled her inside with the towel.. She could not understand what just happened.. It was so instant that she was just confused.. When she opened her eyes she was pinned to the bathroom door and his hands were on either sides not letting her move.. He was bare chest and there was a towel wrapped by him on his waist..

Khushi: Arnav.. What is this? You had a Towel here inside.. Why did you ask for one then?
Arnav: Sshh!! (He placed his finger on her lips)
Arnav: If I would not have asked you to get the towel for me.. how would I see you like this Khushi.. So closely.. Do you even know you look so beautiful when you are angry? Yeah but that does not mean you always have to be angry with me..
Khushi could see some desires in his eyes as if hipnotising her and making her weak..making her forget all her values and cultures.. No doubt he would have made so many girls lose their senses with this look of his, she thought..

Khushi: Arnav.. Let me go..
Arnav: Why? Whats the hurry Khushi? Arent you liking being like this? In between my..I mean in between my hands..?
Khushi: Arnav you are getting me all wrong.. I told you before.. I am unlike other girls.. They must be liking these things.. Not me Allright? Leave me..
Arnav: Ok.. Whats the proof that you are not liking me doing this? Give me the proof and then go out..
Khushi: What proof.??
Arnav: Proof that you dont feel anything when I am so close to you.. (He said coming more closer.. His chest was almost brushing her breasts.. )
Khushi: How .. How will I prove it? (She said all lost in him)
Arnav: Very simple.. Let me just be a bit more close to you for 1 minute.. If you dont feel anything for me.. if you are unlike other girls you will resist me, push me and then move out.. And if in this 1 minute you do respond back to my touch.. that means you would love to have me more on you..
Khushi: Dont be crazy .. Arnav.. Leave me..
Arnav: Ok then say that you cannot resist me and hence cannot accept my condition since you know I do have some affect on you.. And leave..
Khushi: Whats wrong Arnav.. You do not mean anything to me.. Got it?
Arnav: Then Accept what I challenged you for..
Khushi: Ok..
Arnav: Fine..

He then leaned forward towards the crook of her neck and inhaled her scent there.. without touching her..She tucked her belly inside in pleasure.. She closed her eyes and she didnt wanted to see him sooo much into her.. He gently removed her earings from his teeth and threw it aside from his mouth. The touch of his lips and teeth on her ears was making her breathe hard like never before.. She clutched the sides of her Kurta roughly since she didnt want to touch him for support.. He saw that. He held both her hands and moved them on his back so that she could hold his back for more support.. He wanted her sharp nails on his back .. Infact all over him.. She bit her lip hard not letting the moan inside her to escape for him to listen but she couldnt stop it.. She moaned when she touched his back. And then he stopped.. and looked at her..smiling..

Arnav: You were right Khushi.. 1 minute is over and you didnt respond back to me.. like I expected.. (He said that purporsely.. He could see all the signs of her falling for him and his touches but he wanted her to wait.. Untill she herself would give completely on him )

Khushi opened her eyes listening that.. SHe almost had forgotten everything.. She saw that his hands were no more pinning her on the door.. She opened the door and ran out leaving him wanting her for more..
Part 11

Khushi opened her eyes listening that.. SHe almost had forgotten everything.. She saw that his hands were no more pinning her on the door.. She opened the door and ran out leaving him wanting her for more..

She came out and held her hands on her heart.. She could hear the heartbeats.. They were too loud for her.. She didnt knew what was happening to her.. All looked so good when she was so close to him.. Why was she getting attracted to him even after knowing what kind of guy he was.. Well she had to forget what happened inside and not show him at all that she was getting affected by him..He came out.. Just wrapped in a towel and saw her. Her hands were still on her heart..

Arnav: Khushi.. You ok?

She turned back to see him just in a Towel and see closed her eyes with her hands...

Khushi: Arnav.. Just wear some clothes.. How can you be so shameless..???
Arnav: Why? Does it affect you me being like this? (He said nearing her )
She opened her eyes and then saw him nearing. She moved back.. Finally she hit the wall behind her and stopped..
He was just inches apart from her.. She closed her eyes again not wanting to get into a unwanted situation.. He picked her up in his arms and made his way to the bathroom.. He Placed her inside the bath tub which was full of foam and water and then stood straight.. Feeling all wet , she opened her eyes and saw that she was lying inside the bath tub all wet.. She looked at him all confused..

Arnav: Get fresh.. And please do not look at me like that.. Or else you would never know when I Join you inside the tub..
He said that and left the bathroom closing the door behind him.. Her heartbeats again started beating rapidly. She got up and closed the bathroom door from inside and started the shower.. But to her surprise in all this she had forgot that she didnt carry any clothes inside.. Everything was out.. She was scared now.. What if she asks him to pass some clothes for her..?? Will he give it to her or will he again start being naughty? She had to give a try...

Khushi peeped out from the bathroom and called him..

Khushi: Arnav..
Arnav was at the mirror still wiping his hair.. He was still in his towel and not changed yet..
Arnav: Yes Khushi..
Khushi: Can you please pass me my clothes from the closet?
Arnav: I would love to.. Hold a second..

He went to her section of the closet and then asked her..

Arnav: Khushi tell me what all you want?
Khushi: Just pass me my bathrobe.. I would come out and change..
Arnav: I cannot find any bathrobe here Khushi..Tell something else..( He lied)
Khushi: Arnav.. it is there.. I myself have kept it in the closet.. Search properly..
Arnav: Ummm.. No Khushi.. Its not.. Do you want me to pass your lingerie?
Khushi: Arnav stop it ok.. DO not even touch them..
Arnav: Fine I wont.. But then who would give you your clothes then?
Khushi was again all red at the thought of asking him to give her clothes ..
Khushi: Ok fine.. Pass me my lingerie and a night dress.. Its a white colour salwar.. And dont say you cannot find it..
Arnav: Ok.. Found it.. Which colour lingerie Khushi?
Khushi: Arnav.. Any.. Fast..
Arnav: Let me think.. I guess white ones will go on your white night suit.. SO I will pass you the white ones Ok?
Khushi: Arnav enough of it now.. You are wasting a lot of time.. Give me fast.. I am feeling cold..
Arnav picked a lingerie for her and her night suit.. He didnt leave a chance to sniff her lingerie before handing them to her.. He just loved it.. Khushi saw him doing that and was dumbstruck.. What was he doing? How can he just sniff that? Well.. He was really getting naughty she thought..

She wore her dress and then came out wiping her hair..

Khushi: Ok Arnav.. Now just move out.. Enough of all this..
Arnav: All this? What all this?
Khushi: Arnav.. I need to sleep ok? I am damm sleepy..
Arnav: So am I ok.. So lets sleep...
Khushi: Right.. So lets sleep.. She dragged him outside the bedroom in the living room and showed him his way to the sofa..
She then went to the bedroom and closed the door from inside.. He smiled and slept on the Sofa...

It was 02:00am when Khushi heard her phone beep for a message.. With sleepy eyes she opened the message,.. It was his..
Khushi (Reading): Khushi.. I am hungry..
She replied
Arnav (Reading): For?
He smiled at her horny thoughts.. He replied
Khushi (Reading): Stop your Gutter mind working Khushi.. I am hungry for food.. And what else I can be hungry for?

Her eyes opened wide now.. How can she even think he was hungry for something else..Well leaving with a person
like this.. she too was becoming like him. She got up and then opened the bedroom door.. He was standing right in front of the door..

Khushi: So did you order something?
Arnav: Order? No I didnt.. I want somthing to be cooked by you..
Khushi: Cook? Now? At 02:00am?
Arnav: I feel like eating an Indian Omlett.. Which cannot be ordered.. The one we get here is not that tasty.. Hope you dont mind..
Khushi: Anything else Sir with the Omlett??
Arnav smiled.. He could see how flustered she was..
Arnav: No darling.. Thats it..
Khushi: Darling? Call me Khushi, Arnav..

She said that and made her way to the kitchen., She opened the refrigerator and removed eggs. SHe then started chopping the tomatoes, and green chillies..
Arnav was sitting on the Kitchen slab admiring her night beauty.. Her sleepy eyes, her dizzy face and much more.. She looked more seductive at night.. he thought..
Arnav: How do you know I dont like Onion in Omlette..
Khushi : I am your PA remember? (She said in a sleepy voice yawning)

The Omlette was ready and she gave him the plate of omlette to start eating..

Arnav: Not unless you have one bite..
Khushi: What? Me? Why?
Arnav: You made it for me.. Wont you taste it Khushi?
Khushi: I dont want Arnav.. I just want some sleep.. So have fast so that I can sleep..
Arnav: You can go to sleep Khushi.. I will have it ..
Khushi: Its not good to leave a person alone having food .. One should also give him/her a company .. Thats what my mom tells.. So have it.. I will sit on the sofa till you finish..
Arnav: Ok.

They both sat on the Sofa.. And Arnav started having the Omlette.. It was delicious.. If in her sleep she could make such a wonderful Omlette, how would it be when she makes it in the morning then? She was very sleepy, she just dozed off to sleep on the Sofa and he could do nothing but just admire her.. He finished having , kept the plates back in the kitchen, drank water and then picked her in his arms from the Sofa.. He went to the bedroom and placed her on the bed in the centre.. Switched off the lights and closed the Bedroom door from outside. Came back to his Sofa and slept.. dreaming about her.. Just her..

The next morning Khushi got up and heard Arnav Knocking the door.. She opened it..
Arnav: What The..!! Why so late Khushi. I need to use the Bathroom ok.. I was waiting for you to get up..
Before she could answer anything he rushed to the bathroom and all she could do was just laugh.. He was a kid at times.. She again went and slept on the bed.. It was 10:00 am but she was unable to get up from bed because of that Jet lag.. He came out and saw her.. Her belly was facing the bed and her back was facing him.. Her hair were left open on one side and her hands were above her head on the pillow making her breasts crush on the bed.. Why always she has to look so seductive? He felt a sudden urge to kiss her neck. He moved towards her and sat on his side of the bed.

Khushi (Still in the same position): Arnav.. If you are done with your bathroom stuff.. please move out.. I need to
Arnav: Well Khushi... You forgot what I told you yesterday.. I said the entire day we will share the room.. just not at night.. So I am here for my share of the room..
Khushi got up from the bed..
Khushi: Fine.. Sleep.. I will go out..
She started moving out when he held her hands and then made her lie on the bed pinning her hands and bending on her from sideways..
Arnav: Why do you always try to ignore me Khushi? Why cant you just feel what I want...
Khushi: Feel?? (SHe asked in a soft voice)
Arnav: Yes feel.. Cant you see whats happening to me since I met you?? You drive my thoughts crazy you know that..
Khushi gulped at these words.. She knew he was attracted to her from day one but this was getting serious now.. She used to ignore him before but now from the time they have reached Maldives things were getting out of her control..

He neared her ears and then asked her..

Arnav: Can we bath together Khushi.. ?
Khushi pushed him hearing that and then stood aside..
Khushi: What ? Have you lost your mind Arnav?? How could these rubbish thoughts come in your mind?
Arnav: You make me think like this.. I was not like this before.. I have never asked such things to any girl.. Infact girls themselves would fall on me .. I would never .. But you.. I dont know what happens to me when I am with you
Khushi.. (He said all this all angrily..)

Khushi: Arnav you are scaring me now.. Allright..

Arnav understood how uncomfortable she is due to his talks.. He got up from the bed and started laughing..

Arnav: Ohh God Khushi.. You felt this all true? hahhaha.. I was just kidding to see your reactions.. Dont worry.. I know my limitations.. Its only that I forget it sometimes when its gets too unavoidable to handle the situations..
Otherwise I am fine in most cases..

He said that and moved out.. It was afternoon when Arnav had ordered the Lunch in the room. She was serving him and he was surfing channels on the TV.. When he stopped at one.. A nice romantic English movie.. which he had seen before and knew that there was a hot bed scene to be coming up next.. He purposely kept that channel and then hide the remote control..They were having the lunch when that scene popped on the screen. The Actress and the Actor were both on bed and doing their wild acts.. Khushi was all red again.. How can he watch such things with her? She choked and started coughing badly.. Arnav came to her help with a glass of water..

Arnav: Khushi.. Are you Ok.. Drink water.. You will feel better..
Khushi drank the water and then felt a bit relaxed.. He was still worrying for her..
Arnav: Khushi.. Drink some more water you will feel good.. Eat slowly Allright?
Khushi: Just change the channel Arnav and I will be fine...
Arnav: What The...!! I am not asking you to do something like that with me Khushi.. Its just a movie.. Cant we even watch it together?
Khushi: Fine.. You watch it .. I am going inside..

He held her hand and then switched off the TV..

Arnav: I just dont understand why I always give up my likes for you..

He said that and then left for the Kitchen to get some cold water.. There was a knock at the door..Khushi got up to check who was there..when Arnav interrupted..

Arnav: Wait.. I will check..

He opened the door and saw the room service lady.. She informed Arnav something and he smiled.. She then left.. Arnav came in.. Khushi asked him why did that room service lady came and what did she told him.. But he said it was nothing related to her and put his slippers and said that he is going down in the reception and will be back soon..
She was all confused...
Part 12

He opened the door and saw the room service lady.. She informed Arnav something and he smiled.. She then left.. Arnav came in.. Khushi asked him why did that room service lady came and what did she told him.. But he said it was nothing related to her and put his slippers and said that he is going down in the reception and will be back soon..
She was all confused...

He came back in 30 minutes.. She was in the bedroom and checking some files for the next days meeting..
Arnav: Khushi.. Come on.. I have arranged a Car..Lets do some sightseeing...
Khushi: What? Sight Seeing?? Arnav are you no more interested in work?
Arnav: What work?
Khushi: We have such a important meeting tomorrow.. Dont you think we should prepare ourselves for that meeting today rather than moving out.. We can do this sight seeing even tomorrow..

Arnav came near her and sat beside her on the bed..

Arnav: Arnav Singh Raizada needs no preperation for any meeting Khushi.. I am used to all this.. This is not my first meet.. Ok? So dont worry about it and get dressed up..

He said that and moved to the closet to select a dress for her.. He removed a cream colour chudidaar (The one she wore in the recent Noreen's show in UK) and placed it on bed..

Arnav: Wear this..
Khushi: You dont have to tell me what I need to wear and what not..I can select on my own..
Arnav: Do as I say Khushi. Dont argue..
Khushi: Why? Who are you to decide this?
Arnav: You will come to know who I am tomorrow night.. Got that?

Khushi didnt understand..

Khushi: Tomorrow night? What do you mean?
Arnav: Nothing.. Stop asking questions now and get dressed..
Khushi: You need to move out for that Arnav..
Arnav: Khushi.. I dont understand one thing.. If a guy can change his clothes in front of a girl, why cant a girl do that in front of a guy..
Khushi: Who says girl cant do it?
Arnav: So you too would do it in front of...
Khushi: Offcourse.. One day even I would be comfortable changing in front of a guy. But that guy would be no other than my Beloved Husband..
Arnav: I see.. So that means we need to get marr..
Khushi: What?
Arnav: Nothing.. Get changed.. I am moving out...

She closed the door after he left and then got dressed. She came out. She had left her hair again.. and Arnav was all lost seeing her.. Suddenly the Phone rang and Arnav picked..

Arnav: Yes.. Yeah we are coming down in 10 minutes..

He then kept the call and they started from the room.. They were waiting for the elevator.. when another Indian
Couple stood beside them. A handkerchief fell from the girls hand near Khushi.. Khushi picked it and then handed it to them..

Girl: Thanks..
Khushi:You are welcome..
Girl: I am Nidhi and this is my Husband Nikhil.. (She introduced herself and her husband)
Khushi: Hello... Nice seeing you both.. I am Khushi and He is Arnav..
Girl: Ohh Hello.. On a Honeymoon haan?

Khushi and Arnav were surprised but Arnav didnt wanna miss this golden opportunity.. He Slid his hand on Khushi's waist and then pulled her close to him.

Arnav: Yes we are on a Honeymoon like you both..

The couple smiled and Khushi was looking all red to Arnav.. He was actually playing with her since the time they have come here.. She didnt wanted to create a scene here and thus she tried to remove his hands from her waist staring him angrily . He denied.. nodding to her.. Asking her to be in his arms as she is.. The elevator came and both the couples entered.. They were only 4 in the elevator.. The other couple were talking to each other and were getting really cozy. The guy kissed the girl in the elavtor to which Khushi blushed.. She too wished she would be married one day and her husband would do such naughty things with her.. Arnav could read what she was thinking.. He pulled her again towards him and then whispered in her ears..

Arnav: Khushi.. Do you want one like that?
Khushi: What ?
Arnav: Yeah I mean.. You blushed seeing them kiss each other.. I dont mind.. If you insist..
Khushi: You started again Arnav???.. Why would I want you to kiss me? Never..
Arnav: Never????
Khushi: No never.. Even if you are the last person on this earth who I can kiss, I wont..
Arnav: Remember these words Khushi.. I will prove you wrong soon..

She raised her eye brow hearing him..

Khushi: I will remember Arnav..
Arnav: Will see..

The elevator stopped at the ground floor and Arnav held Khushi's hand in his and then they moved towards the Reception Desk..

Khushi: Arnav.. I am not going to Run away.. Leave my hand..
Arnav: Its Ok Khushi.. Whats the harm in me holding you?
Khushi: I dont want people here to think we are a couple .. Ok? I am your PA and let my position be as a PA.. Dont try to show the world something different.,.. Which doesnt even exist..
Arnav: Who said it doesnt exist? It does... (He stopped midway..and pulled her towards him so hard that she almost hit him on his chest.)

A lady sitting on the Sofa in the lobby saw them. She first was surprised to see Arnav Singh Raizada here in Maldives upon that with a women.. She had to find out who this girl was.. This lady knew Arnav Singh Raizada very well ..(How?? Will come to know later)

Khushi was still in his arms, his chest brushing her breasts and his hold on her waist was tight.. She tried to push him by her hands but couldnt..

Khushi: What does exist between us Arnav.. Tell me.. I too want to know..
Arnav: Hmmm.. Not today.. All your doubts would be cleared tomorrow night Khushi..

He said that and left her.. They moved towards the reception desk and finally Arnav collected the Car keys and they left outside..

The lady seeing them move out immediately came to the Reception desk..

Lady: Umm.. Hi.. I am Suzy.. I am here in room no 58. Actually I just wanted to know in which room is Mr Arnav Singh Raizada staying?
Receptionist: One minute Maam.. I will check..
Lady: Thanks.. (She waited eagerly to know)
Receptionist: Maam Mr Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Gupta are staying in Room No 705, 20th Floor..
Lady: Thanks..

She left from there for her own room which was on the 5th floor.

Lady (To herself): Allright.. So Khushi Gupta.. WHo is she? What is she doing with Arnav Singh Raizada? Is she his?? No no.. Cant be.. But I need to find out..

Meanwhile Arnav and Khushi were shopping some stuffs for Arnav in a mall.. There were a heap of Shirts and T Shirts on the table and Arnav was trying them one by one in front of the mirror.. Khushi was looking around some other things..

Arnav: Khushi.. Come here..
Khushi looked at him.. He had tried a marroon T Shirt on his jeans and was looking handsome.. Very handsome. His hair was all messed up. She came to him..

Arnav: Hows this one? Does it look Ok?
Khushi: Its nice Arnav.. This colour suits you..
Arnav: Allright.. I will buy it then.. Did you happen to look something for you?
Khushi: Me? No.. I dont want anything..
Arnav: Why?
Khushi: Just like that.. Because you see the Clothes that we get here are quite western. I dont wear such..
Arnav: Hmm.. What about Payal?
Khushi: No.. Even she doesnt..
Arnav: Yeah but she is getting married to Akash.. And I am sure when she will be on her honeymoon, she would be wearing these kind of stuffs.. Know what... I think I should gift her one such short dress.. What say?
Khushi: No Arnav.. She is my sister.. I know her She will not wear such stuff outside.. Even on her honeymoon..
Arnav: Really? Ok fine.. Then let me gift her some Sexy Nighty.. You know what I mean.. I mean a short one till the knee .. a bit transparent.. classy.. She can wear that in front of Akash atleast.. Now dont deny Ok.. She is my Brothers Would be.. So I have all rights to gift her..

He dragged her to the Womens Nighty section and they started looking out for one such Hot nighty for Payal. Actually he wanted to buy something like that to Khushi and not Payal. But since she would deny it, he thought of taking one for Payal too.. They saw many many such nighties.. Though Khushi liked some decent ones out of those, his choices were quite different.. He was very choosy in clothes she thought.. He finally selected two cute and sexy ones. One Red colour and the other was Blue colour..

Khushi: Two?
Arnav: Yeah you have a problem??
Khushi: No I mean.. I am not sure If Payal would take even one of those.. then why buy two?
Arnav: One for Payal and the other one is for... (He said nearing her .. She moved back and hit the wall..)
Khushi (In a scared tone): For?
Arnav: My Would be Wife..

He smiled at her and then went to the Cash counter to make the payment.. She too joined him.. They went for some sight seeing later. They were having Dinner in a PUB when a girl came to them and hugged Arnav from back..

Girl: Arnavv.. I cant believe you are here..
Arnav: Hey Katy.. How are you?
Katy: I am fine Arnav..My god.. You have become more Handsome than before..

All this while Khushi was just staring at them and was surprised to know how Arnav knew this girl.. Well she may be his Ex - girlfriend she thought..

Arnav: Katy.. Meet Khushi.. (He said looking at Khushi)
Katy: Hi Khushi... Lucky Girl..I must say.. Its not so easy to get this guy you know.. I tried many times but could never ever had a chance to even dine with him.. And you..
Katy (To Arnav): Nice choice Arnav..
Arnav: Umm Thanks Katy.. WOuld you like to join us ???
Katy: Well I would love to.. But.. I just had.. Infact why dont you join me on the dance floor.. Come on Arnav.. Now dont deny.. It will be such a long time now.. Come..( She dragged Arnav on the dance floor with her..)

Khushi's eyes were only on them.. The way he held Katy's waist and she was whispering something in his ears..Almost kissing his ears.. And Khushi was fuming in Anger.. She didnt knew why she felt so but she was no more cheerful seeing them like that.. Arnav though was dancing with Katy, his eyes were on Khushi's and he loved her jealous look.. He infact hugged Katy more close and danced with her.

Katy: So.. you are making her feel jealous haan?
Arnav (smiled): Yeah how do you know..
Katy: Arnav.. COme on.. From past 15 minutes you dancing with me.. but twice you called me Khushi instead of Katy and your eyes.. they speak a lot..
Arnav: Actually.. Yes.. You girls are so fast in concluding..
Katy: Hmmm.. Did you happen to sleep with her? I mean.. she does not look that open minded but still any girl can fall for you.. Soo asking.. Did you both... U know what I mean?
Arnav: No Katy.. Not yet.. She is different you see.. Completely opposite to my type of girls.. But still she manages to draw me near her always..
Katy: Well in that case.. All the Best Arnav.. Have good time..

She kissed his cheeks and then bid bye to him and left.. Khushi was now fuming.. with anger.. How can some idiotic girl like her just kiss him on his cheeks that too in front of her.. No shame.. She thought.. She saw him nearing her and looked somewhere else..

Arnav came back on his table and sat..

Arnav: Sorry Khushi.. It took some while.. Hope you didnt get bored?
Khushi: Lets go Arnav.. If we are done..
Arnav: What? Go? COme on Khushi.. See how cheerful this Pub is.. Lets Dance.. come..

He gave his hand to her .. But she denied..

Khushi: I am not interested to dance with you.. Ok? If you want to stay here.. Then stay.. I am leaving .. I can take a Cab and reach the Hotel.. I dont need you..(She said and got up from the chair to go when he held her hands..and made her turn towards him)

Arnav: Khushi.. Is something burning??
Khushi: Burning?? What?? I cant see anything burning here.
Arnav: Yeah me too.. But I can smell it.. Are you jealous?
Khushi left his hands..
Khushi: Jealous and me? Why would I be jealous on a girl like Katy?
Arnav:I didnt say you are jealous on Katy..

Khushi was caught .. Yes she was jealous no idea why.. She didnt want to know.. But she didnt want to show him either..

Khushi: No way Arnav.. I am not.. I am just your PA.. I know my limits..
Arnav: Fine if thats the case then there is no harm in dancing right? Come .. Just 10 minutes Khushi..

Khushi agreed and they moved to the dance floor..The lights were dim now.. And the music was changed for a ball dance.. He held her waist with his left hand and entwined his fingers with her left hand and then started dancing.. The music was very slow.. and passionate.. Any other lovers at this situation would have kissed each other.. Arnav truely wanted to do the same.. His eyes were on her eyes sometimes and then on her red lips.. She didnt had the courage to look at him. She knew how passionate he was getting while dancing.. His fingers were almost caressing her waist though her dress covered her fully, she could feel him touching her inner soul.. She looked somewhere else and was breathing hard.. His grip on her fingers was tight.. A strand of hair just caressed her forhead and was disturbing her . He gently stopped and moved that strand behind her ear.. She then looked at him all lost. He cupped her face in his hands.. Her eyes were on his palms now cupping her face.. She could sense what was coming for her from him.. Yes.. He was about to Kiss her.. He neared her lips and was almost 1 inch apart when she removed his hands from her cheeks and turned back. She didnt understand what to do.. Whether to wait here like this or run away.. She was still thinking when he slid both his hands on her waist pulling her hard so that her back hit his chest and then got his lips near her ears.. She closed her eyes.. It was becmoing merely impossible for her to stay away from him.. his touch..

Arnav: Why did you turn?
Khushi: Lets go Arnav.. Please.. (She said trying to break free from him. He pulled her more onto him..)
Arnav: Not unless I kiss you Khushi..

She was surprised to hear that.. How can he think of Kissing her? She turned her head to look at him in surprise.. His eyes were full of passion and desires.. He kissed her forehead when she turned and then pulled back.. If he would have still continued the PUB would have been closed from the next day.. He wanted her.. right now.. but her values, her culture stopped him..

Arnav: Lets go.. (He said gulping all his desires once again).

She was shocked.. He kissed her first on her forehead for no reason and now he wants to leave.. Why did he kiss her?
She didnt question him.. She knew his standard answer would be " Wait till tomorrow night"..

They started back to the Hotel and reached in an hour..
Part 13

They started back to the Hotel and reached in an hour.. Khushi opened the room door and entered in first.. All this while driving and reaching here they both just memorized their dance moments.. He had danced with many girls like this before.. Infact much closer than what she was today, but never ever his heart felt so relaxed.. He wanted her more.. When they reached the room, he could not bare the distance between them now.. He pulled her and pinned her to the wall.. She was again shocked by this behaviours of his...

Arnav: Khushi.. Just one question..Didnt you feel anything when we danced?
Khushi didnt know what to answer him. She knew even if she would lie he would come to know..
Khushi: NO Arnav.. I didnt feel anything when we danced.. Infact I am surprised what you want from me? Everytime you keep doing things that I cannot even think of.. You pull me, hold my hands, Pin me to the wall, select the dress which I should wear, lie to others that we are a honeymoon couple, and what not.. I am just blank Arnav.. Do you keep doing the same with every girl you get outdoor with you?

Arnav: Every Girl? What do you mean by that?
Khushi: I meant girls like Katy..
Arnav: What? Well you heard what Katy said.. She was just my friend.. She was never more than a friend to me.Understood?
Khushi: Good .. Then I must be also no more than just a PA for you.. Please Arnav...I was being all polite till now for everything you tried to do with me because you are also would be Jijaji's brother.. But that definately does not mean you keeping continuing this.. I am fed up of these silly things.. Remember once again Arnav.. I am not your type.. Dont forget that..

She pushed him and moved to the bedroom and closed the door from inside.. Only she knew how she uttered those things to him without showing any fear.. Never in her life she spoke that rudely to anyone.. This was her first time.. She felt bacd.. But he deserved it she thought..

It was 01:00am at night when she felt thirsty and opened the door to get some water from the kitchen.. She came out and saw him with a Vine Bottle. His eyes were red as though radiating fire from them. He looked sleepy and tired as though he was not in his complete sense. She was a bit scared. She had never seen him like this.. He still had not changed his clothes.. Well how would he? The closet was in bedroom and she had locked it from inside.. She managed to get some courage and without even seeing him she went to the Kitchen to get water.. She opened the refrigerator and took one water bottle from inside it and started for the bedroom.. She reached the bedroom door and then turned behind to ask him..

Khushi: Arnav.. You can take your night clothes..

He didnt reply.. He was angry..Offcourse all this Vine and stuff what he showed was due to that anger..

Khushi: Arnav.. I am talking to you.. Cant you reply?
Arnav: Why should I? Who are you to me? If you dont feel anything for me why do you care if I sleep in this jeans or night dress.. Forget it Khushi.. Just go away.. Ok?
Khushi: Go away? I didnt come behind you Arnav.. You are trying to near me..

Thats it.. He couldnt bare anything more from her.. He walked to her and then pushed her on the wall again..

Arnav: And why do you think I am doing this?
Khushi was scared.. He had held her wrists tightly and it was paining..
Khushi: Arnav.. Stop doing this Ok.. It hurts..

He left her hand.. And then banged his fist angrily on the side table.. The table was of Glass and due to his pressure it cracked and a piece of glass bruised his hands.. His wrist started bleeding.. Khushi saw this and was very scared.. How can someone hurt himself.. Why was he like this? She immediately held his hand and dragged him to the bathroom..

Khushi: Arnav.. You are not a Kid .. Why did you do this? You knew it was a Glass table.. You should have..
Arnav: Whatever I do.. Want to do.. Feel to do.. Its my wish.. Why do you bother?
Khushi: Because you are my BOSS.. Remember? Now stop questioning me more and let me apply some medicine on your wrist..
She said that and pulled him on the bed.. Made him sit.. She went to the closet and opened the First Aid kit and took a cotton, bandage and some cream.. He was sitting on the bed edge.. She kneeled down in font of him. Took his wrist in her hands and started applying the cream.

Khushi: It will burn a few seconds and then it will be fine..
Arnav: Its not burning Khushi.. This is nothing compared to what I am feeling from inside..
Khushi looked in his eyes. It had many things to express , if ever she could give him a chance.. She again concentrated on the wound..

Finally she put the bandage and then got up to keep the first aid box back in the closet.. When she turned back she saw that he had left the room.. She closed the door and slept.. Though she could not get proper sleep, She still tried to.

Next Day:
Khushi had got ready for the meeting and Arnav was taking bath.. There was a knock at the door.. She opened the door and found a lady.. She was Suzy..
Khushi: Yes..
Suzy: Ohh Hello Miss Khushi.. I am Suzy.. I actually am here to meet Mr Arnav Singh Raizada.. Is he inside?
Khushi: Well Miss Suzy.. Nice meeting you.. But do you have an appointment to meet him?
Suzy: Appointment? Well No but this will take just a few minutes please.. If you can call him..
Khushi: I am Sorry Miss Suzy.. He doesnt meet anyone without a proper appointment. I will talk to him and let you know if he is fine to meet.. You leave your number with me..
Suzy: No.. Thats allright.. I am in the same Hotel. May be some other time..

She said and left the room.. Arnav came out and asked.

Arnav: Khushi.. Who was there?
Khushi closed the door and then replied..

Khushi: Some lady called Suzy.. She wanted to meet you..
Arnav: Suzy? I have never heard about her.. Well.. Thats ok.. You ready?
Khushi: Yes..

Arnav and Khushi were ready for the meeting.. They started for the meeting. The Venue of the meeting was some 30 minutes drive from thier hotel. Arnav knew the place as he had been here before.. He drove the car.. It was like a new day for her.. She didnt want to talk on what happened till yesterday with him. She was happy that even he looked fine..They entered the Venue. They were greeted by a couple of other businessmens there.. Arnav never left her alone in the Conference. He made sure she was always by his side.. He was introduced to many other big shots of Maldives and was invited for Lunch the next day by most of them. He accepted the invitation from one member who was a bit known to him.. The person was pleased.. It was about a 4 hours conference and finally after much discussions it was over.. It was evening and they both were tired.. Arnav drove back with her to the Hotel. All the while his eyes were on his watch.. She had no idea why?

They reached the Hotel and then their room.. Arnav went for a shower again and then after him even Khushi. When she came out.. He was not there.. There was a beautiful Red Designer Saree placed on the bed with matching jewellery. There was a small note there..

Khushi (Reading): Do not keep thinking why this has been gifted to you.. Do wear it and come down in the Lawn. I am waiting there..

Khushi didnt understand whether to accept this gift from him or not.. But after everything that happened, she didnt want to spoil his mood even today.. She choose to wear it. She wore the Saree and it looked beautiful on her.. The Saree blouse had a knot at the back and thats all.. The front was deep but she covered it properly with her pallu.. She wore the Red heavy bangles with it and a Red bindi on her forehead..Only a Sindoor and Mangalsutra was pending for her to look like a new bride.. She blushed.. She left her hair open and then came outside.. She could see the passage from the Room door to the Elevator was decorated with thick Red rose petals.. She was surprised by this.. May be there was some function downstairs for which he had called her, she thought.. The Elevator she entered was vaccant and was fully decorated with Red Roses.. She entire way from the Elevator to the Lawn was decorated again with Red rose Petals and everyone down in The Lobby was looking at her.. She was a bit embarrased.. Dont these people have any other work than staring at her she thought... She came in the Lawn where she was greeted by 2 Managers of this Hotel..

Managers: This way Maam..
Part 14

Managers: This way Maam..

Khushi didnt understand why so much of importance was given to her.. Where was He? They escorted her towards a beautiful Red Shaamiyana ( tent ) which was at the centre of the Lawn. There was no one else in this Lawn. Everytime from past 2 days she saw this Lawn almost full of people at this hour. But today it was all vaccant.. Did he book the entire Lawn of this Hotel for them? Why? She remembered he told her that Tonight he will let her know everything.. She was getting nervous now.. Finally she saw him.. He was standing with his back facing her inside the Shaamiyana..

The Managers escorted her till the shaamiyana and then left.. All in the Lawn was she and him.. and no one else.. He was wearing a Black trouser, White Shirt, And a black coat on it.. He turned back to see her and smiled.. She had many questions for him and she had to shoot all one by one starting with why were they here..

Khushi: Arnav.. Why are we here?

Arnav didnt reply.. He moved towards her. He stood very close to her.. Almost inches apart.. He slid his hands on her waist.. And this time it was her bare waist.. The touch of his hands on her waist made her more nervous.. He looked into her eyes and then whispered in her ears..

Arnav: Khushi..
Khushi: Hmm..(She was shiverring in his arms now..)
Khushi: Will you marry me?

Khushi's eyes opened wide listening that.. She was blank.. All lost.. She still could not believe what she heard..
Marry? And that too Mr Arnav Singh Raizada? No way...

Arnav then looked back into her eyes and then removed the ring box from his pockets.. He moved a bit behind leaving her waist and then kneeled down.. He opened the box and took the ring in his hands and then pulled her left arm. She was still lost.. He then slid the ring on her finger slowly and after that there were just shower of Rose Petals on them from top.. Khushi was still lost.. She didnt understand at all what was happeneing.. It was almost how she dreamt her wedding to be.. Her prince charming surprising her with all these preperations and getting married to her.. But he was not her prince.. She was still confused.. She had no idea what to do.. He then kissed her ring on her finger and got up.

Arnav: Hey.. Say Something Khushi.. I am dying for your questions..
Khushi: Arnav.. This .. I .. I mean.. What is.. all... I am ..

Arnav saw her shiverring and could see how she was struggling to get the words out of her.. She looked more cute and adorable.. He moved close to her, very close all again sliding his hand on her open waist and caressed her belly button with his fingers.. She closed her eyes in pleasure.. He then leaned forward to kiss her cheeks.. He kissed her left cheek and then slowly the right one.. Her eyes were still closed.. He then kissed her forehead and finally made his way to her lips.. He was again an inch close when she opened her eyes and then looked at him.. She pushed him and then started runing from the Lawn back to her room.. He was not surprised.. He knew that she was shy and not completely believing what just happened a while ago.. She needed time to get used to this fact he thought. He then started for his room behind her..

The room door was open and even the bedroom door. He moved inside the bedroom and saw that she was lying on the bed and crying..

Arnav: Khushi.. Why are you crying..???

She looked at him with wet eyes and then Arnav's phone rang.. It was Anjali's call.. He told her that its his Di's call and he answered the call.

Arnav: Yes Di..
Anjali: Arnav.. What was that? How could you? I mean you proposed Khushi for marriage and even got engaged to her without letting us know..
Arnav: What The..!! Di.. how did you come to know?
Anjali: Just switch on any News Channel Arnav and see the breaking news there.. We saw just now...
Arnav: What The Hell Di.. I will call you back..

He said that and switched on a News channel . Both Khushi and Arnav were horrified at what they saw and heard. Their entire scene from Khushi coming from the Elevator till he kissed her finger ring was on the TV..

Arnav: Who the Hell did that?

Khushi was very very scared... SHe blurted out all her anger on him..

Khushi: Now whats the point in knowing who did that.. Its Done Mr Arnav Singh Raizada... Now the entire world knows who Khushi Gupta is.. (She was crying badly) You have finally printed your name with mine.. How could you? Whoever did this was not wrong.. You were wrong,.. How the Hell you thought I would marry you? No way Arnav.. I will never ever fulfil your wishes.. You got that? I very well Know what you think of marriage.. Its nothing but another contract for you.. But for me its my life.. I cannot lead my life with a person like you..

She said that and moved inside the bathroom.. He was all shattered.. He could not bear her words, her denial.. But before making her understand, he needs to find out who did this.. He called the Reception desk and enquired.. Finally after much talks he came to know that there is someone from the Media staying on this Hotel and her name is Suzy.. Allright so this girl did this.. He remembered how she had come today morning to their room and wanted to talk to him.. Well she would never be in Media again. He found which Media she works for and then called up her Boss and asked him to Fire her from the Job.. This Enagegement was supposed to be a private affair and this lady had ruined it all.. He also made sure he would sue the news agency that broadcasted this Video..

The entire Night Arnav got many many calls and emails from his friends, colleagues and relatives wishing him on his enagegement. He answered some calls and ignored some.. Even Khushi who was still sobbing inside got call from her home , her parents.. They were initially shouting her for surprising them like this and when she wanted to tell them the truth, before that they even showed how happy they were that she was ready to get married to Arnav, and that payal and she can now stay under one roof even after their marriage.. Khushi was in no mood to explain them that she was not happy with the proposal.. She thought of reaching home and then explaining them..

Next Morning:

Arnav woke up and found that the bedroom door was still open.. She was in the bathroom may be taking shower.. He was damm tired and sleepy. All those phone calls and emails didnt allow him to rest last night.. HE just jumped on the bed and slept off.. She came out.. She was wearing another cute chudidar. She saw him sleeping on bed..She just went to the mirror and started getting ready.. The memories of last evening was still fresh. The way he kneeled down and proposed her for marriage. The way he kissed her ring finger, her cheeks , her forehead and then that urge seen in his eyes to kiss her lips.. She immediately stopped these thoughts and saw the finger ring on her hand.. It was still glittering in her hand waiting to be adored by her.. She started removing the ring from her finger.. but since her skin was still wet and the ring was a bit tight for her finger, it was not coming out.. She still started to remove it.. not understanding that she was bruising her own fingers when he stopped her hand..

Arnav: What The..!! What are you doing Khushi?
Khushi: I am removing this ring..
Arnav: What? Well you dont have to.. Understand?

Khushi got up from the table that she was sitting in front of the mirror and stood in front of him..

Khushi: Why? Why cant I?
Arnav: Because its a engagement ring dammit.. You cannot remove it like that when you want..
Khushi: Do hell with the ring and that so called engagement.. They dont mean anything to me.. Understood?

She continued her assault on her fingers when he pulled her on him..

Arnav: Dont you dare talk to me like that Khushi.. Do you even realise how I am controlling myself hearing these words from you and seeing you removing this ring?
Khushi: Leave me Arnav... You have no rights to hold me like this..
Arnav: Ohh Really? I dont have the rights? I? Well If I dont have then who the Hell has Khushi??( He said in a very angry tone at the top of his voice)

She was scared to see him like that.. A tear fell from her eyes and all he could do was leave her..

Arnav: Khushi.. Now just stop crying OK? We have been invited for lunch by Mr and Mrs shukla . We need to start in some time.. So just relax and stop thinking. Ok?
Khushi: Stop thinking? How can you even say that Arnav. My entire life is ruined by you.. You put the ring on my finger, and upon that kissed my finger.. The whole world has seen this.. Now who will marry me?
Arnav: I am marrying you Khushi.. Why will someone else marry you when I am there.. The same whole world knows we are engaged...
Khushi: I do not want to marry you.. Understood.?
Arnav: But Khushi?

Again the phone bell rang and Arnav picked the phone.

Arnav: Ohh yes Mike.. Umm.. Ohhh thanks .. Well it was all so immediate I could not even inform my own relatives. Party? Ohh yes sure.. Once we are back.. To India.. Yeah.. I will convey your regards to her too.. Yes bye..

Khushi was still fuming in anger.. In her presence also he was taking the engagement wishes from his friends.. ??? Unbelievable.. She just went outside.. It was afternoon and though Khushi was not interested she still had to get ready for the lunch with the shukla family.. Arnav knocked the door.. She opened it..

Arnav:Wear this saree Khushi.. (he gave her a plain green saree..The one she wore in Teri Meri Song.. )

Khushi: I dont want anything from you..
Arnav: Dont argue khushi.. You are my fiancee now.. So you need to wear my choice .. Atleast when we are going out to meet my clients..
Khushi: What do you think Arnav you will ask me to and I will obey you? Dont force me..
Arnav: Fine.. I even know how to undress you and make you wear this Saree.. Understood ? Now you dont force me to do that.. I know your so called values..
Khushi: I wont even allow you to open the zip of my kurta or the dori at the back.. Forget undressing me Arnav..
Arnav: Dont challenge me Khushi.. I can do that..
Khushi: Fine.. Let me put the challenge then.. Just try opening the zip of my kurta and if you do.. I would wear the saree or else i wont.

Arnav smiled.. This was in his favour.. She was too innocent for knowing what mistake she was about to do..
Arnav: Ok.. But no going outside the room while I catch you.. Fine?
Khushi: Done.. But you will have only 10 minutes.. Ok?
Arnav: Thats too long khushi.. Just few minutes are enough for me..
Khushi: Ok .. So lets see. Your time starts now..

She said that and started running on the bed.. He too started running behind her trying to get hold of her.. He purposely gave her some time to feel she would win so that when she loses she should not feel bad.. She started running towards the kitchen .
Part 15

Khushi: Ok .. So lets see. Your time starts now..

She said that and started running on the bed.. He too started running behind her trying to get hold of her.. He purposely gave her some time to feel she would win so that when she loses she should not feel bad.. She started running towards the kitchen .

She was about to hit the kitchen slab..
Arnav: Khushi Careful.. !!!!!
Khushi: Dont worry about me Arnav.. Just remember.. 5 minutes have already passed..(She said running towards the bedroom again)..
Arnav: Ok.. So here I come..(He ran a bit faster and then caught her finally in his arms.. She struggled to move back and they both finally splashed in the pool which was attached to the bedroom.. )

He was still holding her in his arms. His hands were on her shoulders and her hands on his chest. Though they were wearing full clothes on them, they both were feeling cold as they were fully drenched.. She tried to move back but then she couldnt as he held her more tightly now.. She looked at him. He looked more sexy when he was wet.. She loved how his wet hair looked.. His eyes were more on her lips than anywhere else. These lips which he would love to devour for long time if she could allow him to do so.. He then slowly slid his hands on her back and held her zip. She was nervous.. He was winning and she could do nothing.. Now she understood how fool she was to challenge him.. Win or loose doesnt affect him.. Afterall he got the chance to touch her that too with her own permission..

Khushi: Arnav..
Arnav: Hmmm.. (He said that looking into her eyes.. sexily)
Khushi: I am all wet.. Let me go..
Arnav: Finally.. You are wet then..(He said in a different context.. which she understood and she tried hiding her smile).
Khushi: I meant.. We are inside the pool and hence all drenched.. I catch cold soon.. So better lets get out from here..
Arnav: Not unless I unzip you..
Khushi: Arnav Please.. I lose ok.. I dont want you to prove me that you won.. SO lets stop here..

She tried moving back again and he didnt let her to. He slowly started unzipping her and she opened her eyes wide to look at him. She didnt thought he would do that.. Should she feel shy for what he was doing with her or angry she didnt understand.. She shiverred in his arms but he didnt stop..

Khushi: Arnav .. I .. I mean WE cant do this..Ok? Leave me..
Arnav: Really Khushi?? We cant? We got engaged yesterday night .. You forgot that? So soon?
Khushi blushed.. She had almost forgot their new relationship.. But she cannot allow him even after that. He unzipped her half way till his fingers brushed the hook of her bra.. And he raised his eye brow..

Arnav: Did we agree to unhook that as well..?? (He asked her trying to get seduced and saw her cheeks all red)
Khushi: Arnav.. Dont even dare unhook it..
Arnav: Fine. I wont.. Your Values right? Nothing before Marriage.. I am Ok with it.. No.. I mean I am really fine with it Khushi.. Doesnt matter..
Khushi: Arnav.. Why are pointing this so much.. I heard what you meant.. You are fine right.. So dont stress on that again.. Just finish unzipping me.. Fast..
Arnav: Just unzipping Khushi..???
Khushi was getting more red.. Her face was worth seeing when he said that and she visualized what else could he do after unzipping her kurta..
Khushi: Yes Arnav.. Nothing after that.. Infact never..
Arnav: Really? Think twice before you say Khushi.. Dont you want me to zip you back after unzipping..

Ohh She had almost forgot that after unzipping her dress she cannot leave it like that in front of him.. She would have to zip it back and then ask him to get out of this room so that she can wear the saree as promised..

Khushi: Yeah I meant the same.. Unzip me and then Zip me..
Arnav: Ok.. He pulled the zip down rapidly to which she felt almost bare..though she wasnt.. She hugged him tightly to save herself from that embarrasment and Arnav was speechless.. Did she really hug him? Wow.. He wanted to hug her back.. But what if she didnt like that? He knew what impression he had in her eyes.. A lusty boss and a naughty playboy.. Though this was not true from the time he met her.. She started breathing hard on his chest and also shiverred a bit.. He slowly pulled the zip of her kurta back up. She relaxed at the thought that she was nomore open in front of him. But what was she doing? Hugging him? She immediately pulled back and made her way out of the pool. He didnt stop her..

She came out of the Pool and then took the Saree and went in the bathroom.. Arnav could not believe what they did a few minutes back.. He was totally lost in it.. If just a single Hug from her end could arouse him to such extent, if by just unzipping her dress and not even seeing her naked back can errect his parts as never before , what would it be when she would forget her values and surrender to him.. to get all pleasured?.. Well only time can tell that.. She came out wearing the saree and she saw him still in the pool drooling her all again.. She didnt wanted to get in some more romantic situation today.. So she thought of distracting his attention..

She moved to the Mirror table and sat on it wearing her jewellery on the saree..

Khushi: Arnav.. Come out now.. Dont you need to dress yourself?
Arnav came back from his dreamland..and the pool..
Arnav: Yeah.. White Shirt and blue jeans..
Khushi: What?
Arnav: Remove it from the Closet .. I will take a Shower and be back..
Khushi: Why will I do it.. ?
Arnav: Because you are my fiancee Khushi.. Please dont make me remind you that always..

He said that and moved to the bathroom. Khushi was actually not understanding whether she should really go ahead with this unwelcomed relationship or put a Full Stop to it once she reaches India? Well She would have to think this seriously.. She got up and removed his clothes for him to wear..

They were ready now to leave.. They stepped out of their room and came down. In between they got wishes from many many people who knew about this Private Enagagement of theirs in the Hotel.. Arnav had held her hand and all the while he kept smiling taking the wishes and she sometimes blushing sometimes hesitating.. She was confused.. She had to think about it.. They entered the Vehicle and left for the Lunch to Mr Shukla's place..

They reached the Hotel where they were invited for the Lunch and were greeted with welcome bouquets. It was getting too much now for Khushi.. She was actually presenting herself as would be of Arnav Singh Raizada? Does she really wanted that? Well currently she could not deny this fact that she was actually engaged to him and the entire world knew this.. She smiled and walked with him to the table.. The table was a long one almost for 10 to 12 people which included some more business couples who were invited for Lunch with them. Mrs Shukla made Khushi sit with her.. She was a old lady in her 60's. Khushi sat next to her and Arnav opposite.

Mrs Shukla: Khushi.. You are looking beautiful. I must say Arnav has a very good choice..
Khushi (Blushed): Thanks Aunty.. But not as beautiful as you.. I am sure Mr Shukla is more lucky than Arnav..(She said looking at him)

Does that mean she was actually accepting the fact that she is his? He thought and smiled..

The Lunch was served and they started having.. Khushi helped Mrs Shukla make her plate too.. Arnav was talking to everyone, sometimes on business related topics and sometimes about their private engagement. He was serious when it came to his business talks and when anyone asked about the engagement he blushed and then looked at her for her reactions.. She tried to hide her feelings a lot from him but couldnt. She too looked at him and smiled..

Mrs Shukha: So Arnav.. When are you both getting married then..??

Khushi was drinking water that time and hearing the word marriage she started hiccupping.. Arnav looked at her and could read her nervousness..

Arnav: Mrs Shukla it would be next month.. My brother Akash and Khushi's sister Payal are getting married next month so we too wont delay. I am the eldest son in the house so basically my marriage should be first.. So planning both the weddings together...

Khushi knew she had to say something.. This is going all very far now..

Khushi: Arnav.. Dont you think thats too early.. I mean .. We just know each other from past few days.. Thats it..
Mrs Shukla: Well Khushi.. You atleast know him from past few days.. Me and Mr Shukla didnt even see each other before marriage.. I saw him directly on the first night..
Arnav looked at Khushi all happliy that someone was supporting him..
Khushi: First night?
Mrs Shukla: Yes.. And trust me Khushi..These businessmen always wants quick results.. He troubled me a lot that night.. Remember Mr Shukla?

Mrs Shukla was getting all romantic now and Mr Shukla was blushing... And in between all this no one noticed how tensed Khushi was hearing the first night philosophy of Businessmen.. Only Arnav could see her and judge her.. She was unable to meet his eyes now.. Her first meet with him was still unforgetable that Mrs Shukla also scared her more..

Mr Shukla: Arnav.. I will suggest you do not come in the words of your wife on the First night.. If you bow down that night, she will continue dominating you the entire life.. (Everyone laughed and so did Arnav)

It was only Khushi who was feeling very shy and nervous.. Finally the food was over.. And it was time for the desserts.. A sugar free Chocolate Mousse was ordered for Arnav. When he was about to start his first bite, Mrs Shukla interrupted..

Mrs Shukla: Arnav.. Wait.. Not this way.. Khushi will have to feed you the first bite..
Khushi: Me? Why me? I mean he can have on his own..
Mrs Shukla: You both didnt call us on your engagement. Cant we see you atleast feeding him this sweat? Come on Khushi .. Be a sport.. He wont bite you..

Everyone laughed again and Khushi blushed.. She took the spoon from him and then dipped it in the chocolate mousse and fed him.. He looked at her and opened his mouth to eat.. She too stared him while feeding .

Mrs Shukla: Fine now Arnav we want you to feed her her favourite sweet..
Khushi: My favourite?? But will we get it here?
Mrs Shukla: Why not.. We have already asked the Cheff to make that specially for you..
Khushi: Jalebi?
Mrs Shukla: Yes..
Khushi: But how did you know?
Mrs Shukla: Arnav told us on call yesterday night.. He said you love Jalebis very much..

Khushi looked at Arnav.. How did he knew? May be Payal told him..

Mrs Shukla: And we asked them to make it Sugarfree..
Khushi: Sugarfree? But I am not diabetic..
Mrs Shukla (Smiled): Yes Khushi.. We know that.. but in our family there is a very old ritual that whenever a would be husband feeds his would be wife, he too has to taste it...
Khushi: I see..
Mrs Shukla: I didnt complete yet my sentence Khushi..
Khushi: Allright..Complete it then .. we are listening..
Mrs Shukla: whenever a would be husband feeds his would be wife, he too has to taste it... from her mouth
Part 16

Mrs Shukla: whenever a would be husband feeds his would be wife, he too has to taste it... from her mouth..

Khushi and Arnav both gave a shocked stare to each other guessing and imagining what position they would be if they have to do this ritual now in front of all of them. It would be almost like kissing each other..

Khushi: What? No.. I mean.. How can he.??? He doesnt like Jalebi.. Hai naa? (She asked looking at him asking him to agree that he wont do this)
Arnav: I Looovve Jalebi's Khushi.. Specially if I have to taste it from your lips..

Everyone laughed at how Arnav wanted to fulfil this ritual and Khushi was nervous..

Mrs Shukla: Khushi.. Dont feel shy so much.. I am sure you both have kissed each other many times privately.. So whats the harm in kissing in front of us?
Khushi: No Aunty.. I .. I mean.. We.. I..

She didnt had words to speak..The Jalebis were ordered and were placed on the table.. Arnav came and sat next to her so that she was sitting in between Mrs Shukla and him. She was very scared.. She didnt get the chance to even think of this relationship, and these people are making him taste the Jalebi's from her lips? No .. Mrs Shukla broke a piece of Jalebi and handed it to Khushi asking her to keep it between her lips for him to take a bite from his own lips and teeth.. Khushi all embarrased. She knew Arnav would never lose such a golden opportunity to kiss her..She reluctantly placed the Jalebi peice in her mouth and looked at him.. He was totally turned on.. He leaned towards her lips to take in the peice. He was least interested in the Jalebi.. His main interest was to touch her lips once.. How would she taste.. All sugary for sure, he
thought.. She closed her eyes in fear which didnt go unnoticed by him.. Everyone were cheering them and Arnav held the small peice of the Jalebi in his lips and broke it using his teeth. She could feel the pressure to hold the Jalebi peice in between her lips.. And now she was worried to feel his lips on her anytime. He again saw her and then finally got up eating the Jalebi peice.. She opened her eyes when she felt him backing off..

Mrs Shukla: Arnav.. I must say.. You care for her a lot.. I could see how she was nervous kissing you in front of us and you lightly took the peice from her lips to yours without even touching her. By that you calmed her down.. I must say you will be a very good husband .. You understand her so well..

Arnav smiled and Khushi was little proud.. He was so close to her lips and still he didnt kiss her? Thats a big shock of the day she thought.. Slowly steadily she was trying to understand him now... His true colours for her.. Only her..

Finally it was evening.. They all were still enjoying... Sometimes teasing and sometimes getting teased..

Arnav: Mr Shukla.. I think we need to leave now.. We have our flight tomorrow early morning. Need to start at night today
Mr Shukla: Ohh Sure Arnav.. We had a good time with you two.. Well but you both have to promise us something before leaving..
Arnav and Khushi were again surprised.. What else is left for them to still do..
Mr Shukla: You both after marriage would be coming to Maldives for your Honeymoon and we all will meet up again.. Ok?

Khushi was again all red hearing the word Honeymoon.. She smiled and so did Arnav. They finally started from there. Pin Drop silence in the Car.. Arnav was in his memories and Khushi again thinking of what her decision should be.. She had come too far now in the past 1 day.. A lot had happened and changed after they were engaged.. So should be continue this accepting the fact of marrying Arnav Singh Raizada? Or not? They reached the Hotel and then back to their room. Khushi started packing bags now for both.. Yes she could not wait any longer for him to ask her pack his bag again taunting her that she has to do this as she is his Fiancee now..

The Bags were packed. And they were ready to leave.. The room had many memories in it.. And it was hard to leave this place for both of them.. The bags were taken down by the Room Service people and Arnav then locked the room from inside.. She was surprised..

Khushi: Arnav.. Why did you lock? We need to start down.. The Vehicle is waiting for us..
Arnav neared her and she moved back..
Arnav: Khushi.. Why do you always move behind?
Khushi: Beacuse you always come forward.. Soo.. (She finally hit the wall of the living room. She was still in her Green Saree.. She didnt change that.. )
Arnav: I wont bite you Khushi.. Relax..
He almost pinned her hands on the wall and she was shocked on his next moves..

Khushi: Arnav.. What are you trying to do?
Arnav: Trying to gather a last memory of this trip Khushi..
Khushi: What? I .. I didnt get you...
Arnav: Khushi.. Can I..
Khushi: Can I What?

She was breathing heavily.. He inhaled her scent leaning towards the crook of her neck..

Arnav: Please dont deny Khushi..
Khushi was getting wet now.. She didnt wanted to .. But his touch, his closeness made her wet.. She closed her eyes..
Khushi: Deny what Arnav..
Arnav: Open your eyes Khushi.. I want you to see me when I ask you this..
Khushi opened her eyes and looked at him.. Anything he asked she would fulfil it that was her state right now..
Arnav: Can I Kiss you Khushi.. ? I mean just a peck on your lips..
Khushi opened her eyes wide in shock and then she looked at him..

Khushi: What? No way Arnav. Let me go..
Arnav: Why Khushi.. Its my gentleness that I am asking you for this and not giving you one forcibly..
Khushi: Ohh Really?? So you can force on me even for a Kiss?
Arnav: Look Khushi.. We are engaged Ok? Dont I have the right to even peck you?

Khushi: Arnav.. Trust me on one thing.. I am here with this engagement ring still in my hands because I dont want to spoil your reputation here. This was totally unexpected for me.. I didnt even think of having any kind of relationship with you except that of being your PA and you got me here and made me get enagaged to you? How could you?

Arnav: What? Why are you still in that old world Khushi.. Come out of this and accept the fact that you are Fiancee of Mr
Arnav Singh Raizada now.. You cannot deny this fact..

Khushi: Yes..Its true I cannot deny this fact but I can change it..
Arnav: Change it? What do you mean?
Khushi: I will reach Home and then deny this relationship.. Thats it.. I dont care what answers I have to give everyone.. But you just remember one thing Arnav.. I am not interested in getting married to you.. Do you understand that?

Arnav was frustrated. Here he was keeping all his patience trying to handle this girl and make her understand what he wants from her.. and this girl is thinking of breaking up this relation? He cant let that happen..

Arnav: Fine.. You do what you want to do.. You wanna break this relation right? Fine.. Try doing it Khushi and I swear I will turn your world upside down..

He said that and opened the door and left the room. She was not shocked.. This had to come from him.. And thats what she was scared of. It was not so easy to get everything back to normal.

They came out and sat in the Vehicle for the Airport back home.. The flight journey was totally opposite compared to the earlier one.. She was sleeping in the flight but not on his shoulders.. And both were using two seperate blankets instead of one.. He didnt speak to her at all after the hotel scene.. She too remained quiet..

They reached India and came out of the Airport when they saw Anjali ,Shyam and Akash who had come to greet this new couple..

Anjali hugged Arnav and he reciprocated..

Anjali: Chotte.. I am sooo happy.. Finally you agreed to get married and that too with Khushi..
Shyam: Saale Sahab you really gave us a big Shock.. But we all are happy for you both..
Akash: Bhai.. I cannot believe we are both getting married to Gupta sisters...

Khushi was all the while silent and was not showing her happiness at all.. Anjali saw that and then hugged Khushi too..

Anjali: Khushi I know why you are upset.. This happened all of a sudden and you couldnt inform your family right? But you know what I had met them .. and they are very very happy for you both.. Infact we have thought of getting you both engaged again along with Akash and Payal.. with all the rituals.. Isent that great?

Khushi was now more nervous listening this.

Khushi: Getting engaged again? But..
Akash: Haan Khushi.. We would love to see you both getting engaged all again with us..
Shyam: Ok fine.. Now will we keep chatting here or leave for home too?

They all reached the Vehicle and Arnav took the keys for driving..

Arnav was at the front seat and Akash beside him. Khushi behind Arnav and Anjali in between Khushi and Shyam..

Anjali: Khushi.. Show me the ring?
Khushi showed her the ring..
Anjali: Wow.. I must say my brother has nice choice... Chotte.. and the Kiss that you gave her on this ring was mindblowing.. We all were blushing when we saw that on TV.. Well Chotte.. Was that the only kiss or there were some more too which we didnt see?

Arnav smiled and looked at Khushi from the front mirror..She was looking down..

Anjali: Khushi.. this Chotte will never tell these things to us.. But we are all ready to hear it from you.. We want details ok?
Shyam: Ohh Come one Rani Saheba.. Cant you see she is blushing so much.. Give her some time to relax atleast and then keep asking for details..
Anjali: CHotte.. Hope you not driving home?
Arnav: What The...? DI Offcourse I am driving home..
Anjali: Chotte you are engaged not married that we take Khushi along with us to RM.. We need to leave her at her place.

Arnav had almost forgot. Staying with her for 4 days were like heaven and now he has to stay without her all again..He drived quietly..

Anjali: Dont worry CHotte.. Just one month and then Khushi will always be with you..(She gigled)
Khushi was just tolerating all this talks.. She didnt show any interest and Arnav knew that.. They reached Gupta House and
Khushi got down from the Car.. Even Arnav got down.

Anjali: Chotte... Why did you get down?
Arnav: 2 minutes di.. I need to talk to Khushi.. I will leave her till inside..
Anjali: Ok..(She gigled again thinking of their romantic talks)

Khushi took her bags and they started moving in when in between her held her hand and pulled her close.. Everyone from the Vehicle were seeing them and Khushi was getting embarassed..

Arnav: Remember Khushi What I told you.. Do not even think of breaking this engagement.. So go home and be how a newly engaged girl should be.. Happy Ok?
Khushi: Do anything Arnav.. I just dont care..
Arnav: Fine.. I want to see you tomorrow at 10:00 at RM..
Khushi: Why? I wont come there..
Arnav: DOnt forget you are still my PA.. You need to be there on time.. Got it?

The doors of Gupta house opened and Khushi's parents came out.. They greeted Arnav and then Hugged Khushi.. They asked everyone to come inside but Arnav denied saying that he also has some important work at Office. So needs to leave.. Finally the Raizada's left and Khushi was at her home with her family.. She tried many times to tell them that she does not want to get married to him but couldnt.. SOmetimes his words scared her and sometimes she was scared of what reactions her family will give hearing this.. It was not too late to let them know this but Khushi was still in a dilema of the consequences.. Finally she took the decision.. She would marry him no matter she loved him or not..

Next Day:

It was 10:00 and Arnav came down all set to go to office when he saw Khushi with Anjali in the Kitchen.. So she came.. Good he thought.. Without wasting time he too entered the kitchen. She wSeeing her after almost 20 hours was like a boon.

Anjali: Then? What did you tell him?
Khushi: I denied.. You know my values Di.. I cant allow all this before..
Arnav: Before?

Anjali and Khushi turned back and Khushi was nervous again seeing him.. He neared her...

Arnav: Before what Khushi?
Anjali: Marriage.. (She laughed) Chotte how could you ask for a Kiss from her?
Arnav: What The..!! You told Di that? ( He asked Khushi looking at her in anger)
Khushi: Di.. See this is what I was telling.. Why does he have to Yell so much.. Is he the same from his childhood?
Anjali: Khushi.. Well actually yes.. This attitude that he carries naa is right from his childhood.. But anyways now you are getting married to him, I hope he cools a bit.. And dont keep pouncing on others..

Arnav was blank.. Did she really agree to get married to him? Cant believe..
Arnav: DI.. Enough of all this.. Khushi..dont you dare tell everyone our private moments Ok?
Khushi: Why ?? Why Cant I? I will Tell Di everything..
Anjali: Yeah Chotte she is right.. I too want to know how naughty my chotte is..
Arnav: What The..!! Di please.. I never asked Jijaji and you about your naughty stuffs then why you ?
Anjali: OK .. Fine.. I wont ask.. Khushi, we need to go to Nani.. She has to tell you something..
Arnav: Di.. you go ahead I need to talk to Khushi.. Will send her soon..
Anjali: Aahh!! No way Chotte.. No naughtiness here ok? Atleast not before marriage..

She said that and then dragged Khushi out with her. Khushi gave a pleasing smile to Arnav showing him how happy she was for him not being able to corner her all alone in the kitchen and he had a wide smirk on his face clearly indicating that you wont be able to resist me for long Khushi..
Part 17

Anjali: Aahh!! No way Chotte.. No naughtiness here ok? Atleast not before marriage..

She said that and then dragged Khushi out with her. Khushi gave a pleasing smile to Arnav showing him how happy she was for him not being able to corner her all alone in the kitchen and he had a wide smirk on his face clearly indicating that you wont be able to resist me for long Khushi..

Khushi and Anjali entered Nani's room. Nani gave a Hug to Khushi and then made her sit beside her on the bed..

Nani: Khushi.. You just dont know how much happiness you have given us by agreeing for this marriage. We were worried for Chotte a lot. But from the time you have come in his life everything looks fine.

Khushi smiled and hugged Nani. She knew all the family members were actually happy for her decision. It was a second thing if she was happy or not. It was not that she didnt like him. He was good, his naughtiness, his flirtiness everything was just uncomparable... But he was still little arrogant, rude and also still familiar as a known playboy type.. So adjusting to that nature of his was little much for her.. She also knew how desperate he is in making her his.. Her first meet also was still unforgetable. After all these how could she act normal and spend her entire life with him..

Nani: Well Khushi.. One more thing.. The engagements is next week. The engagement would be here in RM.. We have already talked to your dad and mum. And they are fine with it. I have told Chotte not to engross you in his Official work till the marriage atleast because you too will need time for all the preperations. Right?

Khushi: Thanks Nani.. You told him that.. He would not have listened to me...
Arnav came inside..
Arnav: Nani where is Mami? She wanted me to drop her to Khushi's home..
Nani: Manorama must be in her room getting ready Chotte.. Well why she wants to go there?
Arnav: No idea Nani.. You ask her.. Khushi.. keep yourself free tomorrow night.. We need to attend a party.. Remember Mike had called me in Maldives.. Yeah he is planning for a party tomorrow for us..
Nani: Chotte.. No party now.. After the actual engagement next week, both Akash and you can take your would be's wherever you want.. But not before that.. Understood? Infact I was telling Khushi that till engagement next week, no coming to RM and not meeting you atleast..

Arnav was shocked.. How can they do that with him. Not seeing Khushi for next 5 days that was merely next to impossible..

Arnav: No Nani.. Thats just not possible Ok? I am going to meet her daily.. No one can stop me..
Khushi: I can stop you.. I agree to what Nani said.. We cannnot meet for next 5 days at all Arnav and thats final. Infact I should start for home now..
Arnav: Look Khushi.. I dont believe in all this rituals allright.. So no need to follow them..
Khushi: You dont believe then you dont follow.. But dont expect anything from me.. I will do as Nani said..

She said that and walked out of the room. Arnav was angry.. No damm person in this world can stop him meeting her.. not even she.. Do hell with all the rituals and customs. He went behind her.. She was with Mami in the Living room..

Mami: Arnav .. Come on lets go to Gupta House..
Arnav: Yeah..
Khushi: No..
Arnav: What?
Khushi: Mami.. Just now Nani said that me and Arnav cannot meet each other till the actual engagement.. So we cannot go with him now..
Arnav: Shut up Khushi.. I am just dropping you both and thats final.. Do not argue..

He went to the Car and sat inside.. Mami opened the back door and sat behind.. Now Khushi had no choice than to sit beside him on the front seat.. They drove to Gupta House and Arnav stopped the Car at the gate.. Mami got down and so was Khushi getting down from the Car when he held her hand and didnt allow her to get down..

Arnav: Mami.. You go in.. Khushi will come in 5 minutes..
Mami smiled. She knew how this love birds needed some time alone.. She left inside..

Khushi: Arnav.. Leave me.. I too need to go..
Arnav: Khushi relax.. Why are you in so much hurry always..
Khushi: Why have you stopped me?
Arnav: Well let me come to the point.. Now that we are already engaged and getting engaged with all your rituals once again next week, can I..?
Khushi: Again Can I? Arnav dont you understand I am not ready for it?
Arnav: You ready for the marriage but not for a single peck? Are you kidding me Khushi?
Khushi: Well I am ready for this marriage because you scared me saying that you would turn my world upside down.. I still have no interest in you and in this so called marriage.. Understood?

Arnav felt bad.. Really bad.. He left her hand.

Arnav: Get out..
Khushi was shocked to hear that from him..
Arnav: I said Get Out Dammit..!!!
Khushi: Arnav.. Why are you talking like that with me?
Arnav: Why? You felt Bad? Well Let me warn you Khushi.. You have seen just one side of Arnav yet.. And just pray to your Devi Maiyaa that you never see his other side.. The Worst Side..

He said that and got down from the Car. She was still confused.. He opened her side door and pulled her out.. Closed the door.

Khushi: Arnav...my hand.. you are twisting it.. Leave..

He pinned her to the Car door twisting her hand in his and then spoke..

Arnav: Remember Khushi.. What I want is what I want.. No one can deny Arnav Singh Raizada for anything.. Got that? You still have 5 days Khushi.. Just try getting used to me and my closeness.. Because after our actual engagement, I would not tolerate all these excuses from you..

He left her hand and then drove back with full speed..

All this while Khushi was just confused.. How can he do like that? What side of his was he talking about that she had not seen yet? Did she take the right decision to get married to him? Well only time will prove that..
Part 18

2 days passed Arnav had not seen her and he had promised himself of not seeing her till the engagement.. After that he wont be giving up even 1 single minute without her in his arms.. Khushi on the other hand was more scared of him. The way he spoke to her was quite rude enough for any would be wife she thought.. If this was his attitude and possesivenes before their marriage, then what would it be after marriage.. He didnt even message her. No calls not meetings. Well good that atleast she could lead these remaining 3 days without his presence everywhere...

She was busy with payal trying the jewellery which they brought for the engagement when her mother asked her to call up RM and ask Anjali on some other preperations.. She agreed. She called up on the Home landline number. The bell was ringing and then he picked it,.

Arnav: Hello..

Khushi heard him after 2 days. His voice was still strong, as if he didnt miss her at all.. She too didnt bother what he felt

Arnav: Hello...

She wanted to speak but she still was scared.. Would he just pass the phone to Anjali if asked or will he start his naughtiness again with her?

Arnav: (Called Anjali): Di.. Khushi has called up.. Take it..

Khushi was surprised. She didnt even say Hello. How did he understand its her? Anjali took the phone from Arnav and they spoke for almost 30 minutes.. Afterwhich Khushi kept the call and then got back to her work..

Next 2 days also passed by and finally today was their engagements.. Khushi was dressed in a Red green choli (The one she wore in the Star Pariwar Tyohar in the song Bahara..). Payal also wore a similar choli. Both the brides were made to sit in the Living room in RM and the entire Family were greeting the guests.. It was again a very private ceremony. Only close relatives and friends were invited.. and the media were kept outside the gates.. The media were still promised a small interview with the two couples but after the engagement today..

Khushi's eyes searched him. He was not visible anywhere.. Anjali could see Khushi little upset and worried and she came to her..

Anjali: Khushi .. Searching Chotte right?
Khushi: Umm... No Di.. I was actually..
Anjali: Now dont lie.. But know what Chotte is not at home.. He is still at Office..
Khushi: What? Office? Doesnt he know we are getting engaged today?
Anjali: Yeah I know that he should have gone.. But I have called him up just now and informed him that its already time up and everyone has come. He said he will arrive in 30 minutes.. Dont worry.. Ok?
Khushi: Ok..(She gave a weak smile)

Why was he doing this.. Was he still angry on her? May be.. But she cannot help.. He needs to understand..Its kind of a arranged marriage for her.. not a Love marriage to surrender herself so much to him..

Finally after next 45 minutes Anjali came to her again..

Anjali: Khushi, Chotte has come home and is upstairs getting ready..But there is one small problem..
Khushi: Problem? What? Is he Ok?
Anjali: Yeah he is fine.. But he wants to meet you up in his room before the engagement..
Khushi was tensed.. Why did he want her to meet him that too before the engagement..

Khushi: Meet me? Why?
Anjali: He didnt tell me that.. I will take you to his room.. You cannot go alone from here.. Everyones eyes are on you Khushi.. SO I will make up something if anyone asks where we are going.. Ok?

Khushi agreed but she was a bit scared too.. What did he wanted to talk? Was it just talk or something which he said 5 days back.. She had no idea.. Anjali and Khushi started for Arnav's room and finally were at the door..

Anjali: Khushi you go in I wil wait here.. I cannot come in.. Need to check if anyone comes upstairs..
Khushi: No Di.. I wont go alone.. I cant.. You come along
Anjali: (Smiled) : Khushi.. Dont get scared.. He is your Fiancee.. Just go.. (She pushed Khushi inside and closed the door from out)

Arnav was getting ready. He had worn a dark green shirt, black trouser and black coat. He was adjusting the Tie know when she entered. He turned back to see her.. She looked beautiful. Nothing can ever compliment her.. His eyes wandered from her face to her bosoms and then her belly.. She saw him staring at her and then tried pulling the Dupatta on her bare belly just to stop him getting seduced.. She looked down..

Khushi: You called me?
Arnav: (Came out of his dreams): Yeah.. Just sign the papers which are at the table. You can leave then..
Khushi: Sign? Which Papers?
Arnav: Contract papers Khushi.. What else?
Khushi: Contract ..?? Which Contract?
Arnav: You forgot? Remember our first meet?

She remembered each and every word of the contract that he proposed her during their first meet..

" Its a small contract between us which clearly states that I would be marrying you and giving you the title to be my wife.. But.. incase ahead if I feel that I am not comfortable with you... or to be honest.. as you like.. if I am not satisfied with you physically or emotionally, I would be having complete rights to end this marriage at any point.. You would be given a handsome allimony from my end and you would be out of my life.. As you know I just marrying only for my sisters sake.. but still I cannot risk my life with someone who cannot pleasure me.. I had some affairs in the past.. None present but let me warn you Ms Gupta.. I am very very harsh on bed.. And seeing you so skinny.. I am afraid how it would be difficult to you to manage my tortures at the initial phase.. Anyways we can sort that out later.. So are you fine with the terms? Or want to add some from your end?"


Khushi: Ohh so you still have that same contract drafted haan?
Arnav: No Khushi .. There are many many ammendments to it.. Read it .. You will understand..
Khushi: I dont have enough time to read it.. So you better brief me out on that..

Arnav: Fine. So Khushi the new contract states that I would be marrying you and giving you the title to be my wife.. But.. incase ahead if YOU feel you are not Happy with me, there would be no chance at all for you to get divorced or seperated. You would have no rights to end this marriage at any point.. To be honest with you.. it means you would never walk out of my life. I am not marrying you anymore for my Sisters sake. So dont be under an impression that I am under any kind of pressure to fulfil this relationship. I have no doubts that you can satisfy me physically or emotionally and hence I am ready to risk my entire life to pleasure you and wish to get pleasured by you.. And last but not the least.. as warned you before.. I am very very harsh on bed but I would give my full co-operation in helping you handle my physical tortures at every phase..So are you fine with the terms? Or want to add some from your end?

Khushi was just stunned at these words.. Forget the contract she was unable to even stand in front of him.. She immediately rushed to open the door and run out when he Stopped her and pinned her to the door..

Khushi: Arnav.. Please let me go.
Arnav: Sign the papers Khushi.. And then leave..
Khushi: I cant..
Arnav: Why? Whats wrong in the contract?
Khushi: Everything is favouring your rights, your wishes.. What about mine?
Arnav: Ok fine. You want to add anything in it?
Khushi: Arnav please.. I do not want to sign it.. Ok?
Arnav: Fine.. I wont let you out till you sign them Khushi..
Khushi: You cannot force me like that..
Arnav: You know I can Khushi.. So stop fussing and sign them..
Khushi: Fine.. I will sign them.. But Remember one thing Arnav.. All that pleasure you looking for after marriage.. from me ..just forget it.. I wont even let you touch me..

She said that and pushed him. She then took the pen and signed the papers.. She moved towards the door again.. to open it..

Arnav: Khushi.. Since you have challenged me now.. let me warn you something else too..Arnav Singh Raizada knows how to win Challenges.. So be ready to lose again..

He opened the door for her and they both saw Anjali..

Anjali: Finally.. You both finished.. Now come down Khushi.. all are waiitng for the ceremony to begin.. Chotte you too join us soon..
Arnav: Yeah Di.. You both go ahead.. Will join in 5 minutes. (He said that smirking at Khushi who was totally lost in his last sentence)
Part 19

He opened the door for her and they both saw Anjali..

Anjali: Finally.. You both finished.. Now come down Khushi.. all are waiting for the ceremony to begin.. Chotte you too join us soon..
Arnav: Yeah Di.. You both go ahead.. Will join in 5 minutes. (He said that smirking at Khushi who was totally lost in his last sentence)

The ceremony of exchanging rings began with Arnav and Khushi first as he was the elder son. They exchanged the rings and he again didnt miss the opportunity to kiss her wrists. She wanted to take her hands off him but then she couldnt as the whole family was around. He smirked at her helplessness.

Everyone were happy in the family that both their Sons have got engaged. All 4 took blessings of the family members. The new would be brides were getting introduced to the relatives and friends of the Raizada's. Arnav was busy talking to one of his cousin and Khushi was busy fed Jalebi's by the relatives.. By seeing the Jalebi again in her mouth, he remembered how a week back he was so near to those lucious lips and yet far.. He was admiring her all again remembering those Maldives moments when she saw him..

She could see all the desires in his eyes. She turned back to talk to someone else and was again fed Jalebi by some random Aunty.. She ate that too.. He kept on moving towards her, near her and she kept on moving away from him talking to people.. Finally when she was talking to some friend of hers, he came to her..

Arnav: Khushi.. Let me introduce you to one of my Client.. Come..
Khushi had no option but to go with him. They both excused themselves from her friends and he held her hand to take her somewhere..
Khushi: Arnav where are you taking me?
Arnav didnt speak anything. She had clutched her lehenga and she held it a bit up so that she could walk in pace with him.. He was hurrying somewhere and she didnt knew where..? Finally he took her to the Garden outside the House. The garden was decorated with colourful lights. And in this nights darkness the lights were glowing like stars.. There was a big Tree in the centre of the garden which was also decorated by chains of lights and he brought her here behind the tree.. The trunk of the tree was large enough to hide them both from the world.. He pinned her to the tree and then held her hands above her head with his..

Khushi: Arnav what nonsense is this? Why are we here? We must go inside.. Now..
Arnav: Sshh!! You talk too much Khushi.. Lets get some time utilized in useful things from now...
Khushi: What ?? Like?
Arnav: Kissing..!!!
Khushi: Arnav.. I told you just some hours back.. I wont even allow you to touch me.. Forget getting kissed... Please Arnav come back to reality .. Ok?
Arnav:Reality? You know what the reality is Khushi? We are engaged..
Khushi: I know.. And this is a forced engagement.. Remember that..
Arnav: When will you stop thinking that way Khushi?
Khushi: Arnav please.. I dont want to talk anymore on this.. Just let me go..

She hit her Sandal heels on his shoes which made him move back and she ran from there..

Arnav: Khushi Wait.. Come back..

She didnt hear him at all. She ran with her full speed and then reached the Living room.. She was breathing heavily.. Anjali saw her and came towards her..

Anjali: Khushi.. Why are you breathing like this? Are you ok?
Khushi: Yes Di.. I am fine..
Anjali: OK fine come I will make you meet some of my friends..

Arnav came in and found her again all busy with Anjali and others.. His toe was still paining because of her heels.. he went straight to his room and then didnt come down at all.. Many of them asked for him. He also had to give a short interview to the media with Khushi but he was not at all interested.. He was very much angry.. Why did she always have to behave this way.. Was she really not interested in getting married to him? Why? What was it that was stopping her? Was his nature, his attitude coming her way? Then so it be.. He would never change it for anyone.. Not even for her.. If he can love her for what she is.. why cant she love him for what he is..

The media could only interview Akash and Payal. Khushi too denied to get interviewed without Arnav. Anjali tried calling Arnav many times but he didnt even open the door for her..

Finally all the guests left and then only the Raizadas and Guptas were waiting in the Living room. Arnav came down. He was now dressed casually in a white shirt and Black jeans..

Anjali: Chotte.. Finally you came down.. What had happened to you? Why didnt you come earlier?
Arnav: DI I was doing some other important work.. So ..
Anjali: Fine.. Now you would need to drop the Gupta's at home.. Ok?
Arnav looked at Khushi.. She was talking to Nani but he knew her ears were on them..

Arnav: Di.. Let Akash go.. I wont..
Anjali was surprised.. How come he does not want this chance?
Anjali: FIne.. I will tell Akash..

Akash agreed to go and they all started for the Car.. Khushi was still talking to Nani while walking.. Arnav was walking with Anjali.. Akash started the Car. Khushi's father sat at the front seat. Payal, Khushi's mother and Buaji sat behind. There was no place for Khushi to sit inside..

Anjali: Arre.. Where will Khushi sit now?
Arnav: Di.. Let Akash start. I will drop her..
He said that leaving no responses from anyone to get his vehicle. Khushi felt a bit scared to go with him all alone.. But Akash had already left and she had to go with him . No other option. Anjali sensed this fear in her and asked her to relax.. She smiled. Arnav parked his car in front of her.. She sat inside and they left.. Arnav's eyes were on the road.

Khushi was little nervous.. She expected him to again start being naughty.. But he was all serious.. So she decided to break the silence..

Khushi: Arnav.. Did it hurt?
Arnav was quiet.. He didnt reply and kept driving..
Khushi: Arnav I am talking to you.. Did my heels hurt?
Arnav: Why do you care Khushi? You always do that.. Hurt me.. Thats what you can do..
Khushi: What ?? I hurt you? Always?
Arnav: I dont owe an explaination to you.. Understood??

Thats it.. This was enough for even Khushi to keep her mouth shut.. He dropped Khushi at Gupta house and then left back.

Few days Khushi didnt come to RM. The wedding preperations were on full swing and Khushi didnt get time to visit RM. Just 2 weeks were left for both the weddings. Arnav was busy in getting his work completed faster so that he could give enough time for their wedding. Even Akash was busy with Arnav. Today Payal and Khushi were called specially by Nani for a Lunch together.. The Lunch was supposed to be prepared by Arnav and Akash. Raizada's had a ritual wherein the grooms would be making lunch and feeding their would be wives. So Khushi and Payal were invited..

Akash and Payal had meet twice after the engagement, but Arnav didnt bother to meet her at all. He was still angry probably.. And thats the reason he didnt even message her or call her.. He wanted to give her some time so that she could understand what he is going through.. It was not easy for him though being so near yet so far from her but he had to..

Khushi was dressed in a Pink chudidar full sleeves (The one she wore during Payal's mehndi in the serial). Shyam had been to pick Khushi and Payal as the Raizada brothers were in the Kitchen cooking.. They came to RM and were greeted by Anjali, Nani, Mami and Mama.. They sat at the Living room and were chatting..

Arnav and Akash in the Kitchen busy cooking.. Akash was making Gulab Jamuns for Payal and Arnav was busy in making the Jalebi's.. The batter of Jalebi's was ready. He only had to fry it.. He was chopping some Tomatoes for the Soup.. till Akash fries the Gulab Jamuns..
Part 20

Arnav and Akash in the Kitchen busy cooking.. Akash was making Gulab Jamuns for Payal and Arnav was busy in making the Jalebi's.. The batter of Jalebi's was ready. He only had to fry it.. He was chopping some Tomatoes for the Soup.. till Akash fries the Gulab Jamuns..

Khushi was thirsty and wanted some water.. She excused herself and came in the Kitchen when she overheard the brothers conversation..

Akash: Bhai.. Why are you looking so dull? I mean.. Is there some problem between you and Khushi?
Arnav: No Akash. I am fine..
Akash: Bhai Seriously? I mean Payal told me that you didnt even call Khushi from past many days..Is everything ok between you two?
Arnav: Is it only my responsibilty to call and message her? Cant she?
Akash: Yeah... Bhai she can. But then ..
Arnav: Look Akash.. This is nothing to do with my ego or attitude Ok? I can still call her message her even if she doesnt.. But nope... She doesnt seem interested... I know ..
Akash: Bhai dont say so.. If she was not interested why would she agree to get married?
Arnav: Akash you wont understand.. Well you done with the Jamuns?
Akash: No Bhai.. Stil some more..
Arnav: Ok

Arnav continued cutting the tomatoes when she entered..

Khushi: Hello Jijaji..

Arnav and Akash both turned behind.. Akash greeted her and saw that neither Khushi talked to Arnav nor he talked to her.. Arnav again continued the chopping and this time with serious anger..

Akash: Khushi.. You in kitchen?? Needed something?
Khushi: Yeah Some water.. I will take it myself you carry on..
Akash: Ok.

Khushi went to the refrigerator and took a bottle from inside.. Arnav was busy cutting the tomatoes still when he cut his finger...

Arnav: Shhiitt Mann..
Akash and Khushi both looked at him.. Khushi immediately kept the bottle aside and then came to him.. She held his hand. His finger was bleeding and she could not see him like that..

Khushi: God Arnav.. Who asked you to do all this?? Cant you just concentrate??
Arnav: Stop acting Khushi.. Leave me.. I am ok
Khushi: What do you mean you are Ok? You are bleeding...Come here..

She took him to the tap and placed his finger in the cold water..

Khushi: Is it soothing now?
Arnav: I said I am fine..
Khushi: Enough Arnav.. I can see how much fine you are.. Jijaji where is the bandage?
Akash: Its out.. I will get it..
Arnav: Akash .. Just dont tell anyone on this. They will get scared..

Akash noded and left out.. Khushi meanwhile was blowing air on his wounded finger and Arnav was staring at her..

Khushi: Arnav.. its still paining?
Arnav: Hmmm..
Khushi blowed some more air ..
Khushi: Now?
Arnav: Dont bend so much Khushi.. that I need to close my eyes..

Khushi immediately stood straight.. She was actually bending down to blow air on his finger and this was making her cleavage slightly visible to him.. She felt a bit shy and then turned her back to him.. She saw the Jalebi mixture and then she started frying the Jalebi's..

Arnav: Dont do it Khushi.. Its my Job..
Khushi: You are hurt Arnav.. And if you start frying the Jalebis's the fumes of the Oil will only increase your pain. I will do it..
Arnav smiled.. Whatever it was between the two, she cared for him.. He came near her and then dipped his other finger in the batter and then slid the finger on her cheeks..

Khushi: Arnav.. What is this? How could you put that batter on my cheeks..Just take it off.. Now..
Arnav: You sure?
Khushi: Offcourse I am sure.. Just take it off.. What will Jijaji say if he sees this?
Arnav: Ok..

He licked the batter from her cheeks and she was surprised.. She didnt expect him to do so.. He always asked her if he wanted to kiss her, peck her and this time he didnt even do that.. He just licked it.. And didnt stop here.. He then held her waist and pulled her close to him hitting her back on his chest and started placing open mouthed wet kisses on her cheeks, neck and collar bone.. She was nervous.. He then gave equal time to her other cheek, other side of neck and coller bone and placed wet kisses.. Akash meawhile was about to enter but he saw them in this position and thought of returning back.. He knew they desperately needed this time to sort out whatever differences they had between them. He moved out without disturbing them. Arnav continued to dip his finger in the batter and started sliding thats finger on her neck now.. She was breathing hard.. He then made her turn facing him and applied the batter on her chin and then licked that from his tongue.. He was very close to her lips. He then slid his finger again in the batter and then slid the finger on her lips. She knew what was coming.. She wanted to lick off the batter before he does it from his tongue. She got her tongue out to lick the batter and very instantly he touched his lips on hers taking her tongue in and kissing hard.. She could feel a entire new sensation inside her body.. She clutched hard on his back to get some support.. He kept kissing her till she gave up and started kissing him with equal passion. But very soon she realised what they were doing and she pulled back.. She ran outside the kitchen swearing never to return back..

Arnav was not shocked.. But he himself didnt expect to do this at this stage.. He was supposed to ignore her, not talk to her and what did he just do?? Scared her even more? But it was not his fault.. He could just be uncontrollable in front of her.. He smiled and continued preparing the Jalebi's which now was his favourite too.
Part 21

Khushi came out and then sat again with Payal. Anjali saw slight Batter remains on her cheeks and was surprised...

Anjali: Khushi.. Did you help Chotte?
Khushi: No Di.. I didnt..
Anjali: Then what is the batter doing on your cheeks..

Khushi immediately tried to remove the batter from her cheeks and she was all red and blushing..She remembered what had happened inside a few minutes ago. She too didnt expected this to happen. But she cannot blame him this time.. She too responded to his desires equally..

Akash came in the Kitchen now and saw Arnav all lost in frying Jalebi's.. Arnav too saw Akash..
Arnav: Where were you Akash? Where is the bandage?
Akash: Bhai . I had got the bandage.. But you were a bit busy that time with Khushi... And looking at you I thought you didnt require it anymore so I kept it back..

Arnav got what he meant.. So he might have seen them kissing.. Well that was allright... Afterall such intense scenes was expected to be seen daily by some or the other family members after the wedding.. He chuckled at this thought..

Finally the Lunch was ready and the food was kept on the table.. Everyone got seated. The couples were made to sit with each other and the grooms had to make the plates for the brides.. Arnav started to make Khushi's plate. He knew what she liked, how much she liked. The plates were ready now.

Anjali: Ok.. So now Khushi and Payal would need to taste the food cooked by their would be husbands.. I am sure the food is awesomly cooked though its the first time my brothers have entered the kitchen..(She laughed)
Nani: Anjali Bitiya.. Did you explain the brides on the complete ritual?
Anjali: Ohh No.. I forgot that.. Well I will tell now..

Khushi and Payal were little nervous what the complete ritual would be..

Anjali: Arre dont get scared both of you.. Its just that after eating the food, the grooms would be asking for something from their brides and the brides cannot deny them...It could be anything.. any sort of gift, or may be something more personal.. (She smiled again seeing them both blush).. And yes no one else would be hearing to what the grooms ask the bride.. The grooms would be telling their wish in the brides ears but in front of everyone such that no one can listen to them.. Ok?

Arnav: Really Di.?? I hope you are not making your own rituals..
Anjali: Chotte.. Trust me.. Its a ritual.. Pure ritual. (She laughed)
Akash: Di.. But after asking.. when would the bride fulfil that wish? I mean same day? Or anytime later?
Anjali: Now that is between you two.. You have to decide it amongst yourselves.. Ok?

Nani: So Chotte and Akash.. Start thinking what you would ask from Khushi and Payal..

Arnav and Akash passed a smile to each other and then they started having the Lunch.. Payal kept blushing at the thought of fulfilling the ritual and our very own Khushi was nothing except more nervous as to what he would wish for...

The Lunch was actually tasty. Everyone liked it.. Even Khushi.. specially the Jalebi's. They were very much tastier..Very sweet.. Though Arnav had used the sweetner in making them, it tasted very nice.. All the time having lunch she didnt look at him and nor did he.. They had the Lunch quietly and then everyone seated on the Sofa in the Living room.

Anjali: Ok so now the last part of the ritual..Arnav and Akash will ask the brides their wishes.. Come on both of you sit next to your brides..

She made Arnav sit next to Khushi and Akash next to Payal..

Anjali: Ok.. SO come one.. Start asking..
Akash and Payal blushed.. They were actually shying to fulfill this in front of all but Arnav he knew what he wanted.. He bent on Khushi from the side and then whispered in her ears..

Arnav: Khushi... I want you to dip your finger in the chocolate sauce and then apply it on anyone part of my naked body and lick that sauce from there.. I know asking this is a waste from you.. Still I asked you what I want.. Do it or deny..its upto you... And yes if you are doing this.. Then do it before the marriage.. Not after that.. If you denying then you dont need to say anything to me now.. Infact we wont discuss this topic again anytime in our life.. And one more thing.. I said any part on my naked body.. Dont start your Gutter mind thinking which part I meant.. It could be any.. Not necessarily the one you are thinking currently..

He smiled and then sat back in his position..

Anjali: Chotte that was so quick.. Well done.. See Akash is still blushing and so is Payal.. Come on guys hurry up..

Akash finally asked something to Payal and she blushed too.. But Khushi was like unconscious.. She could not believe what she heard.. Any part of his naked Body??? No.. No way.. Here she was still challenging him not to allow him touching her even after marriage and how could she agree to fulfil such a desire of his before marriage?

Payal: Anjali Di.. I guess we both should leave now.. Lots of preperations is still pending..
Anjali: Yes off course I understand.. But dont forget the Mehndi ceremony is here. So we will meet next week.
Khushi and Nani got up and took blessings of Nani, Mami and Mama and then hugged Anjali...

Anjali: So Shyam you leaving then back right? (She asked to Shyam looking at Arnav and Akash's reaction..)
Arnav & Akash: Di .. I will leave them.. (They both said instantly and together)

Anjali: Ummm... See how eager these guys are to be with you both.. I just pray these 2 weeks go soon and you both come here to stay for your life.. Well Arnav and Akash you both can go to leave them.. Go..

Arnav went out to get the Car and they waited at the door.. As soon as the car stopped, Akash rushed at the back seat to sit with Payal and Khushi had to sit in front with him. They started for Gupta House.. All 4 were quite.. Arnav could see Akash and Payal gossiping something.. whispering in their ears.. May be discussing their wish and here he was driving and Khushi with her mouth shut.. So unromantic..he thought..

Akash: Bhai... Can you drop us to Eastern Road.. I need to shop something.. I will drop Payal back home.. Soon. Dont worry..
Arnav: Sure..
He parked his vehicle sideways and then Payal and Akash got down. Khushi smiled at Payal and then Arnav started back to Gupta House..

Khushi: Arnav..
Arnav: Hmmm.. (He was still looking at the road and not her)
Khushi: What you asked me sometime back.. I mean the wish..
Arnav: Ssshh!! No talking on that anymore Khushi.. Either do it or dont.. Dont talk.. Ok?
Khushi: But Arnav.. I cant..
Arnav: Khushi.. I am not listening even a word on that topic after this.. Do you understand?
Khushi: Thats a bot rude Arnav.. Cant you be a bit more polite?
Arnav: I am what I am.. Ok?
Khushi: Fine.. Be what you are.. Who has denied..?

She started looking outside the window now and he smiled.. He knew she was angry.. He could have explained a bit more to her about his wish but he purposely wanted her to think on it alone and definately never deny to fulfil it..
He parked the car at the gate of Gupta house and then waited..

Khushi was still sitting..

Arnav: Khushi.. Dont want to get down?
Khushi was quiet.. She still was angry.. He leaned down towards her and she was scared again.. He almost bent towards her shoulder and then opened the door for her.. She closed her eyes not to know what he was supposed to do next. She didnt knew that he had opened the car door and was back at his seat.. She waited and when there was nothing from his end she opened her eyes and saw him looking at the watch..

Arnav: Well I have a meeting at 05:00pm. So do you want me to postpone it?
Khushi: Postpone? Why would I ask you to postpone your meeting?
Arnav: Beacuse if you still dont get down in next 1 minute, I swear Khushi I will drive back to a remote place and take you out from the seat, drop you at the back seat and...

He was about to complete his naughty stuff when she hurridly got down and ran towards the door.. He could not help but laugh aloud.. He then started back for RM..
Part 22

Another week passed and today was the Mehndi Ceremony.. Again in the last week, they did not interact at all. She called RM many times and talked to everyone but never got the courage to talk to him and he purposely avoided her.. The entire Gupta family came to RM and the Mehndi function started.. It was not that the Guys were not allowed in the function. Anjali knew her brothers very well. So she didnt mind them joining the function and enjoying it.. Akash was down but Arnav was not.. He was in his room working on his laptop.

Khushi was being applied the Mehndi. She had worn a maroon colour saree and she looked gorgeous, No make up , her hair pinned and left open. She was searching him.. A Big "A" was drawn in centre of her palms and that looked more attractive.. Everyone were teasing the brides even Nani and they kept blushing.. But Arnav was missing all this fun.

Anjali could see Khushi's eyes searching for him and she taunted and teased her more..

Anjali: Khushi Chotte is busy in his work.. He has some important documents to prepare.. And at such times he wont even look at you if you go to his room.. He gives first preference to his work then the rest..

Khushi felt a bit sad. How she got him as her fiancee.. Was he really like that? It was evening.. The Mehndi applied was dry now.. But still the brides were supposed to wash it the next morning and not before that. Everyone were supposed to have the evening Tea now and Arnav was still upstairs..

Anjali: Khushi.. Can you please go up and call Chotte for the Tea? Tell him we all want to see him down now. Enough of his work.
Khushi: Yes Di.. I will go.

She knocked his room.

Arnav: Come in.

Arnav was sitting on the recliner and typing on his laptop.. He looked up and saw her come in. She was in a maroon saree.. Wow.. That colour looked good on her skin he thought.. He stopped admiring her and then started typing again.

Arnav: Needed something?
Khushi: Everyone wants to see you down for evening Tea..
Arnav: And you? (He asked still typing)
Khushi: Me? I am fine with you here.. I dont mind..
Arnav stopped typing and looked at her a bit confused..

Arnav: You really fine with me if I am here and not with you?
Khushi: Yes Offcourse.. Why will I mind?
Arnav: Then why the hell did you search me down since morning? Why the hell did you agree to come here to call me? You could have sent someone else..
Khushi: I was not searching for you.. I was searching .. Ummm.. Yes I was searching Laxmi.. She was not seen down.. So.. And I came here to call you because Anjali Di told me.. Thats it...
Arnav: Fine.. If thats so.. Then you saw me working right.. Tell the same to all. I am not coming..
Khushi: Arnav its your would be's Mehndi today.. Dont you think you should really spend some time with her and your family?
Arnav: No.. I dont think so..
Khushi: Ok.. I am leaving then..
She turned back to leave when he called her..

Arnav: Khushi..One minute..
Khushi turned to him.. He got up from the recliner and came to her.. He then pulled her hand and saw the Word "A" in it.. He smiled.. She tried pulling her hand from him but he held it hard..

Arnav: Dont move Khushi..
Khushi: Arnav leave me..
Arnav: You want me to come down is it?
Khushi: Yes.. So?
Arnav: Lets Kiss again and I will come down with you..
Khushi: Arnav.. Please.. How can you..

Thats it.. No more words from her end now as he placed his lips on her and started kissing her wildly.. It was almost a week that they had kissed and he was not able to control himself any longer seeing her in a saree again and that too with his name in the Mehndi applied on her palms.. The kiss was very hungry from his end and she was unable to retaliate it with equal passion from her end.. He kept kissing her moving his hands on her back. He felt a sudden urge to untie her Blouse Knot and without thinking further he did that too.. Khushi was unable to pull back and nor stop him from roaming his hands on her bare back.. He dragged her on the recliner which was near to them and lied down taking her on him.. The kiss was still ongoing. Her saree was almost coming out from her underskirt due to his pull and he made sure it came out more.. She tried to push his chest asking him to stop kissing her which left some Mehndi Stains on his shirt too. But her Mehndi was dry so it was not ruined..

Finally out of breath he pulled back. She was still lying on him on that recliner and breathing hard.. She saw him still staring at her red lips and in fear that he will start kissing her all again she got up and stood in front of him. Arnav too got up. His hair was dishevelled and he looked more cute.. She tried adjusting her saree but could not do it due to the Mehndi.. Arnav understood it and came near her..

Arnav: I will make you wear it..
Khushi: What? Enough Arnav.. You are thinking too much now a days.. How can you kiss me like that?
Arnav: You want me to show you again Khushi?
Khushi: Shut up Arnav.. I just dont understand why I am with you.. Know what .. I just wish you change your mind really soon to get married to me.. I am just fed up.. I cant bare this anymore.. This is not at all what I wanted.. What I dreamt of..
Part 23

Arnav: I will make you wear it..
Khushi: What? Enough Arnav.. You are thinking too much now a days.. How can you kiss me like that?
Arnav: You want me to show you again Khushi?
Khushi: Shut up Arnav.. I just dont understand why I am with you.. Know what I just wish you change your mind really soon to get married to me.. I am just fed up.. I cant bare this anymore.. This is not at all what I wanted..

She turned the other side and started weeping.. Arnav was blank.. What does she mean by that? She is still not happy with him? Why? He came near her and made her turn to him..

Arnav: Khushi.. Stop crying.. Why are you still like this ? Why dont you want to marry me Khushi?
Khushi: Beacuse you are not the one I dream of Arnav.. You can never be the one.. I never dreamt of any playboy in my life like you.. I have my own dreams. I wanted a man who though may not be rich enough or handsome still have some qualities in him which are none in you.. Whatever physically I wanted to share with him is not like what you try to do with me.. You kissing me is almost like you forcing me for that. You are actually so harsh you know that. I always wished when me and my Fiancee would share something physically it would be new since it would be the first time for both of us. This is soo pathetic Arnav.. I just hate it..I will always hate it..

Arnav was speechless. He never understood what she felt from within.. Was she never attracted to him? Even once in these days?

Khushi: I wanted to work, earn for my family and never ever thought of getting married so soon. And all this what is happening now.. I am soo damm confused.. I have no words.. I cannot deny the marriage because you scared me.. I am all damm confused..

Arnav: Confused?
Khushi kept weeping..

Arnav: I will make all your confusions clear today Khushi..

He dragged her down to the Living room where everyone were present.. She wiped her tears not to let others to see them. She didnt knew what he was supposed to do now.. He stood before everyone and then started..

Arnav: I need to inform you all something.. I and Khushi would not be able to get married along with Akash and Payal.

Everyone were shocked and so was Khushi.. He was denying for getting married.. ??

Anjali: Chotte.. Stop kidding.. We are getting scared now allright.. What do you mean by that?
Arnav: Di.. I am not kidding.. I have a important work in Canada. I need to set up a new AR venture there and that may take some months.. I need to leave in 2 days for Canada.. And the marriage is next week. So let Akash and Payal get married. Once I return back from Canada we will think of our marriage.. I talked to Khushi about this and she too is fine with it..

Everyone were just shocked.. They all started discussing with each other whether this would be Ok or not and finally after a few hours they agreed. They knew how work comes first for him.. And if Khushi was fine then even they could wait for some months,...

Khushi didnt understand what to say.. Did he say all this because she said those things to him in the room? Arnav came to Akash.

Arnav: Akash, Khushi would be working and assisting you in AR group here in my absence. I would settle everything in Canada and will return back. Ok?
Akash: But Bhai.. Khushi.. I mean is she fine to work in AR?
Arnav: Yeah Akash.. She dreams of working and standing on her own feet. So let her start from AR.. She does not need to fetch some other job when I am not here.. Just take care that she understands each and every duty in AR and does it. Help her, guide her.. I am sure she would be a good boss..

Khushi heard everything.. Just in Hours her life was changing back. The way she wanted.. Finally it was decided now only one marriage will take place and the other one would be after Arnav returns back. The Gupta's went back and the Raizada's were busy in Arnav's packing. He was supposed to go for months which meant atleast 3 to 4. So the packing was full on swing..

Anjali: Arnav.. I am just not understanding whats the hurry. You could marry next week and take Khushi along with you to Canada.. I know you Love her and dont want to stay without her,.Then why?? Is there any problem Chotte?
Arnav (Was actually crying from inside.. He would no longer be able to hide his feelings if his DI continued..) No Di.. Nothing like that. I will be back soon.

He said that and left the room. Anjali knew there was something wrong. But what could she do?

Next 2 Days passed and Arnav had to fly today to Canada.. Every member of Gupta house was present. Even Khushi. Arnav took blessings of all the elders and then finally they gave sometime for him and Khushi to talk alone..

Khushi: Arnav.. Thanks..
Arnav: Dont Khushi.. I did what I had to.. Well I am sure your dreams of getting your Prince Charming who is completely opposite to me wont change in these few months.. So.. I am letting you free Khushi.. You are no more bound to me..

He said that and held her hand. He removed the Engagement Ring from her finger and then placed it in her hand.. She was shocked.. Did he break the engagement? Really?

Arnav: Dont be surprised Khushi.. I am sure you wished the same.. So be Happy and keep enjoying your dreams. Once I am back from Canada, we will clear this out with the Family that we no more want to get married' And that's it.. everybody will be fine..

He said that and then left for the Airport.. She didnt knew whether this was supposed to be happened or not.. Only she knew was that she felt something inside her when he removed the ring from her hands.. Something really painful..
Part 24

He removed the Engagement Ring from her finger and then placed it in her hand..She was shocked.. Did he break the engagement? Really?

Arnav: Dont be surprised Khushi.. I am sure you wished the same.. So be Happy and enjoy your dreams.

He said that and then left for the Airport.. She didnt knew whether this was supposed to be happened or not.. Only she knew was that she felt something inside her when he removed the ring from her hands.. Something really painful..

Akash and Payal got married and she missed him that day. It would have been their marriage too if she would not have confessed to him that she didnt like him. She would have been Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada from that day and had to sacrifice all her dreams for him. But luckily she was thankful to him that he understood her and gave her the space she required.. Everytime she saw their engagement ring she felt an unknown pain. A pain that she didnt knew why she deserved but could very well understand what he would have gone through while doing it.. Well he was a strong man and she knew it would be easy for him to forget her and start his life all over again.

Weeks passed and Arnav was still busy with his new AR venture.. No doubt he missed her from his heart. Everytime he just wanted to talk to her, feel her and much more but he controlled his emotions as he knew this would lead him to nothing. He got frequent calls from his family specially Akash who never missed to update him on Khushi's performance at Office. She sat in his cabin now but never on his chair as it would always be his position and never hers.. She worked hard and loyally and made sure her work would lead AR to new heights. She was happy that she could fulfil her dreams of working and earning, supporting her family. She had changed since the time she started working in AR. She was more serious into work commitments now. She knew how it felt to work hard the entire day and finally get back home to spend some time with your loved ones.. She visited RM frequently and used to spend her weekends there.. And whenever she went to RM, she missed him. She missed him following her in the Kitchen, She missed him calling her in his room, she missed cooking for him, she missed sitting in the front seat of his car while he is driving. She missed his pranks, she missed his smirk, she missed his gaze, she missed his touch.. Wait.. What? Did she really missed his touch? No.. That cant be possible. She had no love for him. She always saw him as a playboy then why the hell she liked him when he kissed her?? She herself wanted this relation to come to an end then why she was thinking about it now? Well she tried to find answers for all her questions every night while sleeping but never found one..

Finally it was a Year and she heard from Anjali that he was returning back. He never called her in this past 1 year. Why would he.. She was the one to make him do that. She was somewhere happy that he was returning and she knew all his naughtiness would begin once again seeing her..

The day came when he was arriving. He had strictly asked everyone not to come to the airport to receive him and just send the vehicle. Even the Gupta Family had come to RM to greet him. THe car arrived and the bell rang. HP opened the door and there everyone saw him.. He was not alone.. He had someone with him.. She was Lavanya.. He had wrapped his hands on her waist and they both moved in the house..

Khushi was shocked to see him with another girl. Who was this girl? What was she doing here with him? He came in and then hugged his Di, took blessings from every elder person and Lavanya was just standing, smiling at everyone.. Khushi was nervous.. She felt a thorn prick her heart.. She didnt wanted him to introduce this new girl to everyone.. God knows how was she related to him..

Arnav: Umm Di, Nani.. She is Lavanya... My very very good friend from Canada.. She is here with me for her Shoot.. She's the new model of AR too.. And she is visiting India for the first time.,.She would be staying with us here..

Everyone smiled and greeted her.. Anjali then Hugged Lavanya and turned to Arnav.

Anjali: Well CHotte.. Wont you introduce your new friend to your Fiancee?

Arnav then saw her.. She was standing at the back. Her head lowered as if thinking something.. She definately didnt look fine.. He knew why.. He then again held Lavanya's hand and lead her to Khushi..She looked up to him with moist eyes..

Arnav: Lavanya.. She is Khushi.. (He said this and then whispered in her ears so that only these 3 could hear it ) My Ex- Fiancee I told you about..

Khushi felt really bad. She knew he had broken their relationship before starting to Canada on her wish but the Pain of it she felt today.. Infact from today.

Arnav didnt speak anything to Khushi and Lavanya just smiled at her..

Arnav: Lavanya, come I will show you your room. Its next to mine.. Lets get fresh.. Tired right?

He said that and left upstairs with Lavanya and then Anjali came to Khushi.

Anjali: Finally Khushi.. your would be has come back.. I know you must be feeling a bit jealous seeing him with his friend.. But dont worry I know Chottee.. He is just pulling your leg..

She went after that to get the Lunch ready. Even Gupta family would be having lunch with them today. Lavanya was down.. She was talking to Anjali and Nani and Khushi was already fuming seeing her interacting with everyone so nicely as if she was meant to be in this House..

Lavanya: Di.. I guess I will go and call ASR. He was damm hungry in the flight..
Anjali: OK Lavanya.. Call him down.. We will start serving till then.

Lavanya left to call him and Khushi's eyes were waiting for him to come down.. She was serving Lunch to Nani and then she saw him coming down with Lavanya. Lavanya and he were talking something and he was smiling at her.. Lavanya also looked to him blushing a bit and they came near the table. Khushi realised what their relation was.. They were definately not just friends.. more than that..

Lavanya sat next to Arnav and Anjali was a bit surprised.. That should have been Khushi's seat but she didnt mind since Lavanya was their guest. Arnav too didnt bother.. Khushi now started serving him the Pasta.. his alltime favourite..

Lavanya: Khushi.. Wait.. ASR doesnt eat Pasta anymore..
Khushi: But its his favourite...
Lavanya: Yeah but he stopped eating it.. Actually what happened was we had been to a restraunt in Canada for dinner and the Pasta there was so damm horrible that ASR promised never to taste it anymore.. Right ASR?
Arnav: Yeah.. Absolutely.. Taste changes Khushi.. (He said looking at her and she felt bad)

Not just his taste, even he had changed.. A lot. She quietly sat beside Anjali and then started having her Lunch.. She had no mood to talk to anyone..Since Lavanya and Arnav were busy in their own talks. They kept sharing with everyone how they met and how they became good friends.. Khushi was fuming.. She was all red..
Part 25

The Lunch finished and Arnav went back upstairs to his room. He had some work.. Anjali, Lavanya and Khushi were in the Kitchen. HP came in and told that Arnav needed some coffee.. Khushi quickly started making one for him. She finished making the Coffee and was about to take it upstairs when Lavanya interrupted..

Lavanya: Khushi.. Give it to me.. I am going upstairs.. I will give him.
Anjali: No Lavanya.. you dont understand.. Khushi needs some time with Arnav alone.. Afterall they have met after a year.. Let her go...
Lavanya: Fine Di.. I will also move upstairs in my room for some rest..

Lavanya and Khushi both moved towards the stairs when Lavanya started telling her..

Lavanya: Well Khushi.. I guess its high time you and Arnav tell the family that you are no more engaged.. Afterall all this drama has to end sometime..
Khushi: So you know about us then?
Lavanya: Yeah Arnav told me everything.. Well I can only say Poor Arnav.. He was so desperate for you.. And you never understood him.. But thats ok.. If you would have understood him then how would I enter his life? So I must thanks to you..
Khushi: I didnt get you Lavanya..
Lavanya: Well I will explain you.. Me and Arnav got secretly engaged in Canada.. Just between close friends.. See the ring.. Pretty naa? (She said showing her finger ring)

A tear fell from Khushi's eyes. He got engaged again? Why? He didnt even tell her? They reached his room and Lavanya knocked.. He opened the door and saw them both.

Arnav: Hey.. Come in..
They both came inside and then Khushi placed the Coffee on the table.. She was still sad..

Khushi: Congratulations Arnav..
Arnav: For?
Khushi: On your Enagegement with Lavanya..

He looked at Lavanya surprisingly..

Lavanya came and hugged him from the side and spoke..

Lavanya: Yeah Arnav.. I told Khushi that we got engaged.. She needs to know this.. Dont she?
Arnav: Yeah.. Well.. Good..I would have told her sometime later.. But you made my work easy Lavanya..Thanks..
Lavanya: Ohh come on Baby.. You dont need to thank me.. I am all yours.. When are you showing me your Office?
Arnav: Tomorrow.. We have loaddss of work to do Lavanya.. Would you mind helping me mailing my clients now??

He said with a sexy smirk and Khushi felt more bad.. He used to make her do these things before and today she was out of his life.. Well she didnt wanted to be either with him,.. Never .. from start.. But why was this affecting her so much today?

She was leaving the room when Arnav spoke..

Arnav: Khushi..

She turned back..

Arnav: Can you please close the door while moving out.. And tell di not to disturb.. we are busy..

He said that and made Lavanya sit on the recliner.. He sat on the bed with his laptop and they started chatting.. The recliner reminded her of their last kiss which was a year back. She was helpless. That Kiss had no meaning today. Atleast not for him.. She locked the door behind her and came out.

It was evening. Lavanya and Arnav were still in his room and Khushi wanted to eagerly know what they were doing? Anjali was going upstairs to give some documents which Akash wanted to give to Arnav. Khushi told Anjali that she would give those to him. Anjali handed the papers to her and she left. Khushi rushed to his room. She knocked.. Almost after 2 knocks in 5 minutes, he opened the door.. He was sleepy. Infact looked tired.. He rubbed his eyes and saw her..

Arnav: Khushi? Why are you here?

He didnt open the door fully. And she was more curious to know why..

Khushi: Umm..Akash jiju had asked me to give these documents to you.. So..( Immediately she heard Lavanya's voice from inside..)

Lavanya: Baby.. Whose it?
Arnav turned back and opened the door.. Khushi saw Lavanya on Arnav's bed and with the quilt half on her body meant she too was sleeping with him..

Arnav: Its Khushi, Lavanya..
Khushi was fuming.. How can this girl sleep on his bed.. Was he sleeping beside her? Doesnt she have her own room to sleep? And most important.. what were they doing? Just sleeping?? She turned to Arnav.

Khushi: Arnav.. You said you are busy right? Some work and stuff.. And you here relaxing? (She asked angrily)
Arnav: (Raised his eye brow): I can do anything Khushi.. Its my wish.. Who are you to interfere?
Khushi felt bad.. Those words pricked her again..She handed him the papers and then went down. Arnav closed the door behind her..

It was late evening and Gupta Family had already left for their home except Khushi who was working with Akash in the Living room. It was almost 10:00 at night and they were still working.. Arnav was watching some movie with Lavanya in the Living room beside them. It was the same romantic movie which he had played in Maldives.. And when Khushi had asked him to turn it off.. Akash had gone to kitchen to have some water. And now Just Arnav, Khushi and Lavanya were in the Living room with Khushi working on the Laptop and they both watching movie sitting close to each other. The same intense scene was played now and Khushi saw him. He didnt even look at her.. He bent to Lavanya's ears and then whispered something which Khushi was unable to hear.. She was jealous.. Truely jealous.. In one day her world again was turned upside down by this same guy.. How dare he?

She kept the laptop aside and moved out from that room. Arnav saw her leaving. He excused himself and moved behind her.. She went straight to the poolside and started roaming here and there in frustration.

Arnav came behind her..

Arnav: Khushi...
Khushi turned to see him. She had anger written all on her face..

Khushi moved to him and held his collar. She also pinned him to the side wall where he was leaning..

Khushi: How could you Arnav??
Arnav: Sorry?? How could I What?
Khushi: Dont act so smart.. I know whats going on between you and her..
Arnav: Really? Whats going on between us Khushi? What do you sense?
Khushi: You .. You are ditching her.. You dont love her Arnav.. Do you?
Arnav: Khushi. I dont need to answer you that.. You are out of my life. You mean nothing to me Allright? And who the hell gave you the right to question me?
Khushi: I have the rights.. I will always have..
Arnav: Really? How?
Khushi: I am still your Fiancee in front of this world.. The entire world knows we are engaged.. Till we break this officially, you cannot be with her the way you want to.. Understood?

Arnav held her hands now and he turned and pinned her back to the wall. She was scared..

Arnav: Breaking the engagement Officially haan? Well.. You have quite a lot of guts Khushi.. You made me break our bond, you made me stay away from you and my family for such a long time, and now you still show yourself as my Fiancee to this world ?? What are you doing Khushi.. Where did all your dreams of your Prince Charming gone?? Remember what you told me that day? I can never be the man whom you expect in life.. Then why are you expecting so much from me now Khushi?? Why do you care if I flirt with her? Why does it prick you? Why Khushi Why????

Khushi was in tears.. He was so close to her.. Anytime he was this close to her, they had kissed,.. She saw his lips.. They were trembling to be devoured. His eyes looked hungry.. He looked at her with all that passion that wanted to explode on her in these past months.. She had no answers for any of his questions.. She was lost in him. In his visible passion. She cupped his face with her hands. He could see her melting.. He could feel her body warm by his touch.. He closed the inches gap too that was between them waiting for her to show him what she wanted to do. She stroked her thumb on his lips and looked at his lips waiting for him to kiss her back like before.. Waiting for him to explore her again the way he did on the Mehndi night.. She was breathing heavily and wanted him badly.. But he didnt make a move at all.. He kept staring in her eyes reading what she was going through and he understood.. She was jealous.. Very jealous.. But that doesnt mean she wanted him back. He suddenly held her hands which were cupping his face and placed them down. He then moved back and finally went away from this poolside.. Leaving her surprised and alone once again..
Part 26

He came back down where Lavanya was sitting and then started watching the movie again with her.. Khushi too came down. She said to Anjali that she needs to leave as its too late..

Anjali: Chottee.. Drop Khushi Home.. Its too late now..
Arnav: Di.. I am damm tired today.. Jet Lag you see.. Umm... Ask if Akash can drop her..
Anjali: Chotte.. Why are you doing this? What has happened to you?
Khushi: Di.. Thats ok. Its not that late. I will get a Cab or Auto outside. I will leave.
Anjali: But Khushi.. Wait I will call Akash...Khushi..

She didnt wait. She left from there.. She was walking all alone.. Many empty auto and Cab's went from beside her but she didnt wish to stop any. She wanted to walk. All alone.. She was not in her senses any more.. She kept thinking about their interaction today at the poolside.. He had asked her many things.. many questions .. And she had no answers to any.. Why? There were just two options left now .. Either accept whats happening or fight for her right back.

But what would she fight for? The right which she herself gave back to him? No.. She cant fight.. She even didnt know why she wanted to fight? Has she started loving him? No.. Cant be.. She can never fall for a guy like that who changes his Girl friends so often. What if after marriage he loses interest in her and sees some other girl.. No.. Cant be possible.. She was still in deep thoughts when a truck was coming with full speed from the opposite direction. She didnt even realise she was walking on the middle of the road.. SHe saw the stong lights of the truck only when it was damm near and she closed her eyes in fear of getting hit by the truck when a pair of strong arms gripped her shoulders and turned her to the other side, a safer side. She hugged the person tight and was breathing heavily. Her face was hiding in his chest. Her arms wrapped tight at his back, her lips trembling in fear and shiverring.. Slowly she realised she was in someones arms and so she turned up to see the person. He was none other than Arnav. The man who made her face this accident and then saved her too..

She looked in his eyes.. These eyes showed a fear of losing her.. She pulled back from that hug and looked down. He came back to his senses..

Arnav: What the hell Khushi..Cant you see and walk? What if I would not have followed you? What if you would have met with this accident?
Khushi was quiet. She knew it was her mistake. She should have paid some attention on the road..
Arnav pulled her shoulders and asked her again..

Arnav: Khushi answer me Dammit.. I am talking to you..
Khushi: I am ... I am sorry.. I was thinking something and I didnt..

She said this in a scary voice. Infact the words she said was hardly feable. He knew she was scared.. He then left her and held her hand.. They moved towards his car and she sat inside.. After a year she sat beside him on the front seat. She felt good.. He drove the car straight to Gupta House. He got a call in between from Lavanya while driving..

Arnav: Yeah Lavanya.. (PAUSE).. I am coming back soon... Dont sleep till then allright.. You know what I mean.. Yeah Bye..

Khushi felt bad again.. Why did he ask her not to sleep till he returns.. What was he planning to do? No they cannot have such Physical relationship between them.. Arnav cant do that with her.. But.. His words were telling her to believe in what she heard.. They reached Gupta House. She opened the Car door and moved out.. No Bye nothing.. He hurridly left the place driving in full speed as usual. Khushi came home and went to bed.. All that night she couldnt sleep.. She was thinking what was happening in his room.. Were they getting intimate? May be..

She got up from her bed and called him up from her number.. Arnav was sleeping.. He saw her number and then cut the call. He knew why she was calling him.. He very well knew what she was thinking.. It was 03:00am at night and he knew he was the reason why she could not sleep. He texted her and a message beeped on her number from him. She immediately opened it..

Khushi (Reading): Good girls from respected families do not ring/text a playboy like me so late at night.. So stop calling me or texting me.. Good night.. Keep dreaming about your beloved Prince Charming and his qualities and let me do what I am doing right now.. See you tomorrow at Office..

She read the message and was more hurt.. How could he taunt her like that.. She tried to sleep and finally slept. She got up at 09:00 am and saw the clock. She was late .. very late for Office today. She had her shower and then got ready for office.. She purposely wore a Red chudidar. She knew Red is his favourite.. She then left her hair loose and then reached AR group.. She was down when she saw him with Lavanya making her introduce to some staff. Lavanya had wore a Red dress too.. And she looked more sexy than her. Khushi was depressed again. She saw Akash and she moved to him..

Khushi: Hey Jiju.. Good Morning..
Akash: Hi Khushi.. You little late and you look tired as if not slept properly. You fine?
Khushi: Yes I am ok.. Why is Lavanya here?
Akash: She is our new model. She is here for the shoot..Why?
Khushi: Just asked..

She smiled at Akash and went straight to Pam's desk. She spoke something to Pam and then returned back. After sometime she heard Arnav talking to Pam..

Arnav: What the Hell Pam..!! Why arent the shoot dresses come yet? What the hell is going On?
Pam: ASR they are still not ready. Tomorrow they will be..
Lavanya: Does that mean no shoot today ASR?
Khushi: Yeah Lavanya.. Its so sad.. I mean what would you do here at office then.. I think you should go home and rest.
Arnav: No.. I mean.. No need Lavanya.. Infact we get some time to spend with each other.. Come to my cabin. Will sit there.. ( He gave a stern look to Khushi making her feel jealous again and smirking at her that he knew the delay in the shoot was definately planned by her).

Khushi was with Akash and she had to get some papers signed by Arnav. She knew Lavanya was in his cabin. She herself went to his cabin to get the documents signed. She was at the glass door. The door was open and she saw them. They both were standing quite close to each other.. Lavanya was loosening his Tie and they both kept staring at each other.. Khushi gulped. She never wanted to see this. They so close in front of her own eyes.. She cleared her throat which alerted them and they saw her.. Khushi looked down.

Arnav: Cant you knock Khushi before coming in?
Khushi: Cant you close the door before getting intimate with her?

Thats it.. He could not believe she said that to him.. He was the Boss and she knew that very well. How can she tell him what he needs to do and what not..

Arnav: Why the hell are you here?
Khushi: I want your signatures on these..
Arnav saw the papers and then read them. He signed the papers and then handed it to her again..

Arnav: Khushi.. one more thing.. Get three tickets booked for Singapore.. You, me and Lavanya are going to Singapore for her next shoot..
Khushi: What?? We three?
Arnav: Yeah why? Any problem?
Khushi: No.. I mean How can you?? You have a conference with the Mittals in London..
Arnav: Yeah I think I will postpone it.. Just ask Aman to call me.. I will ask him to do it..

She left his cabin and came back to her desk. She was surprised.. But she knew it must be important shoot and that why he has planned it.

It was 09:00 pm and Khushi was still working at office. He was about to leave with Lavanya when he saw her at her desk.. He and Lavanya made their way to her..

Arnav: Khushi.. You still not gone home?
Khushi: No.. Little more work to do and then I am done..
Arnav: No need to wait allright.. Come we will drop you..
Khushi didnt deny.. She packed her bag and then left along with them. Arnav sat in his seat and Lavanya sat beside him in the front seat. Khushi sat behind.

Lavanya: So Arnav.. How many days would we be in Singapore?
Arnav: 4 days and then we back.
Lavanya: Ok.. Are the rooms booked? I mean the Hotel..
Arnav: Yup.. Aman did that.. Why?
Lavanya: No I mean I have my own standard of rooms you see.. A nice executive honeymoon suite would do..
Arnav: I know your choice Lavanya..

Khushi was nervous.. She remembered her stay with him in Maldives. Things were so different then..

Lavanya: Arnav.. Just drop me home first. I need to watch my daily soap.. Its already late.. After dropping me you can drop Khushi back home..
Arnav: Fine..

They reached RM first and Lavanya got down. She gave a side kiss to Arnav asking him to come back soon to which Khushi fumed. She then asked Khushi to sit in front and she left inside. Khushi sat beside him now.. And he drove..

Khushi: She is just like you wanted your fiancee to be right?
Arnav: Yeah.. Very much.. Atleast she doesnt mind me kissing her, hugging her and you know what else I mean.. After all you too were my Fiancee before..
Khushi: Yeah.. I know what all you keep wanting and expecting..

Arnav was quiet.. He knew what she was feeling.. A message beeped on his phone. It was from Lavanya..

Arnav (Reading): So hows the chance? I mean I am sure she is jealous.. after seeing me kiss you on your cheeks..
Arnav (replied): Yeah.. She is fuming Lavanya.. Its working.. Just few more steps and she would be all giving up.. I am waiting for the day when she would actually fall in love with this no more playboy..

Khushi knew it must have been Lavanya seeing the smile on his face while texting..

Khushi: So.. You never changed right.. You are still the same..
Arnav: (Stopped texting and kept his phone aside): What do you mean?
Khushi: Playboy.. A person who keeps playing with emotions of girls like a toy and then dump them when his wish is fulfilled.. You need somemore description Arnav?

Arnav was done.. He could not hear such things anymore from her.. He applied strong brakes and then got down from his car. He opened her side of door and pulled her out. He pinned her to the car and then asked her..

Arnav: Why would I change Khushi? Didnt you tell me that day that I can never be the one you expect in your life?? WHom would I change for? You always wanted someone who would share his bed physically with you besides him for his first time.. And I couldnt be that.. Its not my fault that I didnt meet you before.. And then when I met you, when I wanted you, you made me leave you and be what I am back again today.. Now why the hell you expected me to change? Did you anytime in the last year call me to ask me how I am without you? Did you anytime rethink of our relation which we broke? No.. You didnt.. You were busy in fulfilling your dreams.. And you did that.. Now why the hell then you expected me to chnage for Khushi? And Lavanya.. She accepted me for what I was.. Did you anytime see me flirting around with someone else when I am committed to Lavanya? No.. Because I wont wish to do it anymore.. I am changing for her.. I was doing the same for you too.. But you never noticed it.. You never felt it..You know what Khushi.. You were confused then when I was with you.. and you are still confused when I am no more with you..

He said that all angrily and she had tears in her eyes.. She could see how hurt he was by her..
Part 27

Arnav: Why would I change Khushi? Didnt you tell me that day that I can never be the one you expect in your life?? WHom would I change for? You always wanted someone who would share his bed physically with you besides him for his first time.. And I couldnt be that.. Its not my fault that I didnt meet you before.. And then when I met you, when I wanted you, you made me leave you and be what I am back again today.. Now why the hell you expected me to change? Did you anytime in the last year call me to ask me how I am without you? Did you anytime rethink of our relation which we broke? No.. You didnt.. You were busy in fulfilling your dreams.. And you did that.. Now why the hell then you expected me to chnage for Khushi? And Lavanya.. She accepted me for what I was.. Did you anytime see me flirting around with someone else when I am committed to Lavanya? No.. Because I wont wish to do it anymore.. I am changing for her.. I was doing the same for you too.. But you never noticed it.. You never felt it..You know what Khushi.. You were confused then when I was with you.. and you are still confused when I am no more with you..

He said that all angrily and she had tears in her eyes.. She could see how hurt he was by her.. But she too was hurt.. And this time after listening all this she was much clear what she wanted..

Khushi: Why would I call you Arnav.. I never felt anything for you that time? Till you came back.. I was actually confused.. I didnt even know if you loved me.. How would I.?? Everytime we met, you tried being more physical to me than understanding me what I wanted.. And now.. when you have returned back after a year and I hoped that things will do get changed, you got Lavanya with you.. And not just that... You even got enagaged to her..

Arnav turned back and pinned her again to the Car..

Arnav: I am not engaged to her.. You got that? She is my Cousin NK's Fiancee.. I never loved her. I can never love anyone in my life Khushi other than you .. I always loved you.. Just you.. Why cant you understand that?

Khushi: What ? YOu mean all this while you were just acting? Trying to make me feel jealous? Wow.. I was such a fool to believe what was happening in front of my eyes..

Arnav: Know what.. Thats your problem. You believe in what you see.. Cant you read my eyes Khushi..??
Khushi: I always wanted to Arnav.. But your words were more enough than anything else.. Remember that contract you made me sign before engagement? What was that haan? No true lover would ever make his love do that..
Arnav: Did you ever read that papers Khushi? There was no such contract between us. I was just pulling your legs. It was the property papers I made you sign. I had purchased an island on your name and planned this surprise for our wedding night.. But I knew your morals would never ever let you accept the property till you legally get married to me.. So I didnt tell you the truth that time.. And they were urgent so I had to make you sign them on engagement day. Why do you think I went to Office on our engagement day? It was to make those damm property papers...

Khushi got another shock of the day.. She was so much tensed. So many truths were out and she had no idea how she should be responding to them.

Arnav cupped her face and then looked in her eyes..

Arnav: Khushi.. Please.. I dont want you to get more confused.. I dont want to force you either.. You still need time to think of our relationship then do take it.. But do not take a hasty decision now and deny.. Please think over it again.. Ok?

Khushi removed his hands from her cheeks and she opened the car door and sat inside..He knew she was in no mood to talk now.. She sat on his seat and then drove to Gupta House. He dropped her and she went inside without even saying a Bye..

He came back home. He was very tired.. After all the talks with Khushi today he felt that atleast the misunderstandings between them have started to get cleared.. if not all.. He waited eagerly for the next day to meet her..

Next Morning..

He told some details about their conversation to Lavanya and she too asked him to relax as she knew Khushi would be taking a wise decision. They both left for the office and saw Khushi already in with Akash.. She was wearing a light pink chudidar and she was talking to Akash on some project. She too looked at him and then continued talking.. She still looked nervous and not in mood to question anything. Lavanya went for her shoot and Arnav was in his cabin.. When she knocked..

She came inside and he waited for her words..

Khushi: Arnav... These are the Singapore Iternary.. Choose one.. which you feel is the best.. I mean in terms of the stay. I will finalize it then..
Arnav: Khushi.. Did you think anything about..
Khushi: Now will you keep asking me this everyday till I reply ? I still need time Arnav.. I cant say how much.. If you can wait.. then wait.. Or else...
Arnav: I will wait.. For a Yes from you Khushi.. I can wait my entire life for that..
Khushi: These words are good in novels Arnav.. Not in reality.. I know you cannot even control yourself when you see me.. You dont need any excuses to touch me, feel me and you will contimue doing it..
Arnav: I wont.. I wont touch you henceforth till you wish.. I promise..
Khushi: I dont believe..
Arnav: Well I can just say wait and watch Khushi..
Khushi: Ok.. Lets see.. When are we leaving for Singapore?
Arnav: In 2 days.. With Lavanya.. Afterall its her shoot..
Khushi: How many rooms this time?
Arnav: 2..
Khushi: Right.. One for me and her and one for you.. Dont forget that this time we are not staying together..
Arnav: Well in that case.. We need 3 rooms then..
Khushi: How?
Arnav: One for me, one for you and one for NK and Lavanya.. NK is joining us in Singapore.. So they would be staying together.. Afterall they are engaged.. Officially..
Khushi: Fine.. I will make the arrangements..

She said that and left his cabin. He was happy.. Very happy.. Atleast she was giving him a chance.. One more chance.. May be the last one to prove that he truely loves her.. Only her.. And he was sure she would be taking a decision in this trip of theirs.. This trip had to be memorable like the Maldives one..

2 days passed quickly and finally the day to travel to Singapore arrived.. Khushi, Arnav and Lavanya reached Aiport, and boarded the flight.. Lavanya and Khushi sat together and Arnav missed her already. It was quite difficult to wait for her response now.. But he had to wait as he promised her that he wont even touch her if she doesnt wish.. But afterall even he was ASR.. He knew how to make her wish to be get touched by him.

Lavanya: Khushi.. In all this.. I forgot to say something to you..
Khushi: What?
Lavanya: I am sorry.. I didnt wanted to come in between you two.. But this Arnav.. he made me do all this and I came here.. Hoep you not angry on me anymore??
Khushi smiled: No.. I am no more angry.. Well tell me something about Nk.. Your fiancee..
Lavanya: Ohh he!! He is a darling.. He is very cute..

All the journey Khushi and Lavanya kept talking and smiling.. They were becoming good friends and Arnav liked that.. After many months he had seen Khushi smiling and happy.. He felt nice.. They reached the Singapore Airport and NK had come to pick them..

The bags were loaded in the Car and 4 of them started for the Hotel. Khushi spoke to NK too.. He was really nice.. They reached the Hotel and then to their respective rooms.. The room was similar to what they had stayed in last time in Maldives. Only he was missing in this room.. She smiled and then had her shower.. She was reading some magazine on her bed when she heard the door knocked..

She opened it and it was him.. He was in his Blue casuals (The one he wore during the Mahurat of his new movie in SBS) and she was already drooling him.. Arnav saw her so much of lost in him and so he decided to break her silence first..

Arnav: Khushi.. Can I come in..?
Part 28

She opened the door and it was him.. He was in his Blue casuals (The one he wore during the Mahurat of his new movie in SBS) and she was already drooling him.. Arnav saw her so much of lost in him and so he decided to break her silence first..

Arnav: Khushi.. Can i come in..?
Khushi: (Came back to her senses) Yes..
She closed the door once he was inside.. He went straight to the Sofa and sat there.. He had got his laptop along.. He opened his laptop and started working..
Khushi: You working here? In my room?
Arnav: Yeah I was feeling bored.. Actually had been to Lavanya and NK's room and Knocked thrice.. No one opened. I realized what they must be doing.. So came here.. DO you mind me working here?
Khushi: Umm.. No.. Continue..
Arnav: What were you doing ?

She went back to the Bed and took the magazine in her hand..

Khushi: Reading this..
Arnav: I see..

He then looked back to this laptop and kept working.. It was almost an hour that he didnt see her at all while she kept staring at him in between to see if he was looking at her.. Finally she got up from the bed and went to the Kitchen to make some coffee for both. She got the coffee for him and kept on the table infront.. He still didnt look at her..He just said Thanks and picked the Coffee mug to drink..

She was surprised.. One way she liked him being like that.. And in the other way she missed that naughtiness in him..
There was a knock at the door and Khushi opened the door again and saw Lavanya and NK. They both came in and saw Arnav working..

NK: Arnav.. You working ??
Arnav: Yeah why?
NK: No No I meant you working here in Khushi's room?
Arnav: Yeah Nk.. Just like that.. What were you both doing? I knocked thrice..
NK and Lavanya blushed.
Lavanya: Really ASR? I mean we didnt hear it.. Right NK?
NK: Yeah .. I guess our TV volume was loud..
Arnav smiled and so did Khushi..

Khushi: Guyss.. would you like some coffee??
Nk:Umm yeah one for me..
Lavanya: No Thanks Khushi..
Khushi made a coffee for NK too and then they all started chatting.. NK and lavanya had planned for sightseeing tonight. Arnav denied saying that he has loads of work to finish and he asked Khushi to join them along. Khushi didnt wanted to join them and disturb their privacy so she too denied saying that she isent feeling well.. Hearing that from her Arnav was all tensed..

Arnav: Khushi.. What? You are not feeling well? What happened? SHould I call the doctor?
Khushi:Arnav.. No.. Not like that. I mean its just because of our journey today.. I am good otherwise.. I will just rest and I will be fine..

NK and Lavanya went for the sightseeing and Arnav and Khushi still in Khushi's room. It was night already so Khushi ordered the food and they had dinner together.. It was not as interesting one as it used to be in Maldives.. He was quiet silent and kept on emailing Aman on some details even while having food.. She was not liking him to be like this now.. He was missing his old charm she thought.. She still didnt speak anything on this topic thinking that he might get it all different..After dinner Khushi was really getting bored.. Arnav was still on his laptop and Khushi thought of taking a shower and getting ready for sleep.

Khushi: Arnav.. I am taking a shower.. Incase you leaving let me know.. Ok?
Arnav: Yeah Khushi.. I guess I will leave once you are out..Fine?
Khushi: Ok..

She went for the shower.. She remembered how in Maldives he had asked her if they can have bath togther and she had denied.. SHe blushed.. She knew he loved her and it must be really hard for him to control his feelings so much.. She had her bath but then she thought of checking how much Arnav was changing .. Or is it that he is still acting to be changed.. She immediately opened the bathroom door slightly calling him..

Khushi: Arnav..
Arnav: Yes Khushi..
Khushi: I forgot to get the towel. Can you just pass it from the cupboard..
Arnav: Khushi.. There should be one in the bathroom.. Just check properly.

She smiled.

Khushi: No Arnav.. Its not here so I am asking..
Arnav got up.. He went to the cupboard and then got a towel for her.. He went straight to the bathroom door and without looking inside he extended his hands for her to grab the towel from him. She grabbed the towel and then pulled him inside..

He was shocked. He didnt expect her to do that.. Not after what conversation they had that night of him not touching her until she wants him to.. He saw her.. She was wearing a white bathrobe and her hair were all wet.. She looked more hot today.. She was smiling at him and waiting for him to react..

Arnav: What the hell Khushi.. How can you just pull me in.. And if you had a towel here .. why did you lie?
Khushi: I felt like lieing and so I did.. Do you even know Arnav.. how much I am missing you? (She said closing the distance between the two and made him hit the wall)
Arnav: (Gupled) Miss? I am here with you since Afternoon.. How can you miss me then?
Khushi: You were present here only Physically Arnav.. Your mind was somewhere else.. In your work.
Arnav: Ofcourse.. That had to be.. Afterall we here for work Khushi.. Nothing else..

Khushi was now getting irritated by this changed nature of his.. She needed him to command her as before..
Arnav: And moreover Khushi.. (He slid her hand on her waist and pulled her towards him) If you wanted something else from me.. You could ask it anytime.. I would fulfil it.. But only after you confess that you Love me and want to marry me.. Till then there always would be a barrier between us and you will always find a difference between the Arnav that you had been with in Maldives and Arnav here in Singapore..

Khushi was breathing hard.. She knew what he meant.,. She also knew that he was right this time.. Still she was in her controls.. She actually had forgiven him for everthing the night they had the conversation. Only problem was that she didnt wanted him to know that so soon.

Arnav: Khushi.. I think I should be leaving back to my room. Good night.. And sweet dreams..

She was sad.. Sad that he was really changed.. And he meant to control everything what he felt for her just for her.. He moved out from her room taking his laptop and couldnt believe he could actually control everything so well even after seeing her giving up.
Part 29

She was sad.. Sad that he was really changed.. And he meant to control everything what he felt for her just for her..He moved out from her room taking his laptop and couldnt believe he could actually control everything so well even after seeing her giving up.

The next day she opened her eyes and saw him waiting with a Tray in his hands besides the bed.. She immediately got up and sat on the bed..

Khushi: Arnav? How did you come in?
Arnav: Dont ask me that.. Well.. Good Morning..

He said that and put the tray on the bed.. She was surprised.. What was he doing? He was actually making her a bed tea and was really acting sweet..

Khushi: Arnav.. why are you doing this? I mean I can make my own tea..
Arnav: To make up for what I did last night..
Khushi: What? I didnt understand..
Arnav then handed her the tea and then started making his..
Arnav: Well you see I thought I should not have ignored you like that in the bathroom last night.. I dont mean anything else.. But I was rude I thought.. You might have been upset seeing me ignoring you right?? So I thought of making that up for today.. So here I am.. In your room.. before you get up.. with the Bed tea ready..

She smiled.. She liked him do this for her.. She drank the tea and so did he.. She got up from the bed to get some shower when he held her hand. She was nervous.. She didnt knew if she should be objecting him or let him do what he wants to. She didnt turn..She started breathing heavily..

Khushi: Arnav..

He then pulled her back and made her hit her back to his chest.. She waited for him to slid his hands on her waist to hold her tight.. But he didnt.. He then whispered in her ears..

Arnav: Khushi..
Khushi closed her eyes
Arnav: Dont forget take your Towel inside.. I wont be here to give it to you..

She opened her eyes and turned back.. She was angry.. This is what he stopped her for? Thats it? Nothing else?

Khushi: What do you mean by you wont be there?
Arnav: Today is Lavanya's shoot.. So I am going with her.. You can rest here.. NK is coming along with us..
Khushi: What ? If you all are going.. why will I rest? I too will join you all..
Arnav: Fine.. But you will get bored.. As I will be busy with the team and Lavanya.. May be you can give some company to NK.. Fine?
Khushi: Yes.. I will get ready.. She said that and left for shower.. He too returned back to his room and then got dressed..

Khushi wore a beautiful Red Saree again today and Arnav was finding it damm hard to control. He was trying his best to keep his eyes off her.. But no.. His eyes were ditching him everytime.. They roamed on her bare back, her waist and her hands, neck whenever she talked with the Team during the shoot.. She then sat with NK in one corner of the room and was chatting with him.. She was sometimes seeing him if he looked at her and she knew he did.. She had left her hair and she really looked adorable.. NK went to get some snacks for them And Khushi was sitting all alone.. Arnav came next to her and then sat beside her..

Arnav: Khushi.. I think you should start for the Hotel. We will be late you know..
Khushi: Its Ok Arnav.. I will wait.. Why do you look so uncomfortable with me around you today?
Arnav: You want to know the truth?
Khushi: Yes .. I do..
Arnav: Because seeing you in red I am going all crazy.. I dont want to do something which I had promised you I wont..
Khushi: Ohh !!! Well Arnav... Thats your test today then.. I will be with you till tonight 12:00 .. Wont even leave you for a single minute alone.. Let me see.. Incase you still show me your controlled nature.. You win then.. And I will be ready to marry you anytime you wish.. But if you dont then..
Arnav: Then what?
Khushi: Nothing.. I will still take my own sweet time to think.. May be week, month or a year more..
Arnav: Thats hard one Khushi.. Cant we simplify it a bit?
Khushi: No.. Rules are rules.. Arnav..
Arnav: Ok if thats the case then I too have something for you..
Khushi: What?
Arnav: Incase I win then you have to fulfil that wish which I told you a year back after making the Lunch for you..
Khushi: (Blushed): I dont remember it..
Arnav:Really? Fine. Listen it again then "I want you to dip your finger in the chocolate sauce and then apply it on anyone part of my naked body and lick that sauce from there".
Khushi: No way Arnav.. I wont do that..
Arnav: So you mean you sure I will win?
Khushi: Nope.. I didnt mean that either.. But I cant do this..
Arnav: Then I dont accept the Challenge that you gave me..
Khushi: What?
Arnav: Yeah..

He said that and went to Lavanya again and was talking to her when she placed her hand on his shoulder from behind. He turned back..

Khushi: I am ready..
Arnav: Great.. So my time starts now..

He said that and then went back to his work.. Khushi was hardly getting time to make him lose.. SHe wanted to do something which would lead him to either touch her or try kissing her so that he would lose the challenge and she would not need to fufil his wish.. But this didnt seemed happening today.. He was all busy with his teams and she was left with NK just watching Arnav from behind and admiring him.. She wanted in one way for him to win but then she knew what would be coming next for her if this does happen..
Part 30

Khushi: I am ready..
Arnav: Great.. So my time starts now..

He said that and then went back to his work.. Khushi was hardly getting time to make him lose.. SHe wanted to do something which would lead him to either touch her or try kissing her so that he would lose the challenge and she would not need to fufil his wish.. But this didnt seemed happening today.. He was all busy with his teams and she was left with NK just watching Arnav from behind and admiring him.. She wanted in one way for him to win but then she knew what would be coming next for her if this does happen..

It was night 08:00pm when finally the Shoot was over and all the 4 were now ready to move back to the Hotel. Arnav was driving and Khushi was beside him in the Car. NK and Lavanya were at the back seat.

Khushi: Lavnaya.. I liked that Red dress which you didnt get a chance to wear in the shoot..
Lavanya: Yeah Khushi.. I too liked it.. But did you see it properly?? The neck was so deep from both back and front..
Khushi: Yeah I saw.. Where is it by the way?
Lavanya: Umm Its in my bag.. You need it Khushi? (She asked in a teasing tone with a smile)
Khushi: Yes.. I mean I wanted to check that on me.. Incase you fine..
Lavanya: Ohh Sure Khushi.. Its all yours.. I wil give it to you once we reach..
Khushi: Ok..

Arnav was all the while silent. He knew why she selected that dress to wear.. He smiled and kept driving.. It was not easy for her to make him lose this time.. He would love to win today to win her forever.. And not even a RED Low neck dress can play with his controlled desires.. They reached the Hotel and Arnav went straight back to his room. He entered inside and got freshed when he got a message from her..

Arnav (Reading): Waiting for you to join me for a Dinner in my room sharp at 10:00. Hope you dont deny coming..

Arnav smiled.. Well She herself was trying hard in all her ways.. He should not be disappointing her in any way. He replied back..

Khushi (Reading): I will come.. I am sure you wearing that Red Low neck Dress.. Good move Khushi.. But I am sad to say.. Wont effect much tonight on me.. Atleast not till I win..

Khushi was wearing the dress when she read this message. She knew that he was aware she was trying to seduce him so that he could lose. She still continued texting..

Arnav (Reading): Good that you aware.. Wont be hard for me to start..

She herself didnt know how could she write such things to him.. But afterall she was becoming like him, a bit naughty and she like being like that.. It was really fun.

It was 09:30 and she was ready. She was little uncomfortable to wear such an outfit as she never wore anything like this before.. It was a low neck red colour dress till her knees. It fitted her on her curves and anyone seeing her in it could see how slim she was. Her cleavage was visible and was actually deep. She had tied her hair to purposely expose her back. Minimal makeup and a attractive perfume.. Thats it.. She was done.. She had turned all the lights Off except few dim ones which gave a candle light dinner look to the room. She had ordered the entire dinner and the dessert.. The food was placed on the table. It was sharp 10:00 pm when he knocked. She smiled and then opened the door for him. She was supposed to give a shock to him but looking at him today she was herself all surprised..

He was leaning at the door frame in his black jeans and maroon shirt with the top two buttons opened. This showed his chest a bit and he actually had a clean shaven chest. He had not gelled his hair as he did always and he had a cologne to get crazy for.. He saw her from top to bottom. She really was full set to get him lose. But he too was not less.. He just gave her a wide smirk and then asked..

Arnav: How long you wish to stare at me like that Khushi?

She came back to her senses.. The tables were actually turning round.. Some moment she felt she would win and some moment she knew she was losing herself. She called him in and he closed the door behind her.. She was walking ahead of him guiding him to the sofa and he could see her low back neck dress.. She really was quite sexy for him to keep his hands off her.. Well he closed his fists trying to control himself and then sat on the sofa.. He saw the champagne bottle on the table just as he expected one to be here..

Arnav: Champagne?? For what?
Khushi sat beside him on the Sofa, still maintaining some distance between them..

Khushi: To celeberate ..
Arnav: Celebrate what Khushi..
Khushi: My Win..
Arnav: So you look sure of wining haan?
Khushi: Ofcourse I am Arnav..
Arnav: Dont you think the lights are too dim?
Khushi: Why?? You scared??
Arnav smiled.. She was trying to mix him up in words. And he was trying to get hold on himself.

Khushi: So lets start with the Champagne then..??
Arnav: Yeah.. Sure..

Khushi got up and got the Champagne bottle with the Opener.. She then handed the bottle to him and went to the music player to play a soft romantic music. She was on a full swing to win today. He opened the bottle and then pour the champagne in two glasses,.. They cheers 'd the glasses and then drank the champagne. Khushi was drinking this for the first time.. She never had it before.. She needed some guts to do the actions with him for winning and without drinking it she knew she would never get it right..

Khushi drunk the Champagne from her glass in one go.. And it tasted really bad for her.. She made a bitter face and then kept the glass down. She herself then came to Arnav who also had finished the Champagne by now and asked him for a dance. How could he deny when she herself had asked for one.. He extended his hand for her to hold and they both then started dancing. It was a soft romantic ball dance. She held his shoulder from one hand and he held her on her waist. It was after a year that they were dancing like this. The last time they danced was in Maldives and he remembered how he was about to kiss her on her lips that day but she had denied.. He wished to do the same tonight.. But not until 12:00 .. He had to wait.. There was still 1 hour 15 minutes left for 12:00 and he was unable to pass this remaining time. Only God could save him from losing now..

Part 31

The last time they danced was in Maldives and he remembered how he was about to kiss her on her lips that day but she had denied.. He wished to do the same tonight.. But not until 12:00 .. He had to wait.. There was still 1 hour 15 minutes left for 12:00 and he was unable to pass this remaining time. Only God could save him from losing now.. She kept looking in his eyes while dancing and he kept admiring her lips and face.. In that dim light her skin glowed like the light from the moon. The Champagne was hitting her head and she was losing her senses a bit.. She started caressing his back with her hands and pulled him closer to her. He was not surprised.. Afterall these were the tactics to win.. He still was trying his best to remain steady without actually doing something that could make her win.

She then cupped his face and stopped dancing.. He looked at her in astonishment. What was she doing? She brought her lips close to his and made him bend his neck to kiss her.. He pulled back..

Arnav: Umm.. Khushi.. I am damm hungry.. Can we have dinner?
Khushi (She didnt like him pulling back): Yes.. I will serve..

She went to the table and started serving the dinner.. It was 11:00 finally. They were having the dinner quietly.. Khushi was nervous. She was unable to distract him in any way. She knew she just had 1 hour.. But still what else could she do? Arnav on the other hand was having food very slowly and waiting for the time to pass soon. The dinner was over.. And then she started putting the plates back in the Kitchen. He helped her. She denied but he didnt listen. It was 11:30 now and she really was getting scared.. He kept the final plate in the kitchen and saw her. She was decorating the Dessert which was a piece of cake. She was pouring the chocolate sauce on it for more taste when he interrupted..

Arnav: Khushi.. Dont waste the sauce like that.. We would need to order some more then..
Khushi: I didnt get you Arnav..(She said still decorating the cake)
Arnav then came near her and pinned his hands on the kitchen slab, not her, so that she could not move..

Arnav: I meant .. Another 20 minutes and then it will be 12:00.. I will win.. And hope you remember the challenge Khushi..
Khushi: Yeah I do.. And well I am using this Chocolate sauce entirely on the cake because I know I would win the challenge and this wont be required..
Arnav: Still in false hopes Khushi? Just 15 more minutes left for me to win.

She turned back to face him. She was still pinned in between his hands on either side of the slab.. She made her hands slid on her own back and she started to unhook her dress buttons.. He was shocked.. What was she doing?? Was she planning to undress herself in front of him? No.. She cannot do that. She unhooked her two back buttons and her dress was a almost hanging loose on her.. She didnt leave the eye contact with him doing so. She wanted to see what he felt while she did this.. She could see him changing.. getting all lost in her actions, wanting her to finish what she is doing and come to him, accept him on her.. Yes she could see him losing.. Thats what she wanted.. But only one thing was missing, he didnt touch her yet. .. which was more important currently for her to win. She didnt know how he managed to control so much.. She didnt open her dress entirely but she now slid her hands on her own shoulder and pulled the sleeves of that dress a bit more down. Half of her breast were almost visible. She still didnt leave the eye contact with him and nor did he.. Nothing happened for another few minutes after that. She kept looking at him and he kept gazing at her.. And then finally the clock struck 12:00. She smiled.. She kissed his cheeks.

Khushi: You won..

Arnav was still gazing her.. He didnt even understand when it was 12:00 and that he actually won the challenge.. He looked at the clock to confirm and then he saw her. She too was looking at him smiling.

Khushi: Dont look like that Arnav.. I mean it .. You really won.. I always wanted you to win this .. So lets order some more chocolate sauce then.. She said and tried to hook her dress buttons back when he held her hand..
Arnav: What are you doing Khushi?
Khushi: Wearing my dress back properly.. Now its not required.. You won.. I did it all to make you lose.. Didnt happen.. So..
Arnav pulled her close to him and then held her waist. Her bosoms were hiting his chest now.
Arnav: Now since I have won.. That means we marrying right?
Khushi: Yeah.. We are..
Arnav: Good.. So that means we can.. (He tried to kiss her on her cheek when she pushed him and closed her dress buttons..
Khushi: Ofcourse not Arnav.. Not unless we get married..

Arnav: Really Khushi.. You can seduce me like this first and then leave me with nothing?? Thats not fair.
Khushi: Arnav come on now be a good boy and order some sauce.. I wont ask you again .. If you not interested then fine.. we had the dinner so you can go back.. And lets sleep..

Arnav: No No.. I am ordering..Allright??

Arnav ordered the Chocolate sauce and Khushi started making her bed ready..

Arnav: Khushi.. Dont do that..
Khushi : What?
Arnav: You are making your bed to sleep..???
Khushi: Offcourse.. I will finish my challenge and then sleep Arnav.. What else..?
Arnav:Yeah but atleast dont make it now.. I feel like sleeping on it..
Khushi: You can Arnav. Only thing is if you do then I have to sleep in your room.
Arnav smiled..

Arnav: Well Khushi.. Tell me one thing..
Khushi: What?
Arnav: Where are you going to apply that sauce on me?

Khushi blushed.. She knew he was making her more conscious.. Arnav was resting on her sofa. Almost sleeping on it.. She came and pushed his body to hit the Sofa frame and sat beside him..

Khushi: What do you think Arnav?
Arnav held her hand and then started thinking..

Arnav: Umm.. Ok let me guess. 3 Chances ok? Anywhere on my face?
Khushi: Nope..
Arnav: Ok.. So anywhere on my hands or legs..?
Khushi: Nooo.
Arnav: Then must be my chest..or tummy..Right?
Khushi: No Arnav.. Not even that..
Arnav: Then? (He was sounding nervous.. All the main parts that he expected her to apply the sauce were told already.. What else left?? Only his..)
Khushi: 3 chances are done.. So now wait till the sauce comes.. After that you will anyhow know..

Arnav was again all lost.. He was somewhat scared now.. He knew she has guts to do that.. But will she really? And after actually doing something like that.. how can she expect to sleep all alone on her bed tonight? Wont she need him by her side? Well he called the Kitchen desk again to get the sauce as soon as possible. She gigled.. She knew how anxious he was in knowing..
Part 32

Khushi: 3 chances are done.. So now wait till the sauce comes.. After that you will anyhow know..

Arnav was again all lost.. He was somewhat scared now.. He knew she has guts to do that.. But will she really? And after actually doing something like that.. how can she expect to sleep all alone on her bed tonight? Wont she need him by her side? Well he called the Kitchen desk again to get the sauce as soon as possible. She gigled.. She knew how anxious he was in knowing..

Khushi turned off the Music Player. Her mobile Phone rang and she answered. It was Lavanya..

Lavanya: Hey Khushi.. You didnt sleep yet?
Khushi: Hey.. No.. Not yet...
Lavanya: I am also not sleepy.. I mean NK and me were planning to come to your room now.. If you are Ok with it?
Khushi: Now? OK.. Come.. Even Arnav is here. We will have some fun.. Come..

She said that and kept the Phone.. Then she turned to Arnav and told him that they are coming.. He was not at all happy..

Arnav: Khushi.. Change your dress. Now..
Khushi: Why?
Arnav: Dont question.. I dont want any other guy to see you in this.. Ok?
Khushi: Someone is getting possesive.. Well.. I will change it then..

She took her white salwar (The one she wore at night in the episode on Tuesday when she received Arnav's message that he had reached London) and then she went to the bathroom.

The Door bell rang and Arnav opened the door. Lavanya and NK entered..

Lavanya: Hey Arnav.. What are you doing here at this time??
Arnav: Nothing.. We were just spending good time with each other untill you both came..
Lavanya laughed.. And even NK smiled.. They knew they were actually disturbing them.. But that was fine.. Khushi came out from the bathroom and then all four started chatting.. The door bell rang and Khushi opened it.. The room service guy had got the Chocolate Sauce.. She took it and kept in the kitchen.

Lavanya: Khushi.. Chocolate Sauce at this time?
Khushi saw Arnav and she blushed..
Khushi: YEah... I like having chocolate sauce at night..
Lavanya: Really? Thats amazing ..
Arnav: Khushi.. Get that cake.. We all can share it..
Khushi got the cake peice which was in the kitchen and they shared it.. Khushi fed Arnav the bite first and he loved her doing that. He too fed her.. The couples were really enjoying their time. NK was craking jokes and Khushi and Lavanya were laughing non stop.. Arnav was though losing his patience now.. He wanted NK and La to leave and spend some time with Khushi alone.. But this was not happening..

Arnav: Guys.. I am damm sleepy.. I guess we need to go back to our rooms and rest...
Lavanya: Arnav.. You are sleepy then you leave.. Me and NK will stay some more time..
Khushi: Yes Arnav.. You can leave.. We are not at all sleepy.. (She gigled as she knew what Arnav was waiting for)

But Arnav was not happy hearing this specially from Khushi. She was definately a mood spoiler sometimes.

Arnav: Fine.. I am leaving.. Good night..

He said that and left her room. Khushi didnt expect this.. She thought he would take it ligthly.. But no.. he was angry on her.. Again some 30 minutes passed and it was 1:30 now..

Khushi: OK Guyss.. I guess me too sleepy now.. Lets chat tomorrow.. Ok?
NK: Fine Khushi.. Take rest.. Come La.. We too need to sleep darling..

He pulled Lavanya and almost picked her in his arms and left the room. Khushi blushed seeing them so.. She missed Arnav now.. And she knew what she had to do. She took the Chocolate Sauce and then left for his room. She knocked.. He didnt open. She tried checking if the door was locked.. It was not locked from inside so she could open it easily and drop in. She searched for him. He wasnt there.. She could hear the shower and she knew he was having bath.. She was still holding the Chocolate Sauce bottle in her hand when he came out.. He was on his trousers and with a Towel on his shoulders.. He came out and saw her..

Arnav: What are you doing here?
Khushi: Nothing.. You angry?
Arnav: Why would I? I know you well Khushi.. You can just talk and cannot act.. (He removed the towel from his shoulder and started wiping his hair.)
Khushi: Arnav please dont say so.. Look I have got the sauce here.. Give me the Towel .. I will wipe your hair..

She tried snatching the Towel from him and he denied giving it.. Doing this the chocolate sauce bottle titled and the sauce fell down on Arnav's shoulders. The sauce was almost driping down from his shoulders to his tummy..

Arnav: Ohh Shit..!! Cant you just hold the bottle properly Khushi.. Look what have you done.. I just took the shower and now this..
Khushi: Well.. I will clean it up.. Dont be so upset..
Arnav: Yeah.. You better do that..

Khushi smiled and then she started licking the chocolate sauce from his shoulders.. He was thrilled at seeing her doing it.. He thought that she would never do this.. But nope here she was pressing his bare back from her silky hands and licking the sauce from his shoulders.. All he could do was arch back and close his fists.. She continued licking the dripping sauce from his chest now.. She was moving down with the path of the sauce.. And he was getting more excited to know if she would really lick it all from him.. She started kneeling now still didnt leave her tongue from him.. Her hands were almost on his Butts when she could see the final drop of the chocolate sauce at the start of his visible Boxers.. And she was more seduced seeing it there.. She saw at him once. He had closed his eyes. She licked that drop too slowly and calmly not allowing him to stop her from doing that which made him groan. The drop was long back sucked by her but she kept on licking him at the start of his manhood make him aroused. He pulled her up and hugged her tight.. She too hugged him.. And they remained like that for a while.. She caressed his bare back and he caressed her long left hair.. Finally she broke the hug and saw him..

Khushi: So.. Never underestimate me.. Understood? And well we still have half the bottle with us..So.. Should I try dropping some more?? (She asked chuckling at him)
Arnav: Yeah Khushi.. Why not. But then this time.. Not on me..

SHe was surprised and she pushed him to get that sauce bottle from the table before him.. But she was late.. He already took the bottle in his hand and then smirked at her..

Arnav: SO.. Where should be start from?
Part 33

Khushi: So.. Never underestimate me.. Understood? And well we still have half the bottle with us..So.. Should I try dropping some more?? (She asked chuckling at him)
Arnav: Yeah Khushi.. Why not. But then this time.. Not on me..

SHe was surprised and she pushed him to get that sauce bottle from the table before him.. But she was late.. He already took the bottle in his hand and then smirked at her..

Arnav: So.. Where should we start from?

Khushi started moving behind in fear and Arnav nearing her with the sauce bottle..

Khushi: Arnav.. No way.. You cannot do this.. See I am wearing white dress.. I dont want any chocolate sauce on this..
Arnav: When did I say I would drop it on your dress??
Khushi? What did that mean Arnav?( She asked again in fear)
Arnav: Lets remove it first..
Khushi: What? No way Arnav..

She started running in his room and he was following her slowly and steadily not wasting his energy in running behind her and saving it for the next actions.. He kept smirking and smiling at her whenever she tried to run behind the Sofa and hide behind the curtains.. She kept pleading him not to do this.. And he kept ignoring her words.. He was in full swing to chase her and stop her from moving around in the room. It was since 15 minutes she was running around and finally she held her belly and stopped.. She was tired.. She was breathing hard and she needed rest now.. He came behind her and hugged her from back.. She relaxed.. She was still panting.. He picked her up and then placed her on his bed..

She closed her eyes and clutched the bedsheet tight. He was still watching her do that. She didnt knew what he would do now.. Was he really gonna undress her and pour the sauce on her? COuld be.. Arnav Singh Raizada can do anything like that.. But then if so why was he delaying.. Why was he still gazing at her like that without even touching her.. He still had the bottle in his hands.. She opened her eyes and saw him.. He had folded his hands and was waiting her to look at him.. Khushi gulped.. She could see him melting for her.. All the control that he had before 12:00 was seen to be vanishing now. He had his eyes full of desires.. She loosened her grip on the bedsheet showing him that she was no more scared of him being like this.. proving that she wanted him to own her completely.. He smiled.. He started opening the Chocolate Sauce bottle now and threw the bottle cap aside.. He was still wearing his trousers and was bare chest.

He then made his way on the bed and sat at the bed edge.. He pulled her up so that she was sitting now close to him. He slid one hand on her back and started opening her Kurta zip. She didnt resist. She held his shoulders and closed her eyes.. She was breathless now... He opened the entire Zip of her kurta and then pulled the sleeves down so that her dress was hanging loose on her bosoms.. He then titled the bottle on her neck pouring the sauce from her neck and dripping inside her cleavage and completely covering her bosoms too.. SHe felt that sticky sauce almost all on upper half of her body. She bite her lip trying to control herself from the tickling sensation that the sauce was making on her while flowing deep inside..

He pulled her waist towards him and placed his lips on her neck at the start of the sauce on her.. He started kissing, licking and biting her everywhere where the sauce flowed and she moaned at this touch of his.. He then slowly started making her lie on the bed and he was on top of her still continuing his actions on her neck. He pulled her kurta a bit more down so that her curves were visible to him. The white sexy lacy bra she was wearing was turned brown now due to the sauce. He didnt remove it though.. He kept biting her on that lacy bra showing her how desperately he needed them in his mouth. She tugged his hair and kept moaning his Name.. She sounded all lost in him and his given pleasure.. Arnav licked all the sauce which was on her a few minutes back and he was still hungry for more.. He finally collapsed on her bosoms. Few minutes passed he slept on her. He then made his way to her lips and kissed her gently. She too gave him complete access of her tongue and mouth. They kept kissing each other for long until they finally collapsed in each others arms and slept peacefully..

In so many years Arnav never slept like tonight.. For the first time they slept together in one room on one bed. It was morning.. when Khushi opened her eyes and saw him still hugging her. His face was very near to hers and he still had a small smile on his face. A contented smile. She kissed his forehead and then tried to get up from the bed when he pulled her again..

Arnav: Khushi.. Dont get up.. Lets sleep for some more time.. Please..
Khushi: Arnav.. Its 10:00.. I need to get up..
Arnav: Nooo (He said lazily pulling her more close) Khushi.. why are you smelling so chocolaty? (He had his eyes still closed)
Khushi: Because I am still wearing the same dress you poured the sauce on last night..
Arnav opened his eyes.. He remembered everything what he did. He smiled at her and so did she..
Arnav: Khushi.. I Love you..
Khushi: Really? Ok.. Good
Arnav: What ?? Just Good? Wont you reply to that ?
Khushi: No.. I dont need to..
Arnav: Why?
Khushi: Because my actions speak more than my words..
She said that and pecked on his lips.. He tried capturing her lips for some more time but she pushed him and got up.

She rushed inside his bathroom and he slept again hugging the pillow.. He got up directly at 12:00 that too when she woke him up..

Khushi: Arnav please get up.. Look its Lunch time now..
Arnav opened his eyes.. He saw her. She was wearing a cute red colour salwar now and she looked fabulous as usual.. He tried to pull her on the bed again but she resisted..

Khushi: Arnav.. Stop it now.. And just get up or else I would have to pour sauce .. I mean water on you..

Arnav got up and sat. He was still looking all sleepy.
Khushi pulled him and made her way to the bathroom. She made him go inside and she was about to leave out when he held her hands..

Arnav: Khushi... Wait,..
Khushi turned back..
Arnav: Now that we slept together last night.. Can we..
Khushi: Can we what?
Arnav: Can we bath together.. Just once.. Pleaseee. Dont deny...
Khushi smiled.. She came to him and pulled him towards her..

Khushi: Arnav.. We arent here on our honeymoon Ok? Just wait for some more days.. After that you wont need to ask me for all this.. OK?
Arnav: Those days are still far Khushi.. Just once.. I wont ask again till we get married then.. Pleaseee
( He said this hugging her and rubbing his nose in her neck breathing her scent.. )
Khushi: Ok. Stop tickling me.. Fine..
Arnav: Really? Come then..
Khushi: No .. Not today.. I have already had my bath.. Tomorrow.. Ok? Now dont argue on that..Get fresh I will order something for us..

Arnav smiled and left her..
Part 34 MC

Khushi: Ok. Stop tickling me.. Fine.. We will have bath together..
Arnav: Really? Come then.. (He said pulling her with him to the tub when she interrupted)
Khushi: No .. Not today.. I have already had my bath.. Tomorrow.. Ok? Now dont argue on that..Get fresh I will order something for us..

Arnav smiled and left her.. Arnav had his shower and had came out. The breakfast was kept ready. She was applying the butter on his bread. She loved doing these things for him now.. She knew how her life which she considered as normal before was changed because of him in between and now everything was back to good. They both fed each other.. He made sure he never missed kissing her in between his bites on the bread.. She loved him being so naughty.. Sometimes she sat on his lap to feed him the juice and he caressed her belly with his fingers.. They were getting quite well with each other in these terms now.

The breakfast was done and Arnav started for a final meet with the Shoot team with Lavanya, NK and Khushi.. The meeting was in another hotel where a conference room was booked. The meeting started. Khushi was sitting next to Arnav. The lights of the room were switched off as the Projector was on and the team head was explaining everyone on the details. Khushi was wearing a Plain Light blue saree with silver border. Arnav couldnt just keep his hands off her.. She was so seductive all the time. No matter it was day or night, he always wanted to be with her.. He checked his mobile for something and then excused himself for a while and went out.. Khushi didnt understand what happened to him.. May be some call.. In next 5 minutes he opened the door and excused everyone again saying..

Arnav: Excuse me again guys.. Khushi.. Can you please come out..

Khushi nodded and came out.. She didnt know what had happened.. As soon as she came out, Arnav pulled her hand and then started walking out of the Hotel. She was confused.. She didnt know what was happening.. She asked him but he didnt reply at all.. He made their way to the Parking lot and then opened her side of the door. She sat inside... He then opened his side of the door and sat in too..

Khushi: Arnav.. Where are we going? What happened? Will you tell me anything..?
Arnav: Sshhh!! (He put his finger on her lips leaning on her. She was surprised.. )
Arnav: I felt like kissing you.. So I got you here.. Nothing else..
Khushi: What? ( She removed his finger from her lips) You are crazy Arnav.. This is not a way to leave some important meeting like this and...

She was stopped by his lips on hers.. He started kissing her fiercefully and she couldnt help but kiss him back. He made her seat to bend back without stopping the kiss so that she could lie on the seat comfortably now.. He slid his hand inside her pallu and started squeezing her belly. She could only dig her nails on his back asking him to stop.. She loved him doing this though. He was very desperate. He should be given the most desperate fiancee award.. No one else deserves it but him.. He then squeezed her breasts above the Blouse and she pulled back from the kiss.. He kept kissing her neck, her face and her ears.. She loved him for that..

She started unbuttoning his waist coat and removed it off him.. She opened the top few buttons of his shirt and placed wet kisses on his chest.. The touch of her lips on his chest aroused him more.. He started to pull the saree a bit up from her legs to slid his hands inside it.. She didnt deny at first.. But then when he actually slid his fingers inside her saree and touched her feminity above her panty, she pushed him from her and sat straight pulling the seat back to its position. They both were breathing hard.. She could not believe what happened minutes back .. Where did all this passion come from ? What did they want from each other? It was high time they get married soon, she thought.. She didnt wanted to lose her virginity before their marriage.. And if this was their condition that they could not stop from touching each other even for few hours then something big was sure to happen here in Singapore..

Arnav: You Ok? (He asked panting hard)
Khushi: Hmm..

Khushi started adjusting herself and her saree and Arnav started buttoning his shirt and wearing the Waist Coat..

Arnav: Lets go to our Hotel? I mean Lavanya can handle the meet..
Khushi: No Arnav.. Dont skip your work like this.We are going in...

She got down from the car and so did he. They held hands and walked to the meeting room and came inside.. They again sat next to each other. Lavanya could see Khushi all red and her lips swollen. She knew why they had been out. She saw Arnav and smiled at him indicating that she was aware.. he smiled too..

Finally the meeting was over and they all started back for the Hotel. Today evening they were supposed to do some more sight seeing but Arnav and Khushi both denied.. Only Lavanya and NK left.. Arnav and Khushi wanted to spend maximum time alone with each other.. They watched Arnav's favourite movies in the room. He was sitting on the Sofa in his room and she had her head on his shoulders..She kept on feeding him the Popcorns that they had ordered. He kept licking her fingers everytime she fed him. It was night now.. Khushi as if had completely forgotten her room. She was with him in his room since last night..

Arnav came out having his shower and then made his way straight to her. She was making his bed ready for sleep.. He hugged her from behind and she smiled.

Khushi: Arnav.. We arent sleeping together tonight..OK?
Arnav left her and turned her to face him..
Arnav: What? How can you say that Khushi.. We did sleep together yesterday and we didnt do anything wrong..
Khushi: I know.. Thats what I am worried of. Arnav.. I am scared if we do something which we shouldnt before marriage..
Arnav: Ahh!!! Thats too much Khushi.. Dont you trust me?
Khushi: I do Arnav.. But you know.. whenever we kiss, we try crossing our limits.. Though we dont do it purposely, it happens.. So I cant take a risk like that.. Please
Arnav: Please Khushi.. Dont leave me alone tonight.. I want you with me.. by my side.. Please..
Khushi: Arnav but..
Arnav: We will just hug and sleep.. Nothing else.. Please..
Khushi: Ok.. Fine.. I will get changed and be back..
Arnav: Change for what? You can sleep in this Blue Saree.. Its nice..
Khushi: Arnav I know you very well how naughty you try to get when I am in saree.. And sleeping in it is impossible.. I want to change..
Arnav: Please Khushi.. For me.. Dont..
Khushi didnt know why she agreed to everything he said.. and asked her for.. But she herself liked him asking her to do such things.. She noded in approval and then finally went to off the lightss..
Part 35 MC

Khushi: Arnav I know you very well how naughty you try to get when I am in saree.. And sleeping in it is impossible.. I want to change..
Arnav: Please Khushi.. For me.. Dont change..
Khushi didnt know why she agreed to everything he said.. and asked her for.. But she herself liked him asking her to do such things.. She noded in approval and then finally went to off the lightss..

She still kept the dim lights on so that she could atleast see him where he was.. He was sitting on the bed with his back touching the head- board of the bed. She came to him and then he made her sit in between his legs, wrapping his hands on her open waist..She kept his hands on his and they started talking softly on how their life was changed.. Almost half an hour they had their sweet talks about their would be marriage and Khushi told him the various rituals that they would need to perform.. Arnav kept on smiling imagining them doing the rituals. He kept on caressing her belly and digging his fingers deep in her belly button..

Khushi: Arnav.. Dont do that.. Its my belly button.. nothing else..
Arnav smiled wickedly.. He knew she was feeling something from inside..
Arnav: Yeah Khushi.. I know.. its not that.. But what happens when I touch you here like this.. (He again dug his finger inside her belly button and she whimpered..)

She closed her eyes feeling his fingers inside her belly button.
Khushi: I dont know Arnav.. But something happens for sure from inside.. Some unique feeling.. never known, never felt.. (She said in a very moanful tone and he was turned on..)
Arnav: Really?.. Khushi.. Can I ask you something?
Khushi: Hmm..
Arnav: But promise me you wont deny..
Khushi: Arnav come on.. How can I deny something to you.. Ask..
Arnav then brought his lips close to her ears and whispered..
Arnav: Like I touched you on your belly button now.. Trying to dig my fingers inside it in and out.. Would you allow me to do the same down there inside you with my fingers? Now..???

Khushi opened her eyes wide in shock.. She got up and turned back to see him..

Khushi: Did you really ask me this or did my ears actually heared something else?
Arnav: You heard it right Khushi.. I asked you this..
Khushi: Arnav.. You are asking too much..
Arnav: I know it is.. But I just asked.. If you arent Ok with it.. I am fine..

He smiled and pulled her back on him so that her back faced his chest.. He continued caressing her belly and masagging her on it.. She was thinking . Deeply on what he asked her for.. She didnt wanted him to access her so much before their marriage... But she didnt wanted him to feel bad too.. Afterall if he wont ask her who would he ask then? Her mind was asking her to deny and her heart wanted her to allow him what he wanted.. She was confused..

Khushi: Arnav.. Dont you think by taking my permission for such things, you actually make me feel that I am not upto the mark/level where you want me to be being your fiancee?
Arnav: No Khushi... Dont think so... You are much much better than what I thought you would be.. Its just that my expectations are little more vulgar that you cannot think of fulfilling them at this moment.. Thats absolutely fine.. I respect your words. Dont think about it so much.. Ok?
Khushi: Hmm.. You sure you ok? I mean I know you are hurt by my denial..
Arnav then held her more close to him.. His grip on her increased..
Arnav: No Khushi.. I am not hurt at all..

Khushi turned to him and then looked in his eyes..
Khushi: Do it..
Arnav: What? Do what?
Khushi:What you asked for?
Arnav: Ohh Khushi.. Come on.. I am really not hurt.. Your promise.. I am not saying these to calm you.. I mean it..
Khushi: I know.. So I am asking you to do it.. I want you to do it..

She then cupped his face by her hands and then kissed him on his lips. He didnt kiss her back. He was still surprised she agreed for something which was out of focus as of now.. He pulled back and touched her cheeks.

Arnav: Are you sure Khushi??
Khushi: I am baby..
Arnav: Really? I mean am I dreaming? Just pinch me..
Khushi smiled and pinched him on his cheeks and he screamed..
Arnav: God!! I cant believe that still..
Khushi: Arnav.. Do you want me to pinch me somewhere else then? That will surely get you back to your senses..

Arnav smiled at her and captured her lips for a wild kiss.. She hugged him. After few minutes of tasting each other she pulled back and then again turned around so that her back hit his chest and she pulled the quilt on them till her belly..
Part 36 MC

Khushi: Arnav.. Do you want me to pinch me somewhere else then? That will surely get you back to your senses..

Arnav smiled at her and captured her lips for a wild kiss.. She hugged him. After few minutes of tasting each other she pulled back and then again turned around so that her back hit his chest and she pulled the quilt on them till her belly..

Arnav: What happened? Why did you pull back.?
Khushi: I guess we planned doing something else more than just a kiss Arnav..
Arnav: Somebody is getting too naughtier these days haan..
Khushi: Ofcourse anybody would with you by their side..
She held his hand from her waist and kissed it..
Arnav: Khushi.. but before I actually do something which I told you about.. you would need to do something else too..

Khushi turned sideways to face him and asked him in confusion..
Khushi: What?
Arnav then whispered in her ears..
Arnav: Can you please remove your saree first?
Khushi opened her eyes wide..
Khushi: What ? Saree? Arnav.. Dont you think this is not required..
Arnav: Well.. I know.. But then it would be hindering my fingers all the time.. Just asking.. Incase you dont wish to I am fine..
Khushi: Arnav.. Now I am really getting lost in the web that you are creating around me..
Arnav: Ok relax.. Infact I think .. Lets just forget about doing this.. Ok?
Khushi: What? Why?
Arnav: Because I know I wont stop just touching you there.. I know myself.. I cant control when its something to do with you..
Khushi: Arnav .. But you wanted to right?
Arnav: I still do.. But I dont wish to make you nervous.. Look Khushi (He cupped her face).. I dont want myself to own you as my wife before we get married.. I am sure even you dont want this to happen..

Khushi smiled and she knew if he would really start doing what they were supposed to do, even she would lose everything and would never ask him to stop..

Khushi: Fine.. So.. Lets sleep then..
Arnav: Yeah.. Come..

He lied on the bed now and pulled her towards him to hug her.. She hugged him and they tried to sleep.. It was almost one hour they slept like that. But None of them got sleep yet. They knew what was missing.. They didnt intend to sleep untill they actually fulfilled what they wished for...But was it really right to do? Who cared? She didnt like him
being so silent and sleeping next to her without doing anything.. It was so damm frustrating.. She started kissing him slowly on his chest and he opened his eyes.. He wanted this,. She started.. Not him this time.. And he didnt stop her though.. He started to caress her back and untied the knot that was holding her blouse.. She knew he was awake and she started to kiss him all over his chest, his tummy , his chin and neck.. He was aroused.. He knew she was doing it purposely to provoke him. Why Khushi? He wished she stopped this assualt.. He was losing his control now..

He immediately pushed her and made her lie flat on the bed and then he was on her.. He looked in her eyes first as if confirming from her if she really wanted this.. And she noded. He started kissing her wildly on her neck, pressing his body on hers, squeezing her everywhere on her breast and waist making her moan his name louder and louder.. He started pulling her Blouse and he removed it in one instant. She almost felt exposed to him and she hugged him tightly so that his face was now burried in between her breasts.. He started placing hot wet kisses and then wild love bites on her bosoms above her Bra and she kept on moaning.. After paying much much needed attention to her bosoms for almost half an hour he then made his way to her belly and started kissing her. She tugged his hair tight for supporting her shiverring frame..

He started removing her saree now and she didnt seem to stop him at all. She infact helped him removing his shirt after that.. And when it didnt come out easily, she tore it.. Yes she did that as she could not wait for him to waste time in removing his own clothes.. She was soo soo desperate and Arnav could sense it all.. He smiled when she did that and Arnav started to slid his hand inside her underskirt.. She actually expected him to remove that Underskirt too.. But she was more hurridly waiting for his fingers to touch her there and so she didnt bother if she was still dressed or not..

He finally managed to reach her panty. He didnt try to remove it either,, He just slid his finger inside it and then started caressing her feminity which made her vibrate more.. This was the feeling which she never realized yet she had in her..She closed her eyes giving herself up, surrendering herself entirely to this new sensations in her.. Arnav made sure he didnt miss her facial expressions while he now inserted his finger inside her feminity. She bit her lower lip.. She could feel his finger entering deep in her.. She was warm inside and he could feel her skin tight. He didnt want to scare her by moving more in.. He took his finger out and then saw her.. He could see a sad expression on her face when he removed his finger.. He smiled and then inserted his finger once again. She looked happy. He kept on thrusting his finger in and out and she kept moaning again.. Finally after much assualt on her Virgin feminity, he finally removed his finger and then lied beside her, hugging her once again and pulling the quilt on them.
Part 37 MC

He smiled and then inserted his finger once again. She looked happy. He kept on thrusting his finger in and out and she kept moaning again.. Finally after much assualt on her Virgin feminity, he finally removed his finger and then lied beside her, hugging her once again and pulling the quilt on them.

Arnav: Khushi.. You ok?
She didnt answer.. She was still breathing hard. She just pulled him more close to her and hugged her, keeping her head on his chest. She was only in her underskirt and Bra..Nothing else on her.. His hands kept on caressing her back and they finally slept..

It was early morning 08:00 when there was a knock at the door. Arnav opened his eyes.. They were still hugging each other.. He made her move a bit so that he could get up and check who the hell was disturbing them at this hour.. He was still in his Jeans. Nothing else.. He opened the door rubbing his eyes and saw Lavanya and NK..

Lavanya: ASR .. you still sleeping? We need to start for the airport in next 2 hours.. We thought of inviting you for breakfast in our room..
Aranv: What? We leaving today?
NK: Yeah and the tickets are already booked Arnav.. Come on.. Even I am coming.. You know that..
Arnav: Ok.. Well we almost forgot.. We will get ready and come soon.. Ok? Just few minutes?
Lavanya: We? You mean Khushi is in? (She asked gigling)
Arnav (Blushed): Yeah.. Anything else you wanna ask? Like what were we doing or did last night?
Nk: No No Arnav.. Please dont.. We know ok.. Lavanya.. Come let them rest.. Will see you guys soon ok?

They left and Arnav came back on bed. He removed the quilt from her and started kissing her again on her bosoms.. She woke up.

Khushi: Arnav.. Good Morning.. Its not good to do all this in morning .. Leave
Arnav didnt pay much attention to what she said..
Arnav: Khushi.. Please no time restrictions for this Allright?

Khushi pulled him up on her and hugged him.. He pulled back and started kissing her again on her bellly and she could only do was to enjoy the moment..
Khushi: Arnav.. Know what I expected you to remove all my clothes last night.. But you didnt.. Why?
Arnav: I was dying to touch you there Khushi.. Who had time removing your clothes and stuff.. Well if you still wish the same then I would do them now..

Khushi pushed him and got up... She sat on the bed facing him and covering herself from the quilt..

Khushi: No need.. I am not wishing the same now..
Arnav: Ohh you have to baby.. Remember you promised a Very Hot and steamy bath with me today..
Khushi had almost forgotten that.. She blushed..

He carried her all the way to the Bathroom and locked the door from inside.. He placed her in the bathtub which was already ready with the foam in it.. She was still in her underskirt.. But he didnt bother.. He Then removed his jeans and came inside the Bathtub.. He made her sit between his legs so that her back was touching his chest and he held her on her waist..

Khushi: Arnav.. If we do everything now.. What would left to do after marriage?
Arnav: Dont worry about that.. We have loads of stuff still in store to try after marriage..
Khushi gigled..
Arnav: Well Khushi.. We need to hurry up a bit before Lavanya and NK comes again.
Khushi: Again?
Arnav: Yeah.. They came sometime back.. They have invited for breakfast with them in their room. And we also need to start for airport in 2 hours..
Khushi: Ohh I forgot that we need to leave.. Arnav.. I dont want to go back..
Arnav: Me too Khushi.. But unless we go back we wont get married soon..
Khushi: I know..
Arnav: Hey wait.. I have some plan.. Hold a second..

He then took his phone and called up Anjali..

Arnav: Di..
Anjali: Chotte.. How are you? You all are starting today right?
Arnav: Di me and Khushi wanna get married next week.. No more delay .. Fine?
Anjali: Next week? Arnav.. such a short time span? No way..
Arnav: I dont know Di.. If you dont agree, I will marry her here then like I got engaged to her,.
Anjali: What? You are scaring me Arnav.. Ok Fine. I will talk here to everyone.. We will fix it next week.
Arnav: Yeah.. Thanks.. I will call you later,

Khushi was very happy.. She too wanted the same. Finally their so called wedding would be next week. She was still sitting between his legs with her back facing his chest and he had hugged her tight.

Arnav: Khushi..
Khushi: Hmm..
Arnav: Now that our wedding would be next week.. Dont you think its not far when we would be actually doing everything what we both desire?

Khushi blushed.. She knew what he meant.. Well even this 1 week looked far far away..

Khushi: Arnav.. What have you planned for our First night?
Arnav: Umm.. Why would I tell now?
Khushi: Please.. Tell me naa.. I need to prepare my mind accordingly..
Arnav: Well Khushi. I would just say.. start getting more sleep from tonight.. Because from the night we get married, you would harldy get any sleep..

He said that and turned her face to seal his words with a passionate kiss.
Part 38

Khushi: Please.. Tell me naa.. I need to prepare my mind accordingly..
Arnav: Well Khushi. I would just say.. start getting more sleep from tonight.. Because from the night we get married, you would harldy get any sleep..

He said that and turned her face to seal his words with a passionate kiss.

They kissed each other for a long time.. Arnav started roaming his hands all on her underskirt and tried to slid it inside too when she stopped him and pulled back..

Khushi: Arnav.. Thats it.. We would be late now.. Have your bath and move out. I will have my shower then.
Arnav: I suppose we were having it together..
Khushi: Yes.. But now its a matter of hardly 7 days Arnav.. Come on.. We will have it together after that.. Fine?

Arnav didnt argue. He agreed and he got up from the tub. He then made his way inside the Shower room which was inside the bathroom but a seperate small glass room which was only meant for shower. He closed the curtains between the shower room and the tub for some privacy and started to have his shower and Khushi meanwhile was still enjoying her Tub bath. She didnt undress yet.. She knew if she did, she can expect the worst from his end. He had his shower, came out and then smiled at her.. She too smiled and he moved out of the bathroom wiping himself..

She locked the door and continued her bath. She came out now.. Wearing a blue colour Chudidar. She was as usual looking adorable.. He too was dressed. They finished their left packing and then they moved in Lavanya's room for Breakfast. They had to finally leave the hotel and they drove to the airport.. They finished the security checks, baggage check and then finally were waiting at the Gates for the FLight to arrive...

Arnav and Khushi were sitting next to each other holding hands and still chatting continuously. Opposite to them were NK and Lavanya. They enjoyed seeing these two engrossed in each other so well.. They smiled..

They then boarded the flight. Again Khushi and Arnav sat together.. All the time in the flight as well when the lights were switched off, Arnav didnt miss the opportunity to tease her by either squeezing her somewhere or kissing her.. And she liked it.. She slept on his shoulders and got up when announced that they have reached Delhi..
Anjali had sent the Vehicle and Arnav drove it. He had to drop Khushi in Gupta House which he was least interested.. Still he dropped her at her home promising her that he would be meeting her the next day..

Arnav, Lavanya and NK came back to RM and Arnav was already missing Khushi.. But he had loads of office work pending too.. He didnt take much time resting and started working from Home. Afterall he had to finish every important official work before he gets married. After that he knew he would hardly concentrate.. Khushi was busy with her own marriage preperations and Payal also stayed in Gupta House to help them.

The next day came and passed. Arnav could not call her nor meet her due to his workload.. And Khushi was fuming.. Almost next 3 days passed similarly and Khushi was very much irritated now. The Mehndi was done then the next Day Haldi was also done. Arnav was not contacting her at all. But he missed her.. He used to make sure he messaged her "I Love You Khushi" every night.. But she never replied as she was angry on him. She made sure she slept well every night.. She knew what her nights would be after marriage..

Finally it was the marriage day and she saw him. Everything went smooth that day. Lavanya, Payal and Anjali never missed a moment to tease the couple.. All the rituals were performed and then the marriage was finally over.. Arnav was very very eager to talk to her. He knew she was angry on him. He tried to hold her hands when they stood to greet people in the wedding reception but she didnt let him to. She clearly showed her anger to him and he was dying to pacify her..

It was finally the wedding night now.. Everyone in RM were leaving except the family.. Anjali took Khushi to her Chotte's room and made her sit on the bed.. The room was entirely decorated with red roses and she liked them. Anjali then smiled at her and was moving out when Arnav came in..

Anjali: Ohh Chotte.. You came early.. Dont you have any work tonight? I mean you were so busy past week..
Arnav: Di.. I know you are teasing me Ok?
Anjali: Really? Ok fine.. Good night.. Sleep well and haan now dont fight you both.. Ok?
Arnav smiled but Khushi didnt.. She was still fuming.. Finally Anjali left and Arnav closed the door.. He turned back and saw her getting up. Well what was she doing?

She went and sat at the mirror and started removing her jewellery..

Arnav: Khushi.. I guess I am supposed to remove it from you.
Khushi: Arnav.. Dont you dare touch me tonight..
Arnav: What? Why? What happened?
Khushi: What happened? Dont be so ignorant.. Do you even know how restless I was the entire week? You didnt even bother to call me..
Arnav: I messaged you Khushi.. Every night..
Khushi: So what? A message for a formality.. ??

She had removed all her jewellery by now and she got up.. Arnav held her hands..

Arnav: Good you removed them.. Wont have to waste time in that..
Khushi pulled her hands.
Khushi: NO Arnav.. I am not allowing you anything tonight.. No way.. Good night..
Arnav: But this is not fair Khushi..
Khushi: This is your punishment.. You would need to follow it, miss me tonight like I did the entire week.
Arnav: But Khushi that week we didnt sleep together.. So it was easy for you to miss me.. Tonight we are sleeping on the same bed, we are married and how can you expect me not to touch you.. Remember we waited so long for this night..
Khushi: Right Arnav.. But this is what you need to follow anyhow tonight.. I dont care..

She got back on bed and pulled the quilt and slept.. Arnav was now really getting pissed.. Why was she acting so childish?
Part 39

Khushi: Right Arnav.. But this is what you need to follow anyhow tonight.. I dont care..

She got back on bed and pulled the quilt and slept.. Arnav was now really getting pissed.. Why was she acting so childish?

Arnav: Khushi.. Get up at once.. Allright?
Khushi: No Arnav.. I wont..
Arnav: What The..!! You denying me?
Khushi: Is there anyone else in this Room? If not then yes I am denying you only..
Arnav came to the bed now and kneeled down to her side..She didnt open her eyes..

Arnav: Khushi.. I am asking you the last time.Ok?
Khushi: And I am telling you the last time Arnav.. OK?
Arnav: Khushi.. Look I was really busy that week.. I finished my work so that I could spend ample of time with you.. And now you are pouncing on me for that?
Khushi opened her eyes.. And saw him.. He looked sad and nervous..

Khushi: Fine.. I forgave you.. (She smiled at him)
Arnav : Thank God you did. I didnt wanted to waste this precious night.. Know that..

He was about to get on the bed now with her when there was a knock at the door..They were surprised who it could be.. She got up from the bed and he too made his way to the door. He opened the door.. And it was no one else than Anjali..

Anjali looked a bit sad..

Arnav: Di . What happened? Is everything allright?
Anjali: CHotte actually I am sorry to disturb you guys at this hour.. But I had to..
Arnav was getting curious to know what had happened..

Arnav: Di.. What happened.. Tell me..
Anjali: Chotte you two cannot spend night together for a week.
Arnav and Khushi: What? Why?

Anjali: Well I understand how important this night is but I am really Sorry,,. I was just speaking with the Priest for tomorrows rituals and he told me that untill we finish some Pooja tomorrow you both cannot consumate your marriage..

Arnav: God!! No Di.. Not again.. I dont believe in all this Allright?
Khushi: What if we dont follow it DI.. What will happen?
Arnav: What are you asking Khushi? No need to know anything.. We just are not following what that preist says.. Alright?
Khushi: Arnav.. I do believe in these stuffs.. Please.. I want to know.. Di what will happen?
Anjali: He said it wont be good as it may ruin your relationship ahead.. It could even seperate you two forever.. Look Arnav.. I too didnt wanted to believe in this but you know incase if even 1 percent this is true then I would never like you two to be seperated like this just because of seven night.. Please Chotte.. Understand..
Arnav: THis is really pissing me Off Di..
Khushi: Arnav.. Please.. Its hardly a matter of 1 week..
Arnav: Lets do this Pooja tommorrow then..
Anjali: No.. I asked him.. but the best day to do it is next week. Just 7 days Arnav..
Arnav: Di.. Its just 7 days for you Di.. not us..
Khushi: Come on Arnav.. Understand the criticality..
Arnav: Fine.. We wont consumate our marriage till then.. But we will sleep together.. That shouldnt be a problem.
Anjali: Yeah.. But are you both sure of it that you both wont..???
Arnav: Yeah Di.. We wont.. Dont worry..

Anjali: Fine then.. Good night..

She said that and left the room. Arnav closed the door and saw Khushi.. She too looked at him all depressed and sad..

Arnav: So.. What next then?
Khushi: Lets sleep Arnav.. I guess thats the only thing left to do tonight..

She hugged him and started crying.. He was surprised to see her like that..
Arnav: Khushi.. Stop crying .. Will you?

She still didnt stop. Her tears were falling continuously and he felt bad..

Khushi (Still crying): Arnav why does this happens with us always.. Whenever we wanted to be near, we went far of.. We met again for a year and then we still could not be one since we thought of getting married first.. And tonight when we are married, we again are facing this 1 week of seperation.. I hate it Arnav.. I just hate this..

Arnav: Sshh!! Khushi please dont cry.. ( He careessed her back to give her some support) Look I know all this Ok.. Time will pass soon.. We would make the time lose in front of our love. Dont worry baby.. Come lets sleep..

He picked her in his arms and then placed her on the bed. He then made his way to his side and pulled her. They hugged each other tightly never to leave each other.. Arnav kept on caressing her hair and back to make her relax and then they both slept..
Part 40

Arnav: Sshh!! Khushi please dont cry.. ( He careessed her back to give her some support) Look I know all this Ok.. Time will pass soon.. We would make the time lose in front of our love. Dont worry baby.. Come lets sleep..

He picked her in his arms and then placed her on the bed. He then made his way to his side and pulled her. They hugged each other tightly never to leave each other.. Arnav kept on caressing her hair and back to make her relax and then they both slept..

Next morning when Arnav got up he saw Khushi was not on bed. She was not even inside their room. She had got up early he thought. He had his shower and then came down. He saw Khushi in the Kitchen starting her first day of marriage making a sweet for everyone.. She made some Kheer and then Sugar free Jalebi's too. Anjali was with her inside.. Arnav was stopped by Akash and NK. THey both were teasing Arnav since they too came to know about their last night from Anjali..

NK: Arnav.. Thats ok man.. I know you not feeling too nice about it.. But you know this does happens sometimes..
Akash: Yeah Bhai.. Its just a matter of 1 week.
Arnav: Guys.. I am allright.. And well you both would never understand how it feels ok.. Anyways.. Where are you two going?
NK: In Khushi's home. I mean Gupta House. Its her Pag Phera Rasam and we are going to drop her..
Arnav: What? Why would you two go? I can do that..
Nani: Chotte.. You cannot go.. So they are dropping her..
Arnav: Nani. This is getting on my nerves now.. I dont care I can go or not.. I will go .. Ok?
Nani: Chotte.. Whats the use? You would be just dropping her and coming back? She wont be joining you back home.. She has to stay there today and come back tomorrow evening.
Arnav: What The..!! Tomorrow evening? No way..

He went inside the Kitchen leaving everyone else gigle at his situation.

Arnav; Di.. Now what new is this?
Anjali: Nothing new Chotte.. Its just a sweet..
Arnav: I am not talking about this..
Anjali: Then?
Arnav: Nani said Khushi is going to stay in Gupta House tonight?
Anjali: Ohh Yess.. Why? Do you have a problem Chotte?
Arnav: Di.. How can you ask me that.. You made me stay away from my wife last night,.. Now tonight she is not even in the same house?
Khushi: Arnav.. Its ok.. I will be back tomorrow.. Why are you so upset for?
Arnav: Now you asking me that Khushi? Well know what? Its only me who cares ... You never did.. Never..

He said that and left. Khushi knew he was very much hurt.. She went upstairs back to their room. She saw him. He was getting ready for office.

Khushi: Arnav.. You working today?
Arnav: Yeah..
Khushi: But Arnav we hardly got married yesterday and you..
Arnav: Hey.. Wait.. You going to your home leaving me alone is fine.. I cant go office then haan?

He was looking damm angry and full in a fighting mood. SHe could understand that.

Arnav: I am leaving.. Bye..

He didnt even care to look at her nor to say a proper Good Bye before leaving. She could never understand how he changed his emotions so quickly..

Arnav worked the whole day at Office and came back home late. He knew she was not there.. She must be resting in peace at Gupta House. He didnt wish to go to his room too as she wasnt there inside.. He still had to. He opened the door came inside.. The lights were off and only the light from the French Door illuminated the room a bit. The Curtains were moving due to the heavy cool breeze from outside.. He then kept his laptop bag on the recliner and then removed his tie, waist coat and shirt.. It was then that he turned towards the bed and saw her.. She was sleeping..

Was she really there or was he just dreaming? He went near the bed and touched her. Yes she was surely there on bed.. She was in deep sleep. He smiled and then kissed her forehead.. That means she went to Gupta House and came back at night for him. She didnt stay there.. She loved him so much.. Well he went for a quick shower and came back on bed to sleep with her.. He hugged her from behind and she too pulled him closer and they slept.. It was so hard for both of them to be like this.. So near yet so far from each other.. So 2 night still passed and 5 remained yet..

God only knew if they would be able to hold on untill that 5 nights..
Part 41 MC

Well he went for a quick shower and came back on bed to sleep with her.. He hugged her from behind and she too pulled him closer and they slept.. It was so hard for both of them to be like this.. So near yet so far from each other.. So 2 night still passed and 5 remained yet..

God only knew if they would be able to hold on untill that 5 nights..

Next Morning:

Khushi was waking Arnav up..

Khushi: Arnav get up.. Its 09:00.. Come on.. Dont you have office today?
Arnav opened his eyes. He saw Khushi in a plain green saree with her hair all tied loosely by a clip. She was bending on him and waking him up. She had just taken her shower and he could smell her all lavender. He pulled her form on him and started placing moist kisses in her neck.

Khushi: Arnav.. What are you doing? leave .. The door is open..
Arnav: Close it then Khushi..
Khushi: Leave me.. I will close it..
Arnav: What if you run?
Khushi: I wont.. Promise.. Let me close it.. Nani keeps on going to her room from this way.. What if she sees?
Arnav: Ok.. Come soon..
Khushi got up and closed the door and came back on bed. Sat beside him and started caressing his hair..

Khushi: You look like a baby in the morning when you get up.. Hair not gelled, eyes sleepy, nose all red, cheeks blushy..
Arnav: And Lips?
Khushi blushed..
Khushi: Lips?
Arnav: Hmmm
Khushi: Lips always hungry.. to kiss, to suck,, to lick..

She started kissing his earlobe while saying that and he was errected. He pulled her on him and started opening the Dori of her green blouse.. She too started kissing his neck. She was on him and her saree was pulled quite up till her knees.. He opened the dori and then pulled the sleeves down a bit and started biting her on her neck.. She pulled back..

Khushi: Arnav.. No biting..
Arnav: Umm.. Why Khushi.. Dont spoil the moment ok.. Come back..
Khushi: Arnav.. I am coming back.. But if you bite me here and if Anjali Di sees it she would be thinking that we didnt follow what she asked us to. Though we wont do anything else than this, she will never believe us..
Arnav: I want to bite you Khushi.. I cant resist like this for her..
Khushi: Look Arnav.. I am wearing a Saree, if you bite me on my neck, or belly or back it would be seen..
Arnav was now getting more aroused hearing all the parts where he can actually bite her..

Arnav: Fine.. I will bite you somewhere where no one can see then..
Khushi was little nervous What was he hinting at?
Khushi: Where Arnav?
Arnav: Come here.. I will show you..

She started getting up from the bed not to put herself in such a situation where she would give in to all her desires..
But he got hold of her and then he started pulling her saree out,...

Khushi: Arnav.. Stop being this naughty.. I need to go down..
Arnav: Not unless I bite you now..
Khushi: Arnav.. Please..
Arnav: No Khushi.. No please.. No sorry.. I wont listen anything ..OK?

He removed her saree at once and then made her lie on the bed. She closed her eyes giving up her hesitance. He then started to kiss her on her bare shoulders and then licked her neck. She was losing all her control. She held his back and started pulling him more into her.. On her.. He removed her blouse off her and then started kissing her breasts.. Licking them and biting them. She moaned in excitement and was thoroughly getting pleasured..

Khushi: Arnav.. You still biting me there?
Arnav: Who would see here Khushi? Except me?
Khushi: You said you would bite me somewhere where no one can see.. SO I thought..
Arnav smiled ..
Arnav: You thought where Khushi?

Khushi blushed again and then tried to get up when he pushed her and then pulled her underskirt a bit more up till her belly and then bite her on her feminity on her panty.. She cried in pain as he really bit hard.. She pulled him up back near her face and they kissed each other..

They both cursed the ritual that seperated their souls from uniting.. How eager and desperate they were to become one.. Only they knew.. They also wondered what that 8th night will be.. when they would be no longer bound to any rituals like this.. Today was the 3rd day.. So 5 more to go..
Part 42

Khushi: Arnav.. You still biting me there?
Arnav: Who would see here Khushi? Except me?
Khushi: You said you would bite me somewhere where no one can see.. SO I thought..
Arnav smiled ..
Arnav: You thought where Khushi?

Khushi blushed again and then tried to get up when he pushed her and then pulled her underskirt a bit more up till her belly and then bite her on her feminity on her panty.. She cried in pain as he really bit hard.. She pulled him up back near her face and they kissed each other..

They both cursed the ritual that seperated their souls from uniting.. How eager and desperate they were to become one.. Only they knew.. They also wondered what that 8th night will be.. when they would be no longer bound to any rituals like this.. Today was the 3rd day.. So 5 more to go..

They heard the door knocked and Khushi pushed him. He got up from the bed and Khushi took her saree and went in the washroom. Arnav opened the door. It was as usual Anjali..

Anjali: Chotte.. Good Morning.. Where is Khushi?
Arnav: Di.. She is coming.. She is getting dressed..
Anjali saw Arnav's lips all red and she blushed too. She was so sad for them. She knew how desperate they were but they holding only for her foolish rituals.
Anjali: OK Chotte.. Send her down soon. We need to go out to shop the Pooja stuff today. Ok?
Arnav: Who all are going?
Anjali: Me, Nani, Mami, Payal and Khushi.. You and Akash to Office and Shyam has already left for his work.
Arnav: Ok I will send her..

He closed the door. Khushi came out. SHe again went to the mirror and applied the sindoor properly.. Arnav came and hugged her from behind..

Khushi: Arnav.. Now let me go.. Please..
Arnav: I will.. But promise me.. You wont go with all to the market to shop the Pooja stuff..
Khushi: WHat? How can I deny Arnav? I cant..
Arnav started placing moist kisses on her neck again.
Arnav: Please Khushi.. For me.

She turned back..
Khushi: For you? You would be going to Office.. What will I do alone at home?
Arnav: I wont go to Office if you stay..
Khushi: Ok and then what will we do?
Arnav: Love..
Khushi: Arnav. .. Please.. you would surely break the rituals.. Please let me go now..
Arnav: Promise me you wont go with them.
Khushi: I will try..

She said that and ran down. Khushi gave all the possible reasons she could that she didnt wanted to come with them, but no one listened to her.. They took her with them leaving a fuming Arnav behind. He still knew how to make her escape from these people, if not now while shopping, then definately after that.

Arnav went to Office. It was evening.. Arnav finished his work at Office. He called up Anjali..

Anjali: Chotte.. What happened?
Arnav: Di.. I will be coming late today. May be at late night. Ok?
Anjali: Ok.. But then you will have your dinner at Office then right?
Arnav: Yes.. But DI.. I forgot my medicines at home.. Can you ask Khushi to get them?
Anjali: Khushi? Why her? I will send it through the Driver..
Arnav: Fine.. You send it through the driver and I wont take it..

He kept the call saying that and Anjali knew he really meant it.. She called Khushi and told her the same thing. Khushi agreed in going to AR with his medicines.. SHe had worn a Red Saree and she took his medicines and started for his office. Even while leaving the house, Anjali reminded her of their so called ritual and told her that it was a matter of hardly 5 more days so not to think of even breaking it. She had agreed for the same. She knew how restless he was becoming with every day and night that passed. She reached the office.

The office was very quite. It was 08:00pm and she saw Aman moving out.. Aman wished her and told her that Arnav is in his Cabin waiting for her. She smiled. She moved upstairs to his cabin..

She knocked the door and the door opened on its own. She moved in and someone held her waist tightly from behind.. She gasped.. She knew it was him. She turned back to face him. He was in his shirt tucked in his black trousers.. No waist coat, no tie. He looked so tired yet so energetic to do something more..

Khushi: Arnav.. I have got the medicines.. Just take them and have your dinner.. I will go after that.. You can finish your work and then come home. Ok?
Arnav:Hmm.. Whats so hurry Khushi.. ?
Khushi: Arnav.. Di told me to come home in 1 hour.. Please understand..
Arnav: Di... Di.. Di.. Now will Di decide how much time we need to spend together?

He left her and then walked to his chair..

Khushi: Arnav.. I didnt meant that..
Arnav: Really Khushi.. I dont want to see a second Di in you.. I want my wife Khushi.. Please understand that..
Part 43

He left her and then walked to his chair..

Khushi: Arnav.. I didnt meant that..
Arnav: Really Khushi.. I dont want to see a second Di in you.. I want my wife Khushi.. Please understand that..
Khushi came to him and then made him turn towards her. He didnt seem to look at her.. He was pissed off by every damm thing that took away his wife from him.

She kissed his cheek and then made him look at her..

Khushi: I know Arnav.. I am not acting like your Di at all. I know why you saying this? All this is bothering me too.. But this is just a matter of 5 more days Arnav.. And then we know whats awaiting us... Please dont screw your mood like this..

Arnav: Fine.. But promise me you would care more for my words than her.. SHe called you in 1 hour does not mean I will make you go from here when she wants..
Khushi: Ok Arnav.. I wont go.. Infact I will wait here till you do.. And then go back home with you.. Is that OK?
Arnav: Thats like my wife..

He kissed her forehead and then took his medicines.. They had the Dinner together and then she packed the empty tiffin again in her bag..

Khushi: So Arnav.. What work you have here.. I mean I can help with some..
Arnav: Yes Khushi.. Only you can help me in doing it.
Khushi: Really? (She sat on the chair opposite to him)
Arnav: Actually I called you here so that you can help me..
Khushi: Wow.. Remember how I used to help you before in your work? I was soo soo excited to be here in AR group. Even that 1 year when you were not here.. I never missed a single day to come here..
Arnav: Right Khushi.. You never did.. And I never missed missing you from there..

She looked at him with moist eyes.. She knew how that 1 year would have been for him. It was still easy for her as she still was confused of her feelings for him but he always loved her. No matter she did or she didnt.. She got up from her chair and then went straight to his chair and then sat on the table in front of him. She leaned on him and pulled his tie.

Khushi: Arnav..
Arnav looked in her eyes.. They were full of known desires.. He gulped seeing her like this..
Khushi: All the staff is gone right?
Arnav: Yeah.. Long back..
Khushi: Even Aman?
Arnav: Yes Khushi..
Khushi: Then what are we waiting for? Cant we .. I mean cant we..
Arnav: Cant we what?
Khushi: Arnav.. The day I knew I loved you.. I dreamt of we making love here in your cabin..
Arnav smirked.. His wife was too much like him.

Arnav: I see.. So you purposely wore Red Saree for this..
Khushi smiled..
Khushi: I know how much you turn on seeing me in it..
Arnav: Good..

He pulled her down on his lap and kissed her on her lips. He bite her hard on her lower lip and licked the blood that oozed out from it. She started to remove his tie still not leaving the kiss and then unbutton his shirt too. He was amazed to see her doing these thingss. She too soo wanted him. He pulled the back dori of her blouse and in few seconds he made sure the Blouse lied at some corner of his cabin. He started squeezing and massaging her on her bosoms slowly and gently still kissing each other and exploring each other mouths.. There tongues sucked their saliva and they finally pulled back to gasp some air. She started kissing his neck and bit him hard at his collar bone. HE pulled her hair and made her look at him. She was not sorry for doing this.. And nor he.. He picked her in his arms and then made her lie on the Couch inside his cabin. His mobile rang. He took the phone out from his pocket and showed her.. It was his Di calling him. He was not surprised..

Arnav: What now?
Khushi grabbed the phone from his hands and then turned it switched Off..
Khushi: No Di can stop us from doing this Arnav..
Arnav smiled.. She kept th phone aside and then looked at him..
Arnav: Doing what Khushi? (He smirked)
Khushi: Everything except the climax.. (She smiled playfully and pulled him on her on the Couch)

They started loving each other. He pulled the saree out and threw it aside.. She herself started unzipping his trousers and removing it off him. In no time, they were only in their innerwares and they thought of not removing those tonight. Because incase if they do then no one can ever stop them from consumating their marriage fully. They kept kissing anf biting each other for almost 2 hours and then finally they were exhausted.. The AC in his Cabin was no longer helping to cool their warm bodies.

He got up and then they both dressed back. He helped her in draping her saree and again started his naughtiness but she then showed him the time. It was almost 12:30 now and they had to go home.. He switched on his mobile and then almost got some 5 to 6 messages from his Di. He didnt bother to reply her. They made their way down outside his cabin and the drove back home..

They entered the door and saw that the lights were off which meant everyone were sleeping.. Good atleast they wont question them. They walked to their room and then got freshen up and went to bed. She was quite tired to again do something more. He didnt force her too. They hugged each other and then slept. Another night passed they thought.. So 4 more official days to go..
Part 44

Next Morning Khushi was in the Kitchen making the breakfast ready for all. She wore a simple plain blue saree and she looked all red. That was because of all the naughty stuff that they did last night in the AR group. She had many many small hickeys on her skin which she tried her best to hide.. Anjali came inside..

Anjali: Khushi.. Good Morning..
Khushi: Good Morning Di..
Anjali: When did you come home last night?
Khushi: Umm. At 12:00
Anjali: With him?
Khushi: Yes ofcourse.. How could he let me go alone..
Anjali: And why did it take so long?
Khushi: Di.. I made him have his medicines and then served him dinner.. Later he needed some help from me for his work. Which I helped him for.. So I too was late..

Khushi continued making the breakfast.. Anjali was not satisfied.. She saw a hickey on her belly but then didnt question her. She didnt wanted to embarass kHuhsi again. Khushi served everything on the table and waited for everyone to join.. Arnav was the last one to come.. He was dressed for his work and then seeing Khushi down at the table he smiled at her.. She too smiled at him and then he sat.

Anjali: Chotte..
Arnav: Yeah Di..
Anjali: Why didnt you answer my call yesterday night?
Arnav looked at Khushi.. And Khushi looked down. What would he answer now?
Arnav: DI.. I was damm busy.. Ask Khushi.. She was helping me..
Khushi: Yes Di.. I told you right..

Anjali understood how these two were lying.. They were definately not busy in their work and probably were doing something else more important..

Arnav had his breakfast and was leaving for office when Anjali again stopped him..

Anjali: Arnav. .. Dont forget to take your medicines from home.. No one will come again to give you those..

Arnav smiled..
Arnav: I have taken it Di.. Thanks for reminding.

He left for the Office and Khushi spent the rest of the day making Lunch, talking to Arnav on Phone in his free time and then with the other family members. Anjali looked a bit depressed. Khushi could sense her nervousness and she
came back to her..

Khushi: DI.. What happened? What are you thinking?
Anjali: Khushi.. I am really worried.. I know what you people must be thinking about me.. But I am not doing this on purpose..
Khushi: I know Di.. And we really understand this.
Anjali: THat means you both still following the ritual?
Khushi: Yes. We are still following it..
Anjali: You know Khushi.. I always feel while I sleep everynight about you two.. I know how much eager Chotte is for the 7th Night.. But trust me .. After the Pooja I would never interfere again in your lives.. I am doing this just for both of you..
Khushi touched her cheek and then smiled..

It was late night 11:00 and Arnav was back home. He saw Khushi was not there in the room. He looked for her around and then knocked Anjali's room. Anjali opened it..

Anjali: Chotte. You back?
Arnav: Di.. Where is Khushi?
Khushi: I am here..

She came out from Anjali's room. She was wearing a night dress and she stood beside Anjali.

Arnav: What are you doing here? Its late night.. Let DI sleep.. Come we too need to sleep right?
Khushi: Arnav.. If you dont mind can I sleep with DI tonight? She is alone.. Jeejaji is not at home.. He is out for 3 days. So..
Arnav was fuming hearing this from her..
Arnav: No Khushi.. You are sleeping with me.. COme..

He pulled her hand and she still denied coming..

Anjali: Khushi.. Thats ok.. If he doesnt want you to sleep here.. you can leave.. I can sleep alone..
Arnav: No Di.. Its not that.. I mean.. You know what these 7 days mean to me.. And upon that not even sleeping with her is just ridiculous..
Khushi: Arnav.. Just one night..
Arnav: Fine.. Good night..

He said that and left Anjali's room. Khushi knew he was angry.. She thought of pacifying him next morning. Anjali and
Khushi also went to sleep. Khushi didnt get any sleep though. She wanted to be with him. She looked at Anjali. Anjali was in deep sleep. Khushi got up and then opened the door and came out.. She then moved to her room. The room door was opened. She entered in and saw him sleeping peacefully on bed.. She made her way to the bed and then slept beside him. He was turning sideways. Khushi hugged him from behind. He didnt seem to move.. She slept like thatfor almost 10 minutes.. But he didnt move at all. As if he was in deep sleep. How can he sleep like that when she came in the room for him.. No way..

She started sliding her hand inside his T Shirt which he wore. She started caressing his chest, his abs and this sent some arousing effect in every part of his body. He was not in sleep at all. He was acting. He still managed to be calm. When Khushi felt he was not moving towards her at all. She slid her hands on the start button of his trousers .. And he gulped.. Why was she doing this.. he thought.. First she ignored him and then she came to him on his own and now she needed his attention? Well incase if she continues her assault like this on him, he was sure of not leaving a single cloth on her skin tonight UNLIKE yesterday..
Part 45

She started sliding her hand inside his T Shirt which he wore. She started caressing his chest, his abs and this sent some arousing effect in every part of his body. He was not in sleep at all. He was acting. He still managed to be calm. When Khushi felt he was not moving towards her at all. She slid her hands on the start button of his trousers .. And he gulped.. Why was she doing this.. he thought.. First she ignored him and then she came to him on his own and now she needed his attention? Well incase if she continues her assault like this on him, he was sure of not leaving a single cloth on her skin tonight UNLIKE yesterday..

She felt his hardened form hitting her palms and she bit her lower lip. Her fingers almost curious to open that damm button and unzip him but then where will this lead to? No.. She still had to understand that this was not what was expected from them atleast for next 3 nights..

She removed her hands from there and then took it back on her..

Arnav: You can do only that much Khushi.. First seduce and then back off.. Good work..

He said this still closing his eyes and not turning back to her.

Khushi: You are awake? I thought you sleeping..
Arnav: I wish I would have been sleeping and not felt your actions..
Khushi: What are you saying Arnav? What happened? You angry?
Arnav turned back to her.. To face her now..
Arnav: Angry? You asking me this? Cant you still understand me Khushi?
Khushi got up from the bed and sat beside him.
Khushi: I do understand you Arnav.. But what else can I do? I am tied up like you..

Arnav: Really? You are even tied up for not sleeping with me? Come on Khushi.. Thats what your trust is on me?
Khushi: Arnav.. Di was alone tonight.. She didnt ask me to but I thought I would myself sleep with her company so that she is not alone..
Arnav: And you can leave me alone for that?
Khushi: I know Arnav.. But thats the reason I came here mid night..
Arnav: Ohh So you made a big favour on me by doing that Khushi.. So please lets do one thing.. I dont need anymore favours from you..

He got up from his bed and then pulled her to the door and then opened the door and pushed her out..

Arnav: Thanks for coming and Good night.. Hope you get a sound sleep Khushi..

He said that and closed the door on her face. She felt realy bad at this response from his end. She started weeping there and didnt move at all. He opened the door again and saw her crying in front of him. He closed the gap between them and hugged her.. She didnt hug him back.

Arnav: I am so sorry Khushi.. I took out all the frustration on you.. Please forgive me.. Dont cry Khushi.. Please..
She was still weeping and her tears were making his T shirt wet. He picked her in his arms and then took her back inside. He placed her on the bed and then kneeled down on the floor beside her caressing her hair..

Arnav: Khushi.. Please stop crying.. Will you.. Look I am really sorry for what I said.. I didnt mean anything like that t hurt you.. I am so damm frustrated by all these things.. Please understand Khushi..

She stopped crying and then touched his cheek. He closed his eyes and then kissed her palms..

Khushi: Ok.. If you are really Sorry for what you did then you would need to do something to make me happy..
Arnav: Anything for you.. Just tell me what..
Khushi: Take out your T Shirt..
Arnav: What The..!!
Khushi: I am serious.. Take out your T Shirt..
Arnav: Fine.. If that can make you happy I would..

He stood up and took off his T SHirt..
Arnav: Fine..?
Khushi: This made me only 50% happy..
Arnav: Khushi.. What now then?
Khushi: Take off your Night pants..
Arnav: What The Hell Khushi... Are you serious?
Khushi: If you dont.. I will cry again..
Arnav was getting her moves. She was doing this all purposefully..

Arnav removed his pants too and then he was just in his Boxers now..
Arnav: Happy?
Khushi saw him from top to bottom and then smiled..
Khushi: Just 75% Happy..
Arnav: Now dont ask me to remove the last peice too.. Please..
Khushi: I wont ask you that.. Just come and kiss me on my lips.. And thats it.. It would make me 100% happy..for sure.. (She winked at him)

He smirked at her and then came on the bed.. Pulled the quilt on them and then pulled her waist closer. She hit him on his form and he kissed her passionately. SHe started exploring his back from her hands. Infact she also slid her fingers inside his Boxers to which he groaned and started unzipping her night dress.. In no time, she was only in her innerwares and they again kept loving each other not reaching the Climax though and still contended that they were still in each others arms even tonight.. Only 3 more days and everything would be back to normal..
Part 46

Arnav and Khushi were still sleeping in their rooms. It was 06:00am and there was a knock.. Khushi was still in her innerwares.. She pushed Arnav at one side and she wore her Salwar again.. Till then there were almost 4 to 5 knocks again. SHe pulled the quilt on Arnav as he too was only in his boxers.. She set her hair properly and then opened the door.. She saw Anjali in front of her..

Anjali: Thank God you opened the door Khushi.. I was so scared when I didnt found you beside me.. How did you reach here?
Khushi: Di.. Actually my head was aching.. So I came here to take my medicines and was so sleepy that I dozed off on the bed..
Anjali Smiled.. She knew she was lying.. She saw inside and then she saw Arnav sleeping..But his clothes were all scattered in the room. Even Khushi had worn her Kurta wrongly. The inner side of the Kurta was at the Outside.. Anjali looked down when she felt Khushi seeing her looking around..

Anjali: Ok Khushi.. I am leaving but before you actually come out just wear the Kurta properly..

She said that and left. Khushi looked at her Kurta and then smiled.. She went back to him on the bed and then sat beside him. She caressed his face lightly and he smiled in his sleep. He looked like a baby when he slept. She kissed him on his forehead. He pulled her back on him and then opened his eyes..

Arnav: Good Morning..
Khushi: Good Morning
Arnav: Was it Di?
Khushi: Hmm.. Shocked to see me with you.. I gave some excuse..
Arnav: You are getting good in these excuses now a days..
Khushi: All thanks to you..
Arnav smiled again and kissed her cheek.
Arnav: Khushi.. Do you know how beautiful you look when you get up from sleep?
Khushi:I Know.. And how do I look when I sleep?
Arnav: Gorgeous..
Khushi: And how do I look when I want to sleep and you dont allow me to sleep.??
Arnav: God Khushi.. You turned me On asking me this.. Do you wanna sleep now?
Khushi: No.. I have work down..
Arnav: Its just 06:00.. Sleep for an hour.. With me again.. Please..
Khushi hugged him and he pulled her back on bed..

They slept for some more time.. It was not exact sleep. All the while he kept on troubling her, tickling her and then loving her.. He made sure he again removed her kurta as he never liked any other obstructions in between him and her currently except their innerwares.. And again even these innerwares wont be there long.. It was just a matter of 3 days to do..

It was late afternoon now and Arnav was in his room working on his laptop when she came upstairs.. She looked quite busy though. She had planned some shopping for the stuffs that will be required for the Pooja which was on the 3rd day. And She was going with Nani for that.

Khushi came in and started removing some Saree from the CLoset..

Khushi: Arnav.. Can you please go out for just 15 minutes.. I need to drape my Saree.. I cant do it in the Bathroom. Please..??
Arnav: Why do I need to go out.. I am your husband.. You can change here Khushi.. I dont mind..
Khushi: Arnav Please.. You dont.. But I do.. I just cant..
Arnav got up from the recliner and saw her.. She was in a Salwar suit and she had to remove it off first, then wear her innerskirt, blouse and finally the saree.. So what? He had seen her in her innerwares so many times.. So what was she shy for?

Arnav: Khushi. Now you are actually Pissing me off..
Khushi: What?
Arnav: You are asking me to move out as if I havent seen anything of yours..
Khushi: Arnav.. Please dont waste time.. Nani is getting ready already..
Arnav: I am not going Khushi.. Do anything...
Khushi: FIne.. I will change in DI's room.

She took her Saree and then moved out from their room. Arnav could not believe what she just did.. How could she insult him like that? Well he wont talk to her today.. Thats her punishment.. He will show her what it takes to insult Arnav Singh Raizada.

She went with Nani and returned home after few hours of hectic shopping. She saw Arnav was not looking at her. The Dinner was served and she still saw Arnav busy talking to everyone except her.. She knew he must have felt bad.. But he needs to understand as well. He kept on ignoring her and she always tried to talk to him by one or the other means.. He was still angry..

She stopped him when he was about to climb the stairs to go back to his room.

Khushi: Arnav.. One minute..
Arnav was quiet.. He stood there..
Khushi: I am sorry.. Look I didnt mean to..
Arnav (Interrupted her): I dont need your sorry... And if you still wish to convince me then Get stripped tonight in front of me like you asked me to do it last night..
Khushi: What The..!!??
Arnav: Yeah.. And mind it.. I mean strip off completely.. Not even your innerwares.. Thats your punishment.. I swear I wont do anything that would break your and Di's so called ritual. But if you want me to be normal. Do this tonight..

He said that and left for his room. She was so damm shocked listening this from him. Stripping off her Saree was still Ok but with the Innerwares ?? That seemed soo difficult.. How would she do this?
Part 47

Arnav: Yeah.. And mind it.. I mean strip off completely.. Not even your innerwares.. Thats your punishment.. I swear I wont do anything that would break your and Di's so called ritual. But if you want me to be normal. Do this tonight..

He said that and left for his room. She was so damm shocked listening this from him. Stripping off her Saree was still Ok but with the Innerwares ?? That seemed soo difficult.. How would she do this?

Khushi (To herself): It would have been better if I had changed the Saree in front of him. Devi Maiyaa what will I do now?

It was almost 11:00 at night and she was so scared going to her own room. Hardly it was a matter of 2 more nights.. And the third night they would be relaxed from this ritual. Then why was he hurrying so much for this punishment?
She still gathered some courage and came inside her room. She saw him working on his laptop sitting on the rcliner.. She went straight to the closet to get her night dress to change.. But it was locked..

Khushi turned back to Arnav and asked him,.

Khushi: Arnav.. Where are the CLoset keys and why is it locked?
Arnav : I locked it.. Keys are with me..,
Khushi: What? Well give me the keys..

He turned and looked at her..
Arnav: Fine.. But before that answer my question.
Khushi: Ok.. What?
Arnav: Are you stripping tonight? Or not? If yes then you dont need the keys from me.. You wanna change right.. Stip off and I will give you your night dress.. And if you not planning to strip off then take the keys from me.. But then dont expect me to sleep with you from tonight.. Not even after that Damm ritual is over..

Khushi: Arnav.. Why are you saying all this.. ? I cant stip. Understand me Arnav.. I dont know about you but I would not be able to control myself after stripping..
Arnav: I would take care of that.. Anything else?
Khushi was little scared.. She knew he too would not be able to resist her after this.. But then.. What could she do?
Khushi: No Arnav. I am not stripping..Give me the keys..

Arnav threw the keys on the bed in anger and then went to the bathroom. She knew he was angry.. But what can she do? This was too much.. She cannot accept this punishment.. But what if he really means that he would not sleep with her even after the ritual? Will he really follow this? She didnt wanted to take this risk.. But she had to.. She knew it would be difficult for him to stay without her after the rituals and he would agree to patch up again. She took her night dress out and saw him coming out from the bathroom. She went inside and got changed.. She came out and saw him sleeping on the recliner.. She didnt like this at all.. She moved to him and kneeled down..She started caressing her hair and he woke up.

Khushi: Arnav.. Please come back on bed..
Arnav: Khushi.. I am not coming.. I told you what I want.. And if you dont feel the same there is no point in it..
Khushi: Arnav But..
Arnav: I need sleep Khushi.. Can you please go back to the bed and sleep? Please dont disturb me.

He said that and turned the other way round to sleep. She got up and slept on the bed. She knew she could pacify him the next day. And everything will be fine again.

Next Morning:

Khushi woke up. It was 07:00. She saw at the recliner.. He wasnt there.. She got up from the bed.. He was not even in the Bathroom. Where was he?

She came down having her shower..

Anjali: Good Morning Khushi..
Khushi; Di.. Did you see Arnav?
Anjali: He left for Office in the early morning.. Didnt he inform you?
Khushi: No.. May be I was sleeping so.

Anjali smiled and left. Khushi knew he was angry and so he left early without informing her.. She tried calling on his number but he didnt answer.. She was getting nervous now.. It was very much diffcult to pacify him. The whole day he didnt call up and neither he turned for Dinner. He called Anjali and told that he will have his Dinner at office.. Khushi was very much worried.. She had her dinner and then was going to her room when Anjali came to her..

Anjali: Khushi.. Today is the last night.. From tomorrow.. No restrictions on you two..
Khushi smiled..
Khushi: Di.. Did he call again?
Anjali: No.. He said he would be late though.. So you sleep.. Ok?
Khushi: Hmmm..

Khushi went to her room. She lay on the bed and then waited for him to come so that she can talk to him. But she dozed off.. The next morning she got up at 07:00 again and saw he wasnt there.. She came down without even her shower.. She asked Payal who was busy with the Pooja Preperations..

Khushi: Payal..DId you see Arnav?
Payal:Yeah.. He just left to work 10 minutes back

So that means he had come home and again went to work without even meeting her.. This was not at all good.

Payal: Khushi.. Dont worry. He said he will be back before the Pooja.. You go and get some shower.. Ok?
Khushi noded and left.
Part 48

Khushi: Payal..DId you see Arnav?
Payal:Yeah.. He just left to work 10 minutes back

So that means he had come home and again went to work without even meeting her.. This was not at all good.

Payal: Khushi.. Dont worry. He said he will be back before the Pooja.. You go and get some shower.. Ok?
Khushi noded and left.

She came back to her room and then went for the shower.. Today was the special day for them. They would be free from all the restrictions and he was angry with her.. She had to do a lot now to pacify him. She knew what turns him on so she felt a bit happy thinking that she would be able to make him hers tonight.. She came out draped a Red Saree and matching jewellery and came down. The Pooja was in the evening and there were many preperations to be done before that..

She was making all the arrangements for the Pooja.. She didnt call him at all today unlike yesterday.. The reason behind it was that she didnt wanted to show him that she missed him.. She knew how to tackle him after that. He always takes hasty decisions and does something wrong and terribly bad when he is angry.. She wanted him to be angry tonight.. That would make him do something which he doesnt wish for.. Something which she wished..

It was evening.. She was in her room decorating it with red roses petals on their bed.. She was the first bride to make her own bed ready for consummation of their marriage.. she kept blushing at the thought what the condition of this Bed would be next morning.. She then came down and told Anjali not to let him enter their room untill its night.. Not even for changing his clothes.. Anjali knew she had planned some wild night today and she didnt wanted to spoil it either.. Arnav came from office on time.. THe Pooja was to be started in few minutes.. He saw her once.. She was in the Red Saree ..(The Diwali one) And she looked quite busy with Payal arranging the things as Nani instructed..

Anjali: Chotte.. Dont go in your room.
Arnav: What?
Anjali: YEs.. I mean.. Till the Ritual gets over you cannot step in your room. Your clothes are in my room, Get dressed there.. Ok?
Arnav: Fine..

He moved to Anjali's room and got dressed. He remembered how beautiful she looked today in that Red Saree.. He knew she wore it purposely to seduce him. Actually tonight meant a lot for both of them. But he was still on with his condition. He would not touch her tonight.. He came out wearing a White Kurta. This was something he least wore.. But today he had to for the Pooja.. He came dwon and sat beside Anjali..

Anjali: Chotte.. Not here.. You need to sit with Khushi..
Arnav: Yeah Di..

He came and sat next to her without even seeing her.. She was stunned to look at him. He was soo looking hot in that white Kurta. She looked at him continuously and he the other side..

Payal shook Khushi..

Payal: Khushi.. The Pooja has started.. Dont stare him like that.. Look ahead..
Khushi: Ohh Yes..

She looked to the preist and the ritual started.. It was a lenghty one.. They sometimes had to extend their hands together to take some holy water in their hands and whenever their hands touched she shivvered as if he touched her for the first time.. She still kept on glancing at him but he was least interested. Anjali could sense the problem betwen them and she felt really bad.. She knew these 7 days had created some kind of frustration in her Chotte's mind.. She had to do something..

The Pooja was finally over and they all were having Dinner now.. Anjali kept on teasing Khushi and Arnav on their coming night.. Khushi kept on blushing but Arnav was damm serious. He just smiled.. That too not looking at her..

Anjali: Khushi.. Something is really wrong with Chote..He is not interested at all in tonight.
Khushi: Di.. I know.. I was the reason behind him being soo
Anjali: Its Ok Khushi.. Well you can pacify him tonight..
Khushi: But how? He looks so damm rude.
Anjali: I have a way..

She said something in Khushi's ears and Khushi blushed..

Khushi: Will it work?
Anjali: 100%..
Khushi: Thanks Di..

The remaining time was spent with the entire family chatting and then finally Khushi told everyone..

Khushi: I am damm sleepy Di.. I am going upstairss..
Payal: Sleepy? Really Khushi?
Anjali: Payal.. Understand.. She is giving excuses to leave..
Nani: But Arnav Bitwa is with us.. We wont leave him..
Khushi: I dont mind.. Take him with you all. I am going.. Good night..

She hugged Anjali and then winked at her and left for her room.
Part 49

Khushi: I am damm sleepy Di.. I am going upstairss..
Payal: Sleepy? Really Khushi?
Anjali: Payal.. Understand.. She is giving excuses to leave..
Nani: But Arnav Bitwa is with us.. We wont leave him..
Khushi: I dont mind.. Take him with you all. I am going.. Good night..

She hugged Anjali and then winked at her and left for her room.

Arnav could not believe that she could say something like that tonight. Yeah he knew he had put his own condition that he wont sleep with her even after the ritual is over but that does not mean she is accepting his words so easily.. Almost 30 minutes passed since she left and then He got up from the Sofa..

Anjali: Chotte? What Happened? Are you too sleepy now?
Arnav: No Di.. I have some work.. So its better I leave too
Anjali smiled and so did the others..
Akash: Bhai.. Its ok .. I mean you dont need to lie to us.. We all know what work you have tonight..
Arnav: Akash Stop teasing ok.. I really have some work..
Nani: Arnav.. Fine.. We dont need so many explainations from you.. You can leave.. Good night. Sleep tight and dont fight with your wife..
Arnav gave a wierd look to everyone before leaving for that sentence of Nani and then came inside his room. The room was dark enough.. No lights.. He switched on the lights but the current was still not there in their room.

Arnav: What The..!! What happened to the room lights? Khushi.. Khushi..

He started calling Khushi to see if she was anywhere inside.. She didnt respond.. She was sitting on the bed.. He came inside and then lite the candle that was placed on the table in front of the recliner and then he saw her.. She was dressed in as a bride and was sitting on the bed with all her jewellery on her. A green Lehnga, Red Choli and a Green Dupatta on her head,.. She looked very very cute.. Just like a newly married girl.. He gulped seeing her all set for their awaited night.. But he then remembered his mission and spoke..

Arnav: Khushi.. You were inside but you didnt answer me?
Khushi: I wanted to surprise you..
Arnav: Do hell with the surprise..

He went to the closet for getting his night dress when she spoke again..

Khushi: Arnav.. We have a last ritual left..
Arnav turned back..
Arnav: Ok.. I dont care..
Khushi: You have to Arnav.. Look Di wont like it if you deny..
Arnav was now getting really pissed off.. he threw his night dress on the recliner and then came on the bed and sat in front of her..
Arnav: Ok.. Whats that left now?
Khushi: Well. You serious you would fulfil it?
Arnav: Just speak the damm ritual dammit.. Dont waste my time..
Khushi: Ok.. Well you would need to remove all the wedding jewellery I am wearing from me. Only leave the Mangal Sutra.. Actually I am not supposed to remove them on my own..
Arnav: What The..!! What kind of ritual is this? You can wear it on your own and not remove it?
Khushi: Hmm.. Thats what it says..
Arnav: Fine.. Anything on what to remove first and what last? (HE asked angrily)
Khushi (Smiled): Your choice.. No restrictions in that.

Arnav started pulling her Duppata which was on her head.. She cried in pain when the Dupatta stuck to her hair pin and he stopped being so rough on her..

Arnav: Khushi.. I am so sorry.. Did it hurt?
Khushi: Yes.. But thats fine.. Anything for the ritual.

Arnav was a bit furious. She was irritating him again and again by hinting that she was allowing him all this only for the ritual sake.. Didnt she wanted him to do anything on her wish?

He removed the duppatta off her.. She closed her eyes.. He could see her smiling inside.. Was all this her plan? Yeah may be.. She was doing this all purposely to seduce him tonight? He smirked initially and then continued.. He was still in his White Kurta and he looked quite Hot and seductive in it.. Khushi extended her hands on the buttons of his Kurta. He held her hand and placed it back on her own lap..

Arnav: Dont touch me.. OK? Let me finish this damm ritual and then sleep.
Khushi: Sleep? Nothing before that?
Arnav was removing her earings now.. slowly not letting her hurt..

Arnav: What else Khushi.. I know what you want.. But you yourself have made me do so...
Khushi stopped his hands and looked at him..

Khushi: Arnav.. I am sorry.. Please forgive me..
Arnav looked at her.. She was inncoently asking for his forgiveness and how could he depress her tonight? But he wont give up that easily too.
Arnav: Ok.. I would forgive you.. But..
Khushi: But what?
Arnav: You would need to fulfil that wish of mine tonight..
Khushi: Which wish?
Arnav: The same old one.. Strip yourself completely off .. Not even your inner wares.. Then I would think if I really need to go on further or not..
Khushi: What?
Arnav again started removing her earings and placed them on the bed..
Arnav: Why? Wont you do this even tonight?
Khushi: Arnav... I can.. But how can I..
Arnav: So fine.. If you cant.. Then lets sleep as decided.. You on bed and me on recliner..

He finished removing all her jewellery now and then he kept all the jewellery in the closet, She was still thinking.. He knew she would not do this.. She was too shy for stripping.. He went to the recliner and was about to sit when she spoke,.

Khushi: I am ready to strip.

He turned back in surprise and then looked at her..
Arnav: Sure?
Khushi noded in approval. He came back on the bed and held her hand and made her stand down on the floor. He then left her hand and sat on the bed. With his back hitting the headboard and a pillow on his lap..

Arnav: I am waiting..
Part 50 – END

Khushi: I am ready to strip.

He turned back in surprise and then looked at her..
Arnav: Sure?
Khushi noded in approval. He came back on the bed and held her hand and made her stand down on the floor. He then left her hand and sat on the bed. With his back hitting the headboard and a pillow on his lap..

Arnav: I am waiting..

She was a bit nervous doing this.. How can she strip like that in his front? She even was ashamed to wear a normal saree before him and here she is stripping her Bridal Lehnga off her.. She prayed to her Devi Maiyaa for some help..

Khushi: (To herself): Hey Devi Maiyaa.. Please give me strength to do this.. I know what I am asking you is very cheap.. But please understand me.. With a husband like Arnav.. I would always need this..

Arnav was smiling at himself.. He knew she had no guts in doing this.. But he had thought that once she would start stripping, he would help her doing it in some time.. He wont let her feel all shy and continue wasting time like that.. He too had no patience to start the passionate night with her..

Arnav: Khushi.. If your pleads to your Devi Maiyaa is over then can we start the show?
Khushi: Show? You think this all is so easy for me?
Arnav: I know its not.. But remember I did it before you some nights back. I took off my T Shirt, My trousers just to make you happy.. Cant you do it today for me?
Khushi: I can Arnav.. But you didnt take off your innerware.. And you ask me to do it for you? Thats unfair.
Arnav: Ohh !! So you worried for that? Well.. Once you take them off.. do you think I will sit and watch you.. I too would be stripping myself in the next minute Dammit.. Why dont you understand that?
Khushi blushed at the thought of he taking off his clothes completely..
Arnav: Goshh!! Now you wasting time in Blushing Khushi??.. Come on Hurry up.. We cannot waste the entire night like this..

Khushi: Fine.. You so eager right.. ??
Arnav: Do I have to tell you how much eager I am Khushi to see you with no clothes??

He got up from the bed and came near her.. She started moving back and he held her waist finally when she was about to hit the French Doors..

Arnav: I guess you cannot do this Khushi.. I mean my old Khushi is lost somewhere.. The Khushi who poured the Chocolate sauce on me and then licked it till my belly and a bit down too.. The Khushi who wore a sexy red low neck dress and unzipped it for seducing me to lose the bet.. The khushi who gave me permission to touch her on her feminity and then insert my finger too..

Khushi was blushing all the while remembering the incidents he narrated so beautifully.. She was getting seduced herself by his words and she felt a tickling sensation on her lower abdomen wanting to feel him and his fingers again inside her.. She closed her eyes and gasped in his arms.. He knew she was totally lost.. He had to remind her all this to make her feel she can actually strip.. its nothing that huge that she cannot do. She pushed him and opened her eyes..

She started opening the Knot of her Choli looking at him.. He moved back for a clear view of her coming form.. He moved back and sat on the bed still clutching the Pillow on his lap..

Arnav: One minute Khushi..
Khushi: What?
Arnav: One change in this show..
Khushi: What change..?
Arnav: Hold a second..

He went to the Closet and brought a white colour satin scarf..

Khushi: Whats this for?
Arnav: Sshhh!!

He started blindfolding her and she was surprised..

Khushi: Arnav.. What are you doing? I cannot see anything..
Arnav: Yeah.. Thats what I want Khushi.
Khushi: Means?
Arnav: I dont want you to see my reactions while you strip and get baffled and scared for my next moves.. So I am tying this on your eyes..
Khushi: But then thats more difficult for me Arnav.. I mean I would never know where you are.. what you feeling.. what you doing.. How you watching me .. I would be so damm confused..
Arnav: Thats what you deserve..

He said that and then turned her around once and left her.. She didnt knew where she was facing.. Whether he was in front of her or on her sideways or behind.. She was soo scared..

Arnav whispered in her ears..

Arnav: I am waiting Khushi..Desperately..

She gulped once and then when he removed her hands off her she knew he must be somwhere near her hunting her with his wild gaze and waiting for her to be completely off her clothes.. She smiled and gathered all the required courage in her and then untied the Dori and then started pulling the Choli open. She was breathing heavily.. She removed the choli from her and threw it down.. Arnav was behind her.. She was in her Bra and the Lehnga now.. He gulped seeing her from behind.. It was not that he had not seen her like this before.. But tonight was special. He knew that tonight he would be able to explore her the way he always wished for without any hinderances..

She looked here and there.. Trying to make sense where he must be.. He smiled.. She then made her hands towards her Lehnga to unzip it.. He was still behind her but his eyes were on her fingers,, Noticing how she shivered while unzipping her Lehnga.. She unzipped it and then left her hand.. The Lehnga felt on the ground.. She was only in her innerwares now..

She then gasped some air and then unhooked her Bra and Arnav was breathless.. This girl had alwasy proven him worng.. She had enough guts to seduce her husband.. She removed it and threw it on the ground.. Not sure knowing where he stood. He was still behind her and was sweating now.. The AC of the room had no effect on him.. He wanted to move ahead and cup her bosoms in his palms and love them.. But he hold on his desires.. Good that he was behind her or else this would have been so difficult to control.. She finally made herself ready to remove off the last piece of cloth on her.. She slid it down and then took it off and threw it.. She didnt knew what should she do now. And Arnav was all lost seeing her naked.. He looked at her from her neck, her back, her butts and then her long legs.. And then made sure he checked her back from bottom to top. She was so damm hot .. He started closing the distance between them. She didnt know if she should be removing the Satin scarf from her eyes or not.. She remained still .. He came behind her and then actually cupped her bosoms from his hands and whispered in her ears biting her earlobe..

Arnav: So Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada.. You have left no stone unturned to seduce me tonight.. And I love you for that..
She smiled and removed his hands from her bosoms and made him hold her waist.. He then gently took one hand and opened her scarf so that she could see him. She still closed her eyes feeling shy. She wanted him to pick her up and place her on bed.. That looked the safer place for hiding her entire form from him rather than standing here naked in front of his hungry eyes.. She turned back and then hugged him. He too hugged her back. He then pulled back and moved 2 feet away from her.. She was looking down.. Not able to meet his eyes.. He started undressing himself and in seconds he too was as her.. All naked.. She didnt see him at all. Infact she didnt wanted to faint seeing him soo..

He then moved towards her and picked her in his arms and took her straight in the Bathroom. She was damm nervous now..

Khushi: Arnav? Here?
Arnav: Remember .. we planned for a Shower together?
Khushi blushed..

Arnav turned the shower on and they were beneath it.. enjoying every moment of their intimacy.. He made sure he touched her everywhere he liked.. He washed her.. her applied the body gel on her on each and every part making sure he is gentle on her sensitive parts.. She too did her best by doing the same on him. They had a lovely first shower together tonight and then he wrapped a Towel on her to dry her.. She was busy in drying him and he was busy in wrapping the Towel on her making her feel a bit comfortable.. He tied his towel on his waist and then He picked her back and placed her on their bed.. The quilt was pulled by him on them and then the Towels were opened and thrown aside.. They loved each other to all the possible extents.. They never missed chance to tease each other and actually enjoy this blissful moment which they got after such a long wait.. Their journey started with an Unwelcomed relationship which had now turned to a Welcomed one.. They became one and they hoped of maintaining this relation for the next 7 births too..

5 Years Passed..

Arnav and Khushi had a Three year Old daughter.. She was the Boss of the House.. Her name was Arshi.. Anjali too had a son of 4 year Old named Aarav..(She kept it to sound similar to her CHottes name).. Arshi and Aarav also shared the same bond like Anjali and Arnav.. Today was Arnav and Khushi's 5th Marriage Anniversary. Arshi was playing with Aarav and Khushi was in her room getting ready for the Party Down. She looked Stunning in a Red Saree and he was making her wear the Necklace.

Khushi: Arnav.. I have to tell you something.. Very important..
Arnav: Hmm.. What is it Khushi?
Khushi: I am pregnant again.

She said that and saw his face in the mirror.. He was damm happy.. He made her stand before him and then kissed her forehead..

Arnav: Thats the best Anniversary gift I could ever get Khushi from you.. Thank you..

She hugged him and so did he..when there was a knock at the door..

Arnav: Who else.. This has to be Di.. You know.. Even after so much of disturbances in RM.. We still managed to get 2 kids.. I am surprised..

She blushed and moved to open the door..

THE END...!!


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